Berlin Sets 100-Year March Snow Record…High Profile German Meteorologist Turns Skeptic

Jung wetternet.deUPDATE: Reader Chris Frey below comments that it’s only a 43-year record – not 100 years! Either way, it’s lots of snow.

Today Focus magazine reports that Berlin has set a new record for the amount of snow on the ground in the month of March. The online news magazine writes:

A 16-centimeter blanket of snow covers the capital city on the first day of spring. ‘It’s the highest amount of snow that has been measured here in March in 100 years,“ says meteorologist Dominik Jung of the weather portal”

In Germany it’s getting so that children will soon no longer know what bare ground in the wintertime is.

High-profile German meteorologist turns skeptic

I recall getting a bit agitated a year or so ago because Jung once repeated the usual global warming rubbish we always hear in the media. But now that Germany has recorded its 5th colder than normal winter in a row and Berlin and Hamburg find themselves digging out from record snow, Jung apparently has looked at the science and data for himself and now seems to conclude that the CO2 theory is indeed over-hyped after all.

Hopefully he’ll pick up a copy of Die kalte Sonne to get complete overview of the science, if he hasn’t already.

Jung’s skepticism is now being reported in major media outlets all over Germany. For example Germany’s no. 1 daily by circulation numbers Bild quoted Jung’s website in bold print yesterday:

“Winters clearly have gotten colder,” says meteorologist Dominik Jung of the weather portal Moreover: “In the year 2000 the climate experts prophesied that winters with ice and snow in Germany would no longer exist. That this claim is false is shown by current facts, and in many regions with just a glance out the window!”

German reports here:

March so far in Germany is about 3.4°C colder than the long-term mean over the period 1981 – 2010. Now weather expert Dominik Jung is questioning climate warming: ‘I don’t think that it’s always going to get warmer.’“

Expect Jung to get a harsh lecture from the catastrophe-obsessed PIK on the evils of spreading “climate disinformation”, if he hasn’t already.

Photo above of meteorologist Dominik Jung. Source:


13 responses to “Berlin Sets 100-Year March Snow Record…High Profile German Meteorologist Turns Skeptic”

  1. ArndB

    Even Joachim Müller-Jung from the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ 20.03.2013) starts to ask questions: “Uncertainties in climate models – a problem? • In models the world is simulated. But how much reality is there?”

    But he is far away to see the problem. As long as the means for a thorough modelling of the oceans and seas do not exist, any long term climatic simulation will fail. But as GEOMAR director Mojib Latif seem not to be able to grasp this simple condition (see NTZ 16 & 19 March), how can Joachim Müller-Jung make a better assessments on climatic models, respectively of the article today which is based on :
    ___Mark Maslin & Patrick Austin (NATURE; 486, June 2012): Climate models at their limit? Estimates of climate-change impacts will get less, rather than more, certain. But this should not excuse inaction”;;
    More comments here:

    1. DirkH

      “will get less, rather than more, certain. But this should not excuse inaction”;
      the leeching worked so well, can’t think of a different way of living; need more climate conferences in tropical countries…
      Fire the lot immediately.

  2. mwhite

    “UK Headed For Coldest March Since 1970″

    Don’t I know it!

  3. Juergen Uhlemann

    100 years of CO2 increase and Berlin has set a new record for snow in March!
    I wonder if the German government understand that. It’s at their front door.
    Peter Altmaier, how about a “warm” snowball fight? 😉

  4. Kevin R. Lohse

    No doubt Herr Jung will be excoriated as a ,”TV Weather-man”, in which case he will be in good company. The other TV Weather-man just recorded 1,000,000 posts on his blog.

  5. benpal

    Record braking winters and summers?
    O. Wetter and C. Pfister: An underestimated record breaking event – why summer 1540 was likely warmer than 2003

  6. Tom Andersen

    I am a bit of a weather nut. My experience with a cold Europe is that it is usually warmer here, in North America, when its cold there. But this spring is very cold here in the North East (Toronto)- 20C colder than last year, 5C colder than average, with lots of snow on the ground, and wintry weather. The same holds try all the way across this continent.

  7. Chris Frey

    Dear Pierre,

    please be careful with statements from Dominik Jung. On March 3rd, 1970 Berlin-Dahlem registered a snow cover of 53 cm – after three consegutive days of snowfall.

    Please ask Mr. Jung where he has his statement from!

    Chris Frey

    1. DirkH

      Well, where do you have your statement from?

  8. Berlin Sets 100-Year March Snow Record…High Profile German Meteorologist Turns Skeptic | Sovereign Independent UK
  9. JC Smith

    Hmmmmmm. Record snow in Berlin for March. What causes record snows? My guess….just a guess… that we need more water vapor in the air. I wonder if the warming of the planet….and the rise in water vapor of 4% over the last 30+ years might have anything to do wtih that? Ya’ think?

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