New York Post: “Global Warming Has As Much Scientific Basis As The Pagan Rite Of Human Sacrifice”!

Ralf Alexander here of the New York Post has a blunt commentary on the state to which global warming science has devolved. In a single word: insanity. Climate science is beginning to look like a repeat of “The Lord of the Flies”.


Extreme weather & superstition

Superstorm Sandy. Parching drought across North America. A scorching midsummer heat wave in the Midwest. All these weather extremes are telltale signs that CO2 causes climate change, according to global warmists.

Indeed, the global climate-change nomenklatura gathered last week in Doha, Qatar eagerly (if grimly) cited Typhoon Bopha, which had just wreaked carnage in the Philippines, as the latest proof.

But it’s not. The link between extreme weather and global warming has as much scientific basis as the pagan rite of human sacrifice to ensure a good harvest.

Yes, the supposed connection between unusual weather events and global warming is often taken as self-evident.

It’s even been propounded in scientific papers — but not persuasively. A recent paper from Goddard Institute for Space Science chief James Hansen, for example, was quickly debunked by climate scientists on both sides of the…


Why can’t so many rational, well-educated people understand this simple fact? The answer may be superstition.”

Continue reading here (you won’t be disappointed).

By the way, Ralph B. Alexander has published an outstanding skeptic book: GLOBAL WARMING FALSE ALARM (see left) – just in time for Christmas. I got a copy and I can only recommend it.

You can order it at Amazon in USA or in Europe.

3 responses to “New York Post: “Global Warming Has As Much Scientific Basis As The Pagan Rite Of Human Sacrifice”!”

  1. Mindert Eiting

    The science editor of the Volkskrant, the same superstitious figure who made me a witch in 2009, complained today that the Netherlands had shown in Doha that we were not an ‘example country’ anymore. Vocabulary due to Ralph Alexander. Thanks for the link.

  2. DirkH

    The song of the alarmist, just for amusment, found while looking for Krugman’s utterances. Quite beautiful conflation, citing, for instance an “integrative biologist”.

  3. Ngan Tengyuen

    global warming is a scam, cann anyone please explain why the Ice melted during the last Ice Age? Mammoth on hummer? or what causes the ice to melt during the last dino ice age? Dinosaurs with their factories?

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