European Climate Institute: “Climate In Germany Has Been Cooling For 15 Years”!

The European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) has been looking at the temperature trends for Germany. The German media, politicians and institutes have been insisting that warming and climate change are happening faster than ever. However, this claim is completely foreign to reality.

Climate change in Germany is cooling. No increasing temperatures in 15 years

Using the data from the German Weather Service (DWD), the climate in Germany has been cooling over the last 15 years.

Germany temperature trend Josef Kowatsch

Germany’s temperatures have been falling since 1998 while global CO2 concentrations have risen. (Chart source: Josef Kowatsch, EIKE; Data source is the DWD German Weather Service)

At the end of 2012 the DWD published the mean annual temperature for Germany. This year the figure was 9.1° C. Although there were no warnings of an imminent heat catastrophe in the media, there was also no depiction of the real situation. Everything was explained using terms that lead easily impressionable readers to believe that the warming, which had started in 1975, was continuing on as usual.

The DWD mentioned not a word about how the temperature trend has been falling since 1998. That means it’s getting colder in Germany, and not warmer.

Including the mean temperature for 2012, Germany’s temperature curve over the last 15 years appears above.

For 20 years now Germany has been issuing grave warnings and spreading fear of the growing threat of climate change. Year after year, self-anointed “climate experts” and highly paid climate scientists have been outbidding each other in coming up with the biggest catastrophe scenarios. Cities and communities have been asked to begin the battle against the already started and supposedly unstoppable global warming, or else face the threat of a a climate collapse soon. “Fight climate change” was the rallying cry to mobilize citizens to battle against the enemy: man-made CO2.

The reality, however, is totally different. In nature, and particularly with the temperature trend, we do not see any sign of the claimed strongly rising temperatures from a greenhouse effect caused by man-made CO2. The climate does what it wants, just as it always has.

The real temperature chart, absent of any warming cosmetics, plainly shows one thing: Temperatures in Germany over the last 14 years have fallen, and more than what is shown if you consider the urban heat island effect.

It is indeed high time to put environmental and nature protection back into the focus and not the business model of climate protection.

Edited by EIKE
Written by: Josef Kowatsch, Hüttlingen.
Translated/edited in English by P Gosselin


5 responses to “European Climate Institute: “Climate In Germany Has Been Cooling For 15 Years”!”

  1. Richard S England

    As a died-in-the-wool CAGW sceptic I suppose I should welcome this. Unfortunately the mean temp for 2010 (7.8) looks like an outlier. Take this out of the data and the regression line drops from a slope of -2.23 to -0.04, i.e. flat. It’s then difficult to support the cooling claim.

    1. Mindert Eiting

      Dear Richard, unless you have coding errors, you should never delete outliers. Temperature distributions on earth are skewed (non-normal) with a long left tail. You always have more low outliers than high ones. The graph gives a nice illustration. By deleting outliers you artificially increase the mean. This is perhaps one of the many ways the temperature record is manipulated. I recently made this suggestion at WUWT.

  2. Edward.

    That, there is a greenhouse gas effect is unquestionable.

    That, CO2 is the main driver of world Temperature data – is highly questionable.

    That, mankind’s CO2 emissions are affecting the T data [even if we could differentiate the man made ‘noise’ from the overall signal] is causing runaway warming is – a preposterous supposition.

    That, the Temperature record has been ‘fixed’ is a given.

    That, world Temperatures are levelling – is indubitable.

    That, future world Temperatures are falling – is probable.

    However, we must be very wary indeed of slipping and of where ‘we draw our lines’ – we have no desire to be drawn into, nor utilise the tactics of, nor dabble in the shenanigans and bias of the alarmist camp – that, of the global warming believers.

  3. John Silver

    If you compensate for Pinatubo, you will find a flat trend from today and about 20 years back in time.
    Add to that the UK Met Office prediction of 5 more years of cooling and it will be 25 years.
    (Most likely about 30 years if UKMO had had the same length of time in the present prognosis as the previous one.)

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