UEA CRU Lawyers Going After Tallbloke’s TalkShop

Roger at Tallbloke’s Talkshop here has gotten a letter from CRU lawyers suggesting he not mess around with the recently released Climategate e-mails, which are accessible using a password. The CRU apparently is very concerned about personal data ending up in public, which is a legitimate, of course. Yet, we can’t help but think they are really much more concerned about something else, e.g. the exposure of science shenanigans and possible large-scale fraud taking place at the UEA.

Luckily Lord Christopher Monckton is watching out for the bloggers, and has kindly provided some legal advice, which I am taking the privilege of disseminating further. Naturally privacy laws vary from country to country, and so you should check them out.

Here’s Christopher Monckton’s suggested response, in the event it can be of help to anyone else:

Roger: You do not need a lawyer for this one. Reply as follows:

Gentlemen, – I have received an email from you in which you purport to act for the University of East Anglia. I do not require any lectures from this corrupt institution or from its purported lawyers about how to behave. I neither confirm nor deny having received the password to which you refer. If I choose to reproduce any emails that may become available to me, I shall exercise my own discretion and common sense without benefit of your unsolicited instruction.

Inferentially, the Climategate emails were released by a whistleblower at the University who was as horrified as are all true lovers of science at the systematic scientific corruption and fraud that is made evident in the emails. The whistleblower says he wished to warn the world that the scientific basis for the diversion of trillions from the taxpayers’ pockets to various global-warming profiteers was in doubt. I am unable to contact the whistleblower, but he has done a great service to science by releasing the emails.

In the light of your email, I shall now convey all information in my possession to an international investigation team that is scrutinizing the fraudulent aspects of climate science, including without limitation the Climategate emails. I shall be inviting the team – which includes eminent police officers specializing in the investigation of complex international frauds and organized crime – to consider the role that the University, its vice-chancellor, its head of research, its climate research unit and (in the light of your bullying email and of the University’s previous misconduct in sicking anti-terrorist police on to me) its lawyers may have played in conspiring to perpetrate and to perpetuate the fraud, whether as instigators or as accessories during or after the fact of the fraud.

You will no doubt recall the adage about the pot that called the kettle black. – Tallbloke”


4 responses to “UEA CRU Lawyers Going After Tallbloke’s TalkShop”

  1. ArndB

    Was the founder of UEA’s Climatic Research in 1972, Hubert Horace Lamb (1913 – 1997) the last without dubious emails? He had been one of the first to propose that climate could change within human experience; going against the orthodox view of the time that climate could be treated as constant for practical purposes. The basis of thought may have been laid during WWII when he served as a forecaster at the transatlantic flying-boat base of Foynes in southwest Ireland, observing aircraft of both sides flying overhead; http://www.innovations-report.com/html/reports/environment_sciences/report-77207.html.
    In 1973 and 1975 he arranged for two international conferences which were hosted in Norwich. At first his view was that global cooling would lead within 10,000 years to a future ice age, but over a period including the UK’s exceptional drought and heat wave 1975-76 he changed to predicting that global warming could have serious effects within a century. He retired from the unit in 1978, and his contributions to the unit were recognised in 1981 when he was granted an honorary Doctorate of Science. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hubert_Lamb
    His two books on past and present Climate are one of the best in this field, but by jumping from ice-age to global warming within a short period of time, may have contributed to sloppy scientific work by some of his successors.

  2. Mindert Eiting

    A Dutch proverb says that you should sit still while being shaven.

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