New German Film Blasts Green Climate Movement…”Climate Protection = Environmental Crimes”

This week’s print edition of FOCUS includes an interview with the producer of a new environmental film to be shown in German cinemas beginning in January: Climate Crimes – Environmental crimes in the name of climate protection. It will premiere soon in Vienna.

Here’s the trailer (in German): The pictures tell the story…

If you are one of the skeptics, much of the film probably will be familiar to you. But if you’re a devout environmentalist who has been reading and believing all the climate propaganda put out by “environmental” and “climate protection” groups and institutes, then you may want to have an ambulance ready outside the cinema. It might be really tough to take.

Be sure to bring your environmentalist friends to see this film. Their reaction will be most interesting as it will reveal if they are truly open to the truth. Face it, there’s a huge industrial lobby behind the “green” movement too.

The film was produced by Ulrich Eichelmann. It is “The story of unique ecosystems, rare species, and people who are living with nature. They are all threatened – not by climate change, but by climate protection.”

Eichelmann believes that what is being sold as “climate protection” is not stopping global warming, but is actually accelerating the destruction of the environment and harming humans.”

We are able to show that many supposedly ‘green energies’ such as hydro, biodiesel and biogas are neither ecologically sensible nor sustainable, but are in fact crimes against nature and defrauding customers.”

Eichelmann cites Germany’s biogas and biodiesel sectors as examples. He claims that ‘on all continents large natural areas are now threatened’, all in the name of climate proection. “In Indonesia 2 million hectares of forests are wiped out annually and replaced with palm oil plantations so that we can fill up with bio-diesel.”

Eichelmann reminds us that hundreds of thousands of people are losing their homes because of “climate protection projects” like huge dams. Thousands of species are also threatened by monoculture-agriculture. Eichelmann says:

Many German companies and banks, often with the support of politicians, are involved in environmental crimes in other parts of the globe.”

While Eichelmann presents many examples of climate protection destroying the planet”, the alternatives he offers are hardly convincing:

We have to alter our lifestyles and drastically cut back our consumption. It is not that we are not producing too little energy – we are consuming too much.”

But getting people to consume less means increasing the price of energy. That in turn becomes a major threat to the world’s poor. And nothing is a bigger threat to the environment than human poverty.

Although I haven’t seen the film, I suspect there is little in it about the threats from wind parks, which involve widespread deforestation and altering of the landscape. never mind the threat they pose to birds.

If I had to infer Eichelmann’s underlying message, I’d say he’s advocating a very fundamentalist position like: No fossil fuels – and also forget most of the renewables like hydro, biogas and bio-diesel. Scale back industry as well. Learn to go without!

That of course would end up making lots of people very poor, limit their access to energy, and so they would have no way to keep warm – except, that is, to burn trees.

In summary, Eichelmann concludes the green movement has been a total environmental disaster so far.

If you consider all the environmental horrors caused by “green” energy, fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas are beginning to look real attractive again.


6 responses to “New German Film Blasts Green Climate Movement…”Climate Protection = Environmental Crimes””

  1. DirkH

    It is unfortunate that Eichelmann does not understand that an efficient society destroys less nature than an inefficient one, and that renewable power is a good way to make us inefficient. If his message is just a scaling down of our consumption, he should explain one thing:

    HOW do you make THE STATE reduce its consumption? Not even the Eurocrisis has resulted in significant reductions in state spending. Bureaucrats squander much more resources than citizens, and will give themselves excemption from the prohibitive energy taxes they impose on the rest of us.

    But that touches the difficult areas. Eichelmann knows that he must stay on the simple terrain of showing burning forests if he wants to be successful with his film.

  2. Jeremy Poynton

    There are times when I hope dearly that we will have show trials to hold to account all those responsible for this fanaticism. They should pay for what they have done.

  3. “Climate Crimes” – Green Policies That Are Killing Nature | The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF)

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  4. Oliver K. Manuel

    AGW’s (Anthropogenic Global Warming) invalid scientific foundation.

    Is based on a misrepresentation of Earth’s heat source – the Sun – as a hydrogen fusion reactor after 1946.

    In fact, the Sun is the remains of the supernova that birthed the Solar System five billion years (5 Gyr) ago, as P. K. Kuroda suspected in 1945 [1].

    Standing in the ashes of Hiroshima in August 1945, the nuclear scientist that would later become my research mentor in 1960 [1] said:

    “The sight before my eyes was just like the end of the world, but I also felt that the beginning of the world may have been just like this.” [1] – page 2

    1. Professor P. K. Kuroda recognized the power of the Creator, Sustainer and Destroyer of lives and worlds in the ruins of Hiroshima in Aug 1945 [1].

    2. Government science became a tool of government propaganda after the UN was formed on 24 Oct 1945, beginning in 1946 with two papers by . . .

    3. Sir Fred Hoyle, a British science fiction author misrepresented the internal composition of stars and their source of energy in 1946 [2], exactly as

    4. Another British author of science fiction, George Orwell, warned as he was was dying from tuberculosis when he left London in 1946 and moved “to the sodden, remote, windswept Scottish island of Jura” [3], was admitted to Hairmyres Hospital on Christmas Eve 1946 [4], where the hospital staff “confiscated his typewriter” being used to warn society about a tyrannical government that would appear by “Nineteen-Eighty Four” [5].

    George Orwell knew this crime against science and society was underway in 1946:

    Today world leaders and loyal AGW promoters are still trying to hide unambiguous evidence of the Sun’s variable pulsar core [6,7]: um=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:%20ClimaterealistsNewsBlog%20(ClimateRealists%20Ne ws%20Blog)

    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo


    [1] P. K. Kuroda, The Origin of the Chemical Elements and the Oklo
    Phenomenon (Springer Publishing, 165 pages, Dec 1982): page 2.

    [2] Fred Hoyle, “The chemical composition of the stars,” Monthly Notices Royal Astronomical Society 106, 255-259 (1946); “The synthesis of elements from hydrogen,” ibid., 343-383 (1946)

    [3] John J. Ross, “Tuberculosis, bronchiectasis, and infertility: What Ailed George Orwell?” Clinical Infectious Diseases 41, 1599-1603 (2005):…

    [4] Hairmyres Hospital,

    [5] George Owrell (Eric Arthur Blair), “Nineteen Eighty-Four (1984)” Secker and Warburg, 1949:

    [6] Peter Toth, “Is the Sun a pulsar?” Nature 270, 159-160 (1977):

    [7] “Yes, the Sun is a pulsar,” Nature (submitted 12 Dec 2012):

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  6. Michael Martin-Smith

    It is clear by now that the Green movement against “Climate Change” is aimed against Humanity in general ; now we also know thta there has been no measurable global warming for 15 years, we can state a simple axiom. A proposed painful cure for a non-existent danger can only cause far more harm than it purports to fix.
    Even if AGW were true, history proves beyond doubt that the dangers of zealous countermeasures will fare exceed those of Nature.
    Malthus + Orwell are pathways to Hell- NOTHING could justify that fate

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