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Voter Turnout Appears To Be Less Than In 2008 – Republicans Were Not Enthused After All

Update: I hear they may not have yet added in the FL vote tally….if so, what I said below may have to be adjusted some. We kept hearing that the Republicans were enthused, would turn out in huge numbers, and that Obama voters would stay home, or even vote for Romney, and so the GOP […]

Hell, It’s Not Even Close!…A Hard Lesson In Polling…Yet Another Loser From Massachusetts

First off, I’ve got a message for the blimp in NJ: FORGET MY VOTE IN 2016! Sure Christie is not responsible for this disaster result, but he’ll do for starters. He represents what’s wrong with the GOP. No way I’m voting for that Benedict Arnold in 2016 (he’ll run). The GOP base needs to make it […]

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