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Lance Armstrong, Livestrong And Climate Research

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Share this…FacebookTwitterI commented at Facebook about Lance Armstrong earlier today, writing that I had pretty much lost respect for Lance when he paired up with jet-setting climate activist and “rock star” Sheryl Crow, and watching John Kerry acting like his best fan at the 2004 Tour. Today it doesn’t surprise me that he has turned […]

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Weather Service Warns of "Shock Cooling" Coming To Europe...4th Bitter Cold Euro-Winter In 5 Years Shaping Up!

Weather Service Warns of “Shock Cooling” Coming To Europe…4th Bitter Cold Euro-Winter In 5 Years Shaping Up!

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Share this…FacebookTwitterGermany and Eastern Europe have been gripped by freezing temperatures and snow for a week, and now Germany’s no.1 daily Bild has an online report warning that “things are going to get a lot worse over the coming week”. Temperature forecast for next week. Chart source: National Centers for Environmental Protection: A blast […]

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