Global Warming Now Leading To Snowy Springs…”Beaches Under Snow”!

Schellnhuber temp scenarioHow far off have climate scientists been in projecting the future of our climate – winter in particular? They and their “models” couldn’t have gotten it more wrong!

Ten years ago they were telling us to forget seeing snow in the wintertime in the future. Now we are seeing tons of the stuff in the wintertime – and spring as well!

Reader and contributor “Jimbo” sent me a link to a report out of Saudi Arabia, a country famous for its heat and desert (my emphasis):

Saudi city covered with snow following unrelenting weather

Saudi Arabia’s northwestern city of Hael was covered with snow Sunday after almost three days of unrelenting weather conditions, according to Al Arabiya correspondents.
A number of provinces in the kingdom have been hit with floods and hailstones as temperatures dropped dramatically.
People have posted pictures on Twitter and other social networking sites showing snow allegedly taken in Saudi Arabia’s Hael.”

Unfortunately, the western climatically-correct media are just too embarrassed to bring us these news because they totally believed the global warming hoax. For years they told us that the whole world, and even the polar regions, could turn into a giant Saudi Arabia. Now, Saudi Arabia has turned polar instead (at least for a couple of days)! You just couldn’t possibly get it any wronger.

In the US, there are lots of news about snow falling across the Midwest, with some parts getting a foot or more of the stuff children weren’t ever supposed to know about.

Jimbo also provides us with a link to snow in Spain:

26 regions in Spain are under snow following an unprecedented snowfall over the weekend, reported Voice of Russia. Roads have been closed to traffic as snow thickness reaches 20 centimeters in some areas.”

A stunned reporter writes:

Also unbelievable sight are beaches under snow.”

Gee, kids won’t know what sand at the beach is anymore. A few days ago there were also reports of snow falling in Germany as well.

Isn’t it amazing how far off climate models can be? We weren’t supposed to see snow anymore, not even in the dead of winter, and now we are seeing it in late spring! Even the most sketpical among us could never have imagined the models botching it this badly. Just goes to show who is in control of the weather: Mother Nature! (and not some obscure gas molecule).

The “climate scientists” have to be beginning to feel like total idiots by now.

Chart source above: Professor Hans-Joachim Schellnhuber

14 responses to “Global Warming Now Leading To Snowy Springs…”Beaches Under Snow”!”

  1. Bernd Felsche

    Was the River Spree frozen again this last winter as it was in the one before? And in 2010. It looks like there’s a regular ice-breaking service. But are the Police equipped to deal with the polar bear migration from the Uckermark? 🙂

  2. stephen richards

    This is the moment when one of iceland’s big volcanos goes bang and takes the world back to the little ice age within a month.

  3. John F. Hultquist

    Speaking of the weather:
    The fruit zone in central Washington had hard frost last night. Fruit is grown in a narrow north to south band of many miles and elevation differences. See the red dots on this map:

    Damage will be significant. This followed many hours of strong winds that blew blossoms from the trees. The previous day the wind took out a tower with its odd-shaped turbine at the City of Ellensburg’s renewable energy evaluation (read ‘toy’) park. They had 5 radically different small turbines harvesting green-press, grants, and a little power.

    1. JP

      What about the hop crop?

      1. jorgekafkazar

        It may be a flop.

    2. DirkH

      Well, that’s a great evaluation. Destructive testing.

  4. Eyal Porat

    The Saudi “snow” is actually a severe hail storm.
    Nevertheless very impressive.

    1. Jimbo

      Hi Eyal,
      I am aware of the reported hail but it does also mention snow. Also this video appears to show snow

      Anyway they got some ‘real’ snow back in January this year I do believe.

  5. Jimbo

    Hi Pierre,
    I just wanted to point out snow in unexpected places in LATE Spring. I’m glad you picked it up. I have heard very little this year about early Spring in Europe caused by global warming. 😉

    In the meantime Colorado is still getting pounded by that time traveling white stuff.

    Let’s not forget 6 February 2012 when snow arrive on the hot sands of Tunisia. The people of Matmata last saw snow in 1962.

  6. Juergen Uhlemann
  7. TexCIS

    Speaking of Colorado, our news channel had a story this morning on farmers and the how bad the drought is . . . but at the VERY end of it, they mentioned the farmer said he’d “RATHER have a drought than a FREEZE” . . . but they neglected to elaborate on that point. Of course.

  8. Global Warming Now Leading To Snowy Springs… | Lamont County Environment

    […] Reader and contributor “Jimbo” sent me a link to a report out of Saudi Arabia, a country famous for its heat and desert: (Full Story) […]

  9. Michael Snow

    1st of May in southern, South Dakota

    Last year my neighbors were finished planting corn by this date. This year they have not started.

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