Europe’s Media Goes Completely Deaf & Dumb When It Comes To Record High Antarctic Sea Ice

When the Arctic set a record sea ice minimum back in August, the European mainstream media and government funded climate institutes howled in a deafening, days-long chorus of “global” climate Armageddon.

In late September, Antarctic sea ice hit an all-time high, reaching the highest level since modern data-recording began. Chart source: National Snow and Ice Data Center.

Now fast forward one month to late September 2012 with the sea ice peaking at the opposite end of the planet, i.e. Antarctica. Knowing that the media has grown particularly sensitive to weather extremes, you’d think this current weather extreme around Antarctica would have set off a similar reaction. Any extreme, we are told, is proof of global warming.

All that extra ice beyond the 70°S latitude will reflect the sun’s precious heat back out into space, thus cooling the water even further, which means more ice will eventually develop, and thus there’s a real risk of reaching a dangerous and irreversible tipping point into unstoppable warming-induced cooling.

So why haven’t the media reacted? Well, there’s a limit to just how far the public and politicians, as gullible as they are, can be fooled. The media know where that line is: in Antarctica. When a cold, bitter and snowy winter strikes, only absolute morons actually believe that it is induced by global warming, and the media know that there are enough of them making up their readership. But when it comes to believing that global warming causes 19.5 million sq km of ice to form around Antarctica, even the media do not expect its dimwit readers to believe that. So they are keeping completely deaf and dumb about it. Informed readers, after all, are the last thing they want.

So not a peep of this has been mentioned anywhere in the German mainstream media.

If we google “Rekordeis” and limit the search to the last 7 days, we get thousands of reports of the Arctic melting, although it’s old news, but no reports of Antarctic sea ice setting a new all-time maximum.

Except for stories at German skeptic blogs EIKE and Science Skeptical, there’s nothing about this extraordinary event occurring at the South Pole in the major media outlets like German public television and radio, Spiegel, Bild, and at the major dailies. Also the main German climate institutes like the PIK, AWI and MPI are completely silent about it. They have no way of explaining this one.

So what can we conclude from this? The media saying absolutely nothing about this says a lot!

This is one genie they are not going to be able to keep bottled up.


Get used to it.

18 responses to “Europe’s Media Goes Completely Deaf & Dumb When It Comes To Record High Antarctic Sea Ice”

  1. archaeopteryx

    Mum’s the word, all over. It is not politically correct. Popular as a blog subject though, people are thinking.

  2. DirkH

    “So what can we conclude from this? The media saying absolutely nothing about this says a lot!”

    It has always been like that. We only notice the deficiencies in reporting because we can gather data ourselves now. And most Germans (or Americans for that matter) still don’t do it.

    Warm/Cold media panics through the 20th century:

    Just for fun, I searched google news US edition for “antarct”. Only two current news items, one about an ice drilling research expedition, the other about fears that the warming seas will make Antarctica melt faster. As found out in a study by Australian scientists. No, I didn’t drink.

    1. Mindert Eiting

      Dirk, I do not follow your last link. Just a prediction: that study used a computer model. Today in my newspaper an article about a Nature study with a computer model. Fish will become smaller if the seas become warmer. The recipe is to start with a counterfactual conditional and to use a computer to calculate the consequences. The result is always as alarming as the premise.

      1. klem

        Take note of the credentials of the author of that shrinking fish paper Dr. William Cheung.

        “After working in WWF Hong Kong for two years, he moved to Vancouver and completed his PhD in Resource Management and Environmental Studies in the UBC Fisheries Centre in 2007. He then worked as a postdoctoral fellow in the Sea Around Us project for two years. From 2009 to 2011, he was Lecturer in Marine Ecosystem Services in the School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia in the UK.”

        So he worked for the WWF and he lectures at East Anglia. He has been marinating in the alarmist religion for a number of years now. There is no way he could conclude anything other than shrinking fish.

  3. Edward.

    The media in the Northern hemisphere seem to have forgotten the fact that there is another half to the globe – it’s called the Southern Hemisphere and it also has a polar ice cap – a big one at that[!].

    I always point out another fact [thanks to Joe Bastardi’s point really], that, the sea ice balance is in equilibrium, if the North is losing ice, then the south is gaining – the earth loves balance.
    Anecdotally, the summer in South Africa, Australia and South America has had many reports of cold and ‘unseasonally’ frigid conditions – this is never highlighted by the American/German/British media – it’s not in the CAGW meme.

    Then again, CAGW is a fiction, a man made fiction and a political scam.
    The politicians in the West, bolstered [forced] by the investment banks and corporate global monsters, hedge funds etc – still cling to the mad theories of Hansen et al because it is the perfect money making wet dream – saving the earth, destroying and trashing scientific credibility and at the same time enslaving the taxpayers of the western world into funding the madness of the green agenda and the UN schemes on.

    Perfect, trouble is the Antarctic sea ice ain’t playing ball.

  4. Europe’s Media Goes Completely Deaf & Dumb When It Comes To Record High Antarctic Sea Ice | The Global Warming Policy Foundation

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  5. roger

    I urgently need to find an old topic from this blog which covered the mini hydro schemes using archimedes screws of which 7000 were installed in Germany and which were causing an ecological disaster by mincing fish on their upstream spawning migrations and again on their descent.
    Here in UK I have just seen on TV that the Environmentalists ( what a joke!) are pushing for such a scheme on the River Tyne at a public meeting tonight. The green proponent on TV disingenuously proclaimed that this would not be a fish mincing machine and that experience world wide proved that there was nothing to fear.
    20 years ago there were few if any salmon in the Tyne but today it has become the premier salmon river in the UK, due I might add to a pragmatic body of anglers who ignored the nay saying “qualified” scientists and set about reintroduction in a reasoned but “unscientific” manner, to a chorus of contempt from the establishment computer watchers.
    Sorry for the OT but this is important and in the spirit I am sure of all who enjoy this blog.

    1. DirkH
      1. DirkH

        If the ARD servers don’t provide in your area, here’s a copy on youtube.

        If that one vanishes, search this title on youtube:
        Energiewende: Wie Ökostrom die Natur zerstört

        1. Edward.

          Nice one Dirk.

    2. David C

      Pierre, I can’t believe you wiped my response to roger re salmon numbers! I can only presume (and hope) my message was mis-understood. I’m completely on-side with the OP and simply offered some links, a) to better help in his fight against the hydro schemes, and b) said in jest that the Tyne -whilst being the best river in England and Wales – pales when compared to (my) Scottish rivers. Oh well… ;-).

      Congratulations tho, on a fine blog – I’m a relatively new NTZ denizen. Normal daily sequence for me is BH ->WUWT ->JN ->NTZ. It’s great to get a broader European perspective and many thanks for the fine work you do.



  6. Martin van Etten

    the headline of your article is just not true;

    it has not escaped our notice that Antarctic is having a record year, however the explanation is different;

    you just can’t compare a record minimum in the Arctic with a maximum from a total different order in Antarctica;

  7. Martin van Etten

    I just forgot to mention our English page on the melting of Antarctica:

    1. Richard C

      The Southern Ocean SST is clearly is the close to a thirty year low.

      Most of Antarctica temps are currently well below the thirty year average.

      The exception is the Antarctica pennisula which is being heated by record Katabatic winds related to the record SAM index.

      Estimates of land ice melt had recently been revised downwards by better estimates glacial isostatic adjustment.

      Maybe this is why the rate of sea level rise has been declining (12 month average) since 1998

    2. DirkH

      Pierre was talking about the mainstream media, not about alarmist blogs. You seem to publish something similar to the German klimaretter blog.

  8. roger

    Many thanks DirkH – couldn’t find it myself – must need new glasses! I have passed the link on to the Tyne Trust and hope they can wrong foot the “Environmentalist” tonight in public forum and expose the lies uttered with such assurance and faux candour.
    Don’tcha just hate them!!!!!!!

  9. roger

    Thanks DirkH!

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