Deadly Cold Continues To Grip Asia – Hundreds Dead – Subtropical Bangladesh Sees Coldest Temps Since 1960s!

Asia has been having one of its coldest winters in memory. And the headlines of bitter cold have not been limited to Russia, Siberia, Mongolia and China, but also to subtropical regions, way down in southern Asia. People there have been dying of record cold.

FOCUS magazine here reports that also “Bangladesh is shivering under a record cold wave. In the subtropical country temperatures have fallen to 3°C over the course of the week – the lowest in 45 years”. The FOCUS video also reports that “90 people in Bangladesh have died of the cold so far” and that “meteorologists are predicting a series of cold blasts for the rest of the month.”

German Blick here reports that already more than 140 people have frozen to death in India, according to News network CNN-IBN. Temperatures in New Delhi have dropped to less than 2°C.

FOCUS also reports on the extreme cold in China, writing that “people are suffering the coldest winter in almost 30 years. Temperatures in Mongolia sank to -50°C and that 1.30 meters of snow covers more than 80% of the country”.



9 responses to “Deadly Cold Continues To Grip Asia – Hundreds Dead – Subtropical Bangladesh Sees Coldest Temps Since 1960s!”

  1. Nonoy Oplas

    Right Pierre. Here in the Philippines, two storms in the first two weeks of 2013, killing a few people due to landslides and flooding. Metro Manila has been generally cloudy with brief rain showers often in the afternoon. This is not “normal”, the global cooling deniers cannot explain why warming is absent.

    1. JC Smith

      lmao. You fake deniers are funny. Yes…global cooling. That is what causes the Arctic and Antarctic to melt. I guess the pay is pretty good from the oil and gas industry isn’t it? lmao…

      1. DirkH

        The Antarctis is not melting, JC Smith.

        What I’m wondering is why you incessantly lie. Are you a warmist gravy train rider? Feeding off green subsidies? Are you a victim of Skinnerian conditioning, an OBE warmist whose brain has been turned to mush?

        Are you a vegan whose central nervous system is failing?

    2. JC Smith

      Yes indeed. As you say, the Philippines is experiencing gloabl cooling as this Philipines government site clearly states….:)

      Those alarmists will do almost anything it seems. They lie about global warming in the US…..and now we find out that they are doing the same thing in the Philippines. Those people will almost anything!!

      1. TexCIS

        JC, your charts are 14 years old. Got anything newer?

  2. John F. Hultquist

    Eastern North American is beginning to freeze. This will be news in the coming week.

  3. JC Smith

    YES. And as you have pointed out….China is cooling quickly, just like this article points out:

  4. Doug Cotton

    The New 21st Century Paradigm Shift in Climate Change Science

    Carbon dioxide is no blanket. The “blanket” is produced by non-radiative diffusion processes primarily involving nitrogen and oxygen at the surface-atmosphere boundary. If the only consideration were the effect of water vapour and carbon dioxide you’d be sleeping under a handkerchief.

    Discover “The 21st Century New Paradigm Shift in Climate Change Science” (on the Principia Scientific International website) and discover what real physics has now proved, completely negating any significant relevance of the old 20th Century radiative greenhouse concept.

    No back radiation caused the Earth’s surface to be 288K (or the Venus surface to be over 730K) all on its own, somehow multiplying the Sun’s energy. What did cause it was thetemperature distribution brought about by diffusion of kinetic energy in a gravitational field, and this process continues to maintain surface temperatures as atmospheres absorb direct incident Solar radiation, the only possible radiation that can keep them at the observed temperatures. For more detail read “Planetary Surface Temperatures. A Discussion of Alternative Mechanisms”published by PSI in November 2012, as well as this week’s article mentioned above and linked below.

    Doug Cotton

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