The Romney Tsunami…And Again Obama Turns Into The Hope-To-Despair President

The solidarity that temporarily took hold in the wake of Obama’s visit to New Jersey has now given way to anger, frustration and discouragement as power, fuel and gas supplies sorely lack. Once again with Obama we see things go from hope to despair.

Photo by: Shalom Jacobovitz. Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Things are just going like clockwork for Romney. It’s increasingly clear the Democrats are propping up a knocked-out feather-weight fighter, insisting he’s still conscious when in fact he’s out cold.

Romney’s momentum continues and now looks unstoppable. Expect it to carry through election day. The Democrats are more demoralized than ever.

When one looks at the polls closely, say what you want about them, we see that a voter tsunami developing for Romney:

1. Florida is all but locked up.

2. Pennsylvania is going to Romney, and with it Ohio.

3. Michael Barone predicts blowout.

4. Romney leads unexpectedly in early voting, Obama underperforming.

5. Huge crowds turning out for Romney.

6. Obama’s enthusiasm is gone, and young voters are turned off.

7. Dead-heat polls ignore dead-beat Obama voters.

8. Obama voters are defecting in droves.

You think I’m overly optimistic? The trends are unmistakable.

(Do get out and vote!)


7 responses to “The Romney Tsunami…And Again Obama Turns Into The Hope-To-Despair President”

  1. Ed Caryl

    I’m predicting landslide myself, but my confidence is somewhat muted by the knowledge that the Democrats will do ANYTHING to win. We need every single Republican and Independent to get out and vote, and urge their like-minded neighbors to do the same, to offset the bus loads of Somalis, African-Americans, and Latinos that the Democrats are hauling from polling place to polling place. We are also hearing stories of voting machines programmed to register an Obama vote when the Romney button is touched. Somehow, the reverse is never reported, despite the MSM being in the tank for Obummer. I am holding my breath and praying.

  2. DirkH
  3. DirkH
  4. thebiggreenlie

    Anyone and that goes for Industry, Governments or People that “buys” into the eco-whacked out Green Energy Scam is doomed to failure!!!!…………sooner or later nobody can build a long term success on out and out LIES!

  5. Edward.

    Dear Lord, deliver us from Barry Obarmy and his useless but mendacious Chicago shenanigans.

    Vote Barry and you’re voting for agenda 21.

  6. John F. Hultquist

    As I read things, it still seems close in the national popular vote. Washington State, where I live, is very Donkey-like in the population centers of Puget Sound. I haven’t seen an electoral college forecast.
    I hope come next Wednesday you can link to this post and say “I told you so!”

    1. DirkH

      Democrats ramping up their efforts in Oregon. Meaning it is in play.

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