Lance Armstrong, Livestrong And Climate Research

I commented at Facebook about Lance Armstrong earlier today, writing that I had pretty much lost respect for Lance when he paired up with jet-setting climate activist and “rock star” Sheryl Crow, and watching John Kerry acting like his best fan at the 2004 Tour.

Today it doesn’t surprise me that he has turned out to be a dishonest cheater. Of course, he doesn’t see it that way. Such folks never do.

Climate research robs cancer research

But whatever you may think of Lance, you have to respect the work he’s done in raising awareness and millions for cancer research. The key to fighting many types of cancer is researching and developing life-extending drugs and treatments. Many patients are literally on the brink, hanging on, hoping they’ll still be around long enough to see the next new effective treatment.

I friend of mine was recently diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Although it was a devestating blow, and the outlook at first looked pretty bleak, there are some good news out there. Firstly, at the age of 49, he is relatively young and strong, and thus can endure different life-extending treatments.

Secondly, I’ve read up about it and was encouraged and impressed by the variety of new, promising treatments that have been developed so far, or are now in development. Multiple myeloma, once a death sentence, is now becoming a treatable cancer, and many patients’ lives are being extended for years. However, development is slow and extremely costly. There just isn’t enough funding out there. Sure progress is being made, but I can’t help but wonder what treatments would have been developed by now had cancer research been more generously funded – had it not been robbed.

Imagine what could have been accomplished by now if a part of that enormous sum of money sucked up by climate research had gone into cancer research instead. With $100 biliion, imagine the number of treatments that could have been developed and the number of lives extended or even saved. Those of you who know someone with a serious case of cancer, you know all to well the hope they desperately cling to, hoping the next treatment arrives before they leave. For many, it’s a race.

Sure some climate research has produced good results, and I’m not saying all the climate funding could be shifted to cancer research. However, looking at the massive climate conferences and bogus studies out there, one can’t help but to think that a considerable share of climate research has been dubious, and even bordering on fraud and lunacy. Eventually, this is going to cost us. Just today, they’re finding out their climate models have been completely wrong. They couldn’t even get the first 15 years right.

Lance needs to lobby the government.

I don’t wish anything bad on anyone, but I’d like to ask many world-travelling IPCC climate scientists out there how they’d react if one day they had the misfortune of being diagnosed having an incurable form of cancer, with the doctor saying, “Well, there’s no effective treatement out there, at least for now. With the current level of research, we may find an effective treatment in maybe 10 or 15 years. Unfortunately, you’ve got only a year or two to live.”

You’d probably wish they had done more research.


5 responses to “Lance Armstrong, Livestrong And Climate Research”

  1. DirkH

    Agreed. One percent of the money would have sufficed to create the faulty climate models we have now. And would suffice to rework them now so that we can look at them in another 15 years to see whether they were right this time.

    99% of Climate scientists should be fired; and the remaining ones should continue their modeling but we should ignore them until they can show they have skillful models.

  2. Crowbar

    My last sentence should say “They don’t want…”

  3. Graeme No.3

    A very good article making an important point. Sadly, I think the frauds will continue to lie, and those who have been riding the gravy train to keep saying that it is happening.

    I wouldn’t wish cancer on them but I can predict their response “it’s worse than we thought and it is all the fault of humans”.

  4. Crowbar

    Peter, why have you rejected my original comment? Like you with Climate Science, I just want people to see the truth about “medical science”. The almighty dollar has totally corrupted both…
    Please read the book Knockout – Interviews with Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer. It will open your eyes to the truth.

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