Another Massive (Winter) Storm Brewing – May Pound Already Battered Northeast With Cold, Heavy Snow

If you think things are now horrendous for the Northeast US, just wait few more days. Hell in New Jersey and New York could turn into Super Hell, especially if they don’t get power and real help soon.

 Chart from the National Center for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) of the US National Weather Service indicates massive snowfall across the Northeast, with up to 25 inches of snow in Massachusetts and Vermont in the days ahead.

More often than not, computer forecasts 5 days out are not that far off. If the latest 5-day forecast has any degree of accuracy, then it bodes very very ill for the Northeast USA – a region already battered and down on its knees after the body blow delivered by Sandy. Mother Nature has no mercy.

The European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) models show a massive winter storm brewing, one that is poised to deliver icy temperatures and heavy snow in an area that is already fully exposed and vulnerable.

On Twitter I’ve been following Dr. Ryan Maue and Joe Bastardi, who have been watching the ECMWF models developing. It appears Mother Nature is preparing to deliver no. 2 of the old one-two punch.

Meteorologist Joe Bastardi‘s reaction at Twitter looking at the models:

ecmwf delivers classic noreaster with m-id north atlantic gale to storm forces winds on coast, heavy snows n va to ny/ne. wow!”

Mateorologist Dr. Ryan Maue adds:

Actual snowfall, of which some may melt, 20-25” maximum for W. Mass. Still 5-6 days away to gas up snowblower.”

Maue also brings our attention to projections of a Canadian model:

Canadian model projection for 8 November looks a little less threatening, yet has lots of potential for real danger.

I really do hope people, the media, and especially disaster management officials take this seriously. There are lots of people with no power and other essential services who are fully exposed. Sure the weather is much nicer out in sunny Nevada, but Obama should really get his parka out and get back East and prepare the area.

The forecast is a good 5 days out, and so the accuracy is still somewhat iffy. The picture will definitely become much clearer in the next 24 hours.

Meanwhile, Maue warns that winter is about to break (early) in full earnest out West.

Colorado Low means major winter storm for Montana + Dakotas.  Winter.”

Global warming is causing early winters, the warmists will soon be telling us.

UPDATE: http://www.foxnews.round-2s.


3 responses to “Another Massive (Winter) Storm Brewing – May Pound Already Battered Northeast With Cold, Heavy Snow”

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  2. Ric Werme

    GFS looks like its all rain to me, NWS forecasts have some snow, but they don’t seem as enthusiastic as Joe B. It’s hard to be more ethusiastic than Joe!

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