Chinese Wind Turbine Torture

“I thought ‘green energy’ – wonderful! We’re gonna help the environment. It’s going to be good for everybody.”

Hat-tip DirkH

5 responses to “Chinese Wind Turbine Torture”

  1. tckev

    For so long windmills were the main power in Europe and the total number of wind-powered mills in Europe is estimated to have been around 200,000 at its peak. There were 10,000 windmills in use in the Netherlands around 1850. Windmills were mainly used for pumping water and grinding grain. For their time they were an ideal method of gaining useful mechanical power but they rely on the wind blowing and so were never reliable.
    Come the industrial revolution, the importance of wind as primary industrial energy sources declined swiftly, and were replaced by steam (in steam mills) and later internal combustion engines. These other engines, even in the 19th century, proved both reliable and could run as required, unlike the windmills.

    Given that why, oh why do we think we can go back to wind powered anything without cost? It has always been a foolhardy experiment, an experiment that will cost Europe very dear.
    If you want an intermittent source of unreliable power choose wind. If not find something else.

  2. Casper
  3. Paddy

    Apparently, a mjority of people buy into the idea that “unreliable” wind and solar energy is green, clean and efficient. This is false.

    When the crbon footprint developed by the combination of manufacture, site and connetion to the power grid develoment, and operation of wind and solar farms is significantly greater than that of gas turbine backup generation needed in many places. Wind and solar are dirty on an overall basis.

    The video misrepresented the efficiency and capacity of wind turbines. Rated capacity is unachievable. Typically, 20% to 30% of rated capacity is the norm for turbines. Then to, the lack of wind during periods of high demand is not infrequent.

    Finally, wind and solar power cannot compete with fosil fuel hydro and nuclear generated electricity. Massive subsidies and loan guarantees are required to build and operate wind and solar farms. Mnadatory purchase and fixed subsidized rates paid for wind and solar electricty are also required to mask the actual, excessive costs to produce electricity.

    How can the majority public be so stupid?

    1. DirkH

      ” Typically, 20% to 30% of rated capacity is the norm for turbines. ”

      I guess we are so used to that lie that we don’t even comment on that one anymore… but of course you’re right, whenever the woman said “100,000 households” or whatever I automatically divided the number in my head… ahem… “PER YEAR”!

      It’s important that you add “per year” after “household”, otherwise, it doesn’t impress anyone. 🙂

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