Solid Proof Of Global Warming: HadCrut Recent Global Trend Shows Little Ice Age Conditions By 2070!

Lately desperate global warming-obsessed scientists have been claiming that the recent cold winters are more evidence of global warming. Cold is caused by warming, they now insist.

HadCrut 10-Year Trend


Well, why stop at just the last few winters? Let’s look at the whole planet over the whole year, and do so for the last 10 years. Doing so, I’ve found solid proof of global warming!

The plotted anomaly goes from .47 to .38°C over 10 years. That’s a drop of 0.09°C, which translates to about 1°C of cooling per century. That means the year 2100 will be back to Little Ice Age conditions. The warming is worse than we thought.

Of course, crackpot warmists will say that 10 years is not enough, that is unless the trend is the other way. Heck, for them one single storm is already enough for proof, let alone a few winters.


5 responses to “Solid Proof Of Global Warming: HadCrut Recent Global Trend Shows Little Ice Age Conditions By 2070!”

  1. Casper

    Just close your eyes and imagine yourself:
    – European Crisis
    – Collapse of Green Energy Policy
    – Deindustrialisation and increasing Unemployment
    – Global Cooling and Crop Failure
    – Famine and Diseases
    – Revolution like in 1789, but in many European countries

    1. Juergen Uhlemann

      I didn’t have to close my eyes to realize all the points for quite some time.

      Btw.: I’m sure we would have a revolution like in 1789, if it wasn’t for the (good?) social systems we have in many countries. It is true that we have a lot of people in poverty or close to poverty. Still, it’s not enough (?) to start a revolution.

      Gerald Celente has a qoute: “When People Lose Everything, They Have Nothing Left To Lose, And They Lose It”

      They question is, when does it boil over!

      Is Beppe Grillo with his “Five Stars Movement” a sign? Do we have to stop the power of the governments, one way or another? I think, yes. Politics and financials are too much interconnected.

      On the other hand, maybe the “Global Cooling and Crop Failure” is providing a helping hand. I know it’s not a good solution, but this would change everything and then we would have a revolution.

  2. Mike Heath

    Revolutions are more fun in summer than in winter. How many British riots in the modern era have been in winter?

    1. DirkH

      The first general strike of 2013 in Greece was in March.
      My models indicate a strong seasonality of the stock markets. They rise from October to February; they fall some time between March and September.
      This correlation holds for the last three years – that’s how far I run the models.
      Goldman Sachs found out the same correlation for recent years.

  3. goldminor

    This could be a good time to remember the wisdom of Daniel,s dream and ‘properly’ prepare for what lies on the horizon.

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