Monsoons In China Fluctuate In Sync With Solar Activity…No Correlation With CO2

There are hundreds of studies showing that climate fluctuations of the past were in sync with solar activity. Yet the CO2 warmists absurdly insist that the sun plays no more role in climate change today.


Photo: Anna Frodesiak / license: public domain

Now we have another study by Sebastian Lüning and Fritz Vahrenholt showing yet again how the sun drives climate [Quoted passage translated from the German]:

China’s Summer Rains Fluctuated During The 20th Century In Sync With The Solar 11-Year Cycles
By Dr. Sebastian Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt

Numerous studies in the past have shown that solar fluctuations on decadal, century, and millennial scales have had a significant impact on climate development. In December 2012 another impressive study appeared on the subject in the Journal of Geophysical Research. Jing-Song Wang and Liang Zhao from the National Satellite Meteorological Center and the National Climate Center in Peking respectively studied the impact of the 11-year solar activity cycle on June precipitation of various regions in China during the 20th century. Here they checked the relationships using six statistical methods. In the summary of their paper both scientists wrote:

The Huaihe River basin (HRB) of central China is located at the marginal region of the East Asian summer monsoon (EASM). For this region we were able to show there is a reliable positive-correlation relationship between the 11 year sunspot cycle and June precipitation. In the south of the middle–lower Yangtze River region we found a possible negative correlation, and a very weak positive correlation in the HeTao Basin (HTB). The latter region is located in the central region of the monsoons in the westwind zone. We investigated the reasons for these regional differences and are able to show that the marginal region of EASM is more sensitive to solar forcing than its central interior. This explains the strong correlation in the region of the Huaihe River Basin. In years with many sunspots, the impact of the East Asian Monsoon expands and extends further north than in years with fewer sunspots. During years with few sunspots, westerlies dominate.”

The study clearly shows, yet again, that fluctuations in solar activity do not have the same impact in all regions. In some regions the solar impact on climate is stronger, and weaker in others – depending on local conditions. Also in different regions counter-acting developments arise. This becomes clear when for example a line of rain shifts, causing one region to be drier and another wetter.


7 responses to “Monsoons In China Fluctuate In Sync With Solar Activity…No Correlation With CO2”

  1. BobW in NC

    “There are hundreds of studies showing that climate fluctuations of the past were in sync with solar activity. Yet the CO2 warmists absurdly insist that the sun plays no more role in climate change today.”

    Sounds familiar…but purposefully ignoring the facts has been going on for a while.

    The English Presbyterian minister, Matthew Henry (1162–1714) is quoted as having said: “None so blind as those that will not see.”

  2. JC Smith

    Au contraire. I don’t know who alarmists are….but SCIENTISTS don’t say that at all. They absolutely believe that the sun plays a very big part in the climate, and in changes in the climate.

    Let’s face it….without the sun…..we “aren’t playing baseball”. Of course, the sun is NOT the only requirement for Earth being a habitable temperature. That is where our good friends “greenhouse gases” come in.

    It has been shown (those nasty scientists and their research) that in the past, temperature increases LED changes in CO2 in the atmosphere be a few hundred hears. Now….with all the CO2 being expelled into the atmosphere over the past 150 years….CO2 levels are LEADING temperature up. In fact…..temperature is rising now when IT SHOULD BE COOLING (but its not cooling).

    But, that’s just what the scientists say. And who wants to listent to silly scientists anyway?

    1. DirkH

      What was 800 years ago, JC Smith? The MWP, sound familiar? Look it up, you might learn something.

    2. Ed Caryl

      The most important “greenhouse gas” is water, in all its phases. Water is the thermostat, not CO2. And earth is a water planet, not a CO2 planet. Just compare the amount of water in the biosphere to the amount of carbon. Clouds and thunderstorms are the switches in the thermostat. They make more than about one degree of warming above today impossible.

  3. Ed Caryl

    JC is very confused. He is beginning to realize that his religion is failing to conform with reality. Very soon he will begin thinking for himself and begin looking for the real facts. We must help him.

    1. DirkH

      Nah, they never do. They join the next deluded cult. It’s their brain. It’s not working.

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