Meteorologist Klaus-Eckart Puls: Sea Level Rise Has Slowed 34% Over The Last Decade!

German veteran meteorologist Klaus-Eckart Puls here has done an analysis of sea level rise. Contrary to claims made by fringe alarmist physicists, we see that sea level rise has decelerated markedly since 2003.

Sea Level Rise Since 2003 Has Slowed Down

From 1993 to 2003, sea level rose 3.5 mm/year. Over the next decade, sea level rose only 2.3 mm/year! Source:, then supplemented by EIKE.

In his report, Puls writes that even TOPEX and JASON 1+2 show no acceleration. “The acceleration calculated by the models and constantly reported by the media does not exist!”

Puls adds:

It is obvious to see that sea level rise has slowed down significantly. In view of the relatively short time frame in which the measurements have been made, it should not be speculated on whether the deceleration in the rise is a trend change or if it is only noise. What is certain is that there is neither  a ‘dramatic’ rise, nor an ‘acceleration’. Conclusion: Climate models that project an acceleration over the last 20 years are wrong.”

In the chart that follows, Puls fitted a polynomial curve to the data from TOPEX and JASON 1+2:


“The result is no surprise. The 20-year data series of global sea level rise shows a weakening!” No wonder con-artist Al Gore bought a mansion on the beachfront. It’s great living in a world of suckers and dimwit media.

But let’s not rely solely on the satellite data, which has been around only a measly 20 years, to infer a trend. Let’s compare it to tide gauges, which have been used well over one hundred years. Puls presents the following chart of the trend of the German bight”.

Sea level rise at the German bight. Source: see graphic.

Puls writes:

An evaluation shows: Also tide gauges indicate a slow-down in sea level rise, and do so with a statistically very “robust” dataset of 160 years.”

Also there has been an evaluation of numerous tide gauages globally, see Die kalte Conclusion:

We have found no indication that sea level has accelerated over the last 30 years. It doesn’t look good for the fans of acceleration.”

Puls summarizes:

The latest alarmist reports on the supposedly dramatic sea level rise for the present and the future cannot be confirmed by actual measurements. Quite to the contrary, they are refuted by the data. Globally neither tide nor satellite data show an acceleration of sea level rise. Rather they show a slow-down. Moreover they starkly contradict the previous and current claims coming from climate institutes. Also there are good indications that the satellite data were ‘overly corrected’ using inflated amounts.


18 responses to “Meteorologist Klaus-Eckart Puls: Sea Level Rise Has Slowed 3418 Over The Last Decade!”

  1. Ed Caryl
  2. Mindert Eiting

    Nice. Plot this on a graph of the past 12.000 years.

  3. Bruce of Newcastle

    Again this is consistent with the ~60 year cycle, which in this paper has been also seen in tide gauge data:

    “We find that there is a significant oscillation with a period around 60-years in the majority of the tide gauges examined during the 20th Century, and that it appears in every ocean basin.”

    So this may not be a ‘deceleration’ as such, rather a sine-like curve topping out.

    The ~60 year cycle is also visible if you graph HadCRUT, AMO, PDO and quite a few other long term climate datasets. In the case of HadCRUT is represents a swing in temperature of about 0.3 C, so it is no surprise if (a) thermal expansion/contraction should impute a cycle into the sea level data, and (b) that this should lag the temperature cycle (which peaked around 2002 or so).

  4. Casper

    Sorry, I’m off-topic, but this is a good sign:
    Klima: Klimagipfel droht in großer Enttäuschung zu enden
    “Gerade Polen gilt als Blockierer. Deren Umweltminister Marcin Korolec wehrte sich gegen diesen Vorwurf. «Erstens, wir blockieren niemanden, der zu Hause mehr tun möchte», sagte Korolec der Deutschen Presse-Agentur. Zweitens sei Polen für ein 30-Prozent-Ziel, sobald der Weltklimavertrag zustande komme.”
    The last sentence I’d like to point out : That will never happen 😆

    1. DirkH

      Translation because it’s really sweet: Leftist Munich paper Süddeutsche Zeitung says about climate summit in Doha:
      “Especially Poland counts as naysayer. Their minister for the environment Korolec refused the blame, saying “We don’t stop anyone from voluntarily doing more on his own” and added Poland would suggest a 30% CO2 emissions reduction target as soon as a global treaty came to pass.”

  5. Doug Cotton

    So is sea level supposed to imply carbon dioxide is doing it?

    If you spend a few minutes reading my paper and at least the abstract of the paper published by the American Institute of Physics (cited in reference (8) in my reference [13]) you might understand what happens in the atmospheric physics of both Earth and Venus.

    I’m still waiting for a satisfactory alternative explanation from anyone in the world regarding the Venus surface temperature.

    Pressure does not maintain high temperatures all by itself, anywhere, not even on Venus. So forget that “explanation.”

    My paper is up for PROM (Peer Review in Open Media) for a month, so feel free to publish a rebuttal or debate it with some of these members of PSI. Such a review system far outstrips the “peer-review” system used for typical pro-AGW publications.

    Doug Cotton

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  8. NikFromNYC

    I made a poster graphic of sea level. Especially note the small inset graph of the simple average of world tide gauges which shows simple linearity back to the 1800s:

  9. Leo Belill

    for those of us non-techs, how about also including data in inches and feet- -most Americans simply don’t understand how small these rises are- –

    1. DirkH

      Tip: Just enter in google
      7 mm in inches
      or whatever you want converted.

  10. roger

    Metres and millimetres – another form of barbarism foisted on to the Anglo Saxon world by the EU.

  11. slimething

    The satellite era sea level budget will need to be rewritten and will result in much lower than is even from the last 10 years.

    The dirty little secret is that sea level is not a result of just measurements taken by satellites for that purpose.

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  14. tomwys

    Just Google “Toucan sea level equations” and note that sea levels are still within the Toucan range, and that was before the GIA “adjustment” was added. The isostacy consideration is valid for oceanic volume, NOT sea level!!!

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