Staggering Admission By James Annan: “High Climate Sensitivity Increasingly Untenable”

Andrew Revkin of the New York Times got an e-mail from James Annan, one of the fiercest defenders of the Hockey Stick chart.

Revkin actually published the content of that e-mail at the the New York Times Dot Earth site here (scroll down to comments).

Here’s the comment left by Revkin, quoting Annan’s e-mail (emphasis added):

The climate scientist James Annan sent these thoughts by email:

‘Well, the press release is a bit strange, because it sounds like it is talking about the Aldrin et al paper which was published some time ago, to no great fanfare. I don’t know if they have a further update to that.

Anyway, there have now been several recent papers showing much the same – numerous factors including: the increase in positive forcing (CO2 and the recent work on black carbon), decrease in estimated negative forcing (aerosols), combined with the stubborn refusal of the planet to warm as had been predicted over the last decade, all makes a high climate sensitivity increasingly untenable. A value (slightly) under 2 is certainly looking a whole lot more plausible than anything above 4.5.’


[His blog: ]”

That is what we call a landmark change of course – by one of climatology’s most renowned warmist scientists. If even Annan can see it, then the writing is truly emblazoned on the wall.

For the warmist zombies out there, still desparately clinging to your catastrophe obsessions, take note!

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17 responses to “Staggering Admission By James Annan: “High Climate Sensitivity Increasingly Untenable””

  1. Ric Werme

    I was thinking last year or this would be when the house of cards finally falls down. It’s beginning to look like it’s finally happening. I wish I had time to log quotes like “increasingly untenable” or Hansen’s “a slow down in the growth rate of net climate forcing”.

  2. Mindert Eiting

    You need good arguments to say that the sensitivity differs from zero. Where are they?

  3. slimething

    Hockeyschtick had a similar post about Rahmstorf, but it was removed for some reason.

    1. John Silver
      1. DirkH

        It looks to me like they have misattributed an utterance by Roy Spencer to Rahmstorf. See here:

        Rahmstorf would NEVER make that statement about “This is the possibility they do not allow to be considered, because it would end all of their policy-changing goals” – Rahmstorf is a German government scientist, an arch-statist and ultra green.

  4. stephen richards

    If even Annan can see it, then the writing is truly emblazoned on the wall.

    In my opinion, Annan is one of the most serpent like climate team. Along with Briffa they are the weakest members of the team and the ones most likely to crack. I believe Jones would like to move away but is too fearful of losing american funds.

    However, this MAY be a good start. The first of the rats to jump ship doesn’t confirm a lemming style run. Sadly. I would still like to string up all of them. Despicable !!!

  5. DirkH

    Annan, BTW, is known for taking and losing bets about the future climate.

    He has not understood his job. It’s purpose is not to advance science or to make correct predictions but to scare the populace. Hasn’t anyone told him.

  6. Hugh K

    To quote Revkin; “wacky stuff, this end of the climate fight.”

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  8. Don B

    On Annan’s blog he actually says:

    “The paper I refer to as a “small private opinion poll” is of course the Zickfeld et al PNAS paper. The list of pollees in the Zickfeld paper are largely the self-same people responsible for the largely bogus analyses that I’ve criticised over recent years, and which even if they were valid then, are certainly outdated now. Interestingly, one of them stated quite openly in a meeting I attended a few years ago that he deliberately lied in these sort of elicitation exercises (i.e. exaggerating the probability of high sensitivity) in order to help motivate political action. Of course, there may be others who lie in the other direction, which is why it seems bizarre that the IPCC appeared to rely so heavily on this paper to justify their choice, rather than relying on published quantitative analyses of observational data.”

    1. DirkH

      That guy (who lied) HAS understood the purpose of his government-given job.

    2. Mindert Eiting

      Just think about this. Do I lie if I’m saying that the probability is very high that the earth gravity is 20 m/sec^2?

  9. John West

    I am proud to say that I never for one minute believe the global warming fantasy. I was punished by many alleged friends for that. They are now kissing my ring.

    If anything it’s cooling down. Best response …. not punitive taxation, but a sensible adaptation to the new reality.

    Many will die, but that’s natures call isn’t it. We cannot guarantee life for anyone.

    It is what it is. Be thankful for your time on this planet and make the most of it … In other words stop being afraid of everything and stop trying to make others believe in fantasy. You will be happier if you shut your pie hole and get life.

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