Lockwood’s “Dubious” Solar Activity/Central-European Climate Correlation Now Confirmed By 5 Winters In A Row!

NASA photoDo you recall Lockwood’s paper?

Central Europeans right now are scratching their heads, wondering how on Earth they are still shoveling snow past Easter. March in Germany, according to the German Weather Service DWD, was the 6th coldest since measurements began in 1881. Britain has just seen it’s coldest March in 100 years. In fact over the last few winters hundreds of cold and snowfall records have been shattered.

Lockwood wasn’t alone in suspecting that climate is profoundly impacted by the sun. Now is a good time to recall these findings from scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research working with Lockwood, from a little less than 3 years ago in 2010. 3Sat television quoted MPI scientist Sami Solanki in 2010:

There hasn’t been sunspots and thus no activity on the sun for three years. Solar activity is on the increase, but it is completely unclear if the sun will reach the same level of activity we saw over the last decades. If it does, then it is improbable we will again have extreme cold winters, if our statistical analysis proves right. If it doesn’t, then everything is open.”

Lockwood and the Max-Planck Institute scientists had examined weather and solar data going back all the way to 1659. Statistically they found a correlation that CO2 proponents could only dream of. When solar activity was low, the climate in Great Britain was 0.5°C cooler. And when solar activity was high, the climate was warmer.

The reason, the scientists explain, is that low solar activity could lead to changes to the winds in the troposphere. The researchers assume that when the stratosphere above it heats up only weakly, the mild strong winds from the Atlantic break off in the troposphere. Great Britain and Central Europe are then exposed to the influence of cold winds from the North East instead. The exact mechanism is still unclear, however.

3Sat (2010) then added:

Whether the coming winter will also be bitter cold, the Max Planck scientists don’t know. Their results are purely statistical. They only indicate a trend.”

Well, three critical winters have since joined the data set: How were these 3 winters?  Not just one bitter cold winter followed, but three more in a row! Right now it’s April and Central Europeans are still shoveling snow!

With 350 years of data, we can safely assume that there is very likely much more behind solar activity and the global climate, and that many CO2 alarmist scientists know it too. That’s why months later they concocted the ludicrous quackery that missing Arctic sea ice in September refrigerates the entire northern hemisphere months later in the wintertime.

Some will claim it’s only a regional phenomenon! Wrong. The link between solar activity and climate has been shown to be profound not just in Europe but at every corner of the globe, and that by dozens, if not hundreds, of peer-reviewed studies.

Photo credit: NASA (Great Britain and Central Europe, satellite picture taken on January 7, 2010).


16 responses to “Lockwood’s “Dubious” Solar Activity/Central-European Climate Correlation Now Confirmed By 5 Winters In A Row!”

  1. Paul

    Check this guys channel which is updated every day and follows sun weather and how it affects the Earth. Addictive stuff. Here’s one video which relates to todays subject on your blog:


  2. Niek Rodenburg

    Interesting articles by astronomer Prof. Dr. Cees de Jager, who told me back in 1975 about the influence of sunspots on earth climate.

    Sun-Earth publications


    A must read: A relation between solar activity and winter temperatures in Holland between 1634 and 1975



  3. tckev

    As shown by NASA,
    and here

    indicates that the sun has a profound effect on the earth’s atmosphere. What effects does this have on the jet stream? The jet streams changes effect on lower altitude weather, and in the longer term, the effect on climate. I can find no research on this, is there, has there been any?

    1. Juergen Uhlemann

      Piers Corbyn is one who talks about the Solar-Lunar-Action-Technique and about the Jet Stream blocking pattern. Maybe you get some understanding from the clips.

      “Piers Corbyn The Jet & Gulf Stream dynamics”

      “London 2012 Olympic weather & Jet Stream shifts”

      Piers Corbyn Winters will now be Coldest in Centuries

    2. Juergen Uhlemann

      One more
      “Piers Corbyn A Failed Fiddling Weather Industry”

      At about 5:08 he makes the connection of solar activity through magnetic and particle effects changes the jet stream.

  4. GrumpyDenier

    The Sun? The Sun?

    Tell me it ain’t so. All this time I’ve been walking everywhere, not breathing out, thinking about selling the car and now it turns out to be the Sun all the time?

    What’s next? Clouds?

  5. Jimbo

    I wonder whether Central European plants are still moving uphill, or are they heading downhill? 😉

    1. DirkH

      They can’t move. They’re still frozen stiff.

      BTW re plant migrations
      Surviving Climate Change by migrating meters… or even millimeters…

  6. Manfred

    Last 5 years December solar AP index below 5…


  7. Jimbo

    This is no April Fools joke.

    “A flea circus in Germany has been scrambling to replace its performers after the entire troupe was wiped out by this spring’s freezing weather.”

    1. Ulrich Elkmann

      Jimbo: when I read “Flea circus wiped out by actual weather,” my first thought was not about an actual FLEA circus…
      Speaking of which, circus director James Hansen, it seems, can now be booked for new job opportunities:

      1. Ed Caryl

        He will briefly get louder, before fading into obscurity.

        1. Jimbo

          Agreed. His mouthpiece was NASA. Who will pay attention to a demented Bart Simpson? Venus runaway warming my butt. Even the consensus headquarters of the IPCC says it’s a crock.

  8. DirkH

    Die Zeit has an interesting report about a renewables idealist, Lackmann, who seems to have most of the responsibility for the current exploding energy prices.

    He was, unpaid in his own words, “informing” the politicians about renewable energies and fought for “incentives”. Basically an unpaid lobbyist. How crazy is that. After the industry got powerful and rich they chased him away and replaced him with professional lobbyists.

    Now, of course, he’s complaining.

    Die Revolution frisst ihre Kinder. A person with no foresight and no economic understanding.

    1. Ulrich Elkmann

      With no hindsight either. Comrade Lenin famously called such people “useful idiots”, with the clear understading that after the Revolution they would be demoted to useless idiots.

      1. DirkH

        Not useless at all; after the primary use, they needed them to dig for Gold in the Gulag.

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