Ouch! Dennis Bray To Lewandowsky: “Try To Know A Little Of What You Speak Before You Speak”

Looks like Lewandowsky has bungled again.

At Klimazwiebel Dennis Bray reacts to a poorly thought-out attack by Lewandowsky.

Bray writes:

Lewandowsky, in reference to the 2003 Survey of Climate Scientists, accuses me of violating ‘all internet survey methodological standards by not recording dates, times, and IP numbers of respondents’.  [….] So please, for all of the conspiracy theory (of any persuasion) critics of the surveys of climate scientists, try to know a little of what you speak before you speak. Apparently Lewandowsky complained that there was ‘no way to check or verify the integrity of the data’ and therefore the data was probably ‘useless’. Lewandowsky said that the study should not have been published ‘without the authors demonstrating the integrity of their data’.  Steve McIntrye goes on to point out that the work of Lewandowsky is not without blemish.”

Lewandowsky and his kind must be more desperate than we thought. When you finally stoop to going after fellow scientists in the way that Lewandowsky has, it represents a “push-comes-to-shove” mode – a last, desperate Hail Mary attempt to salvage the endeavor. Seems Lewandowsky has reached that phase.

Read it all here.


4 responses to “Ouch! Dennis Bray To Lewandowsky: “Try To Know A Little Of What You Speak Before You Speak””

  1. mwhite

    He’s just moved to Bristol


    I wonder if he knows what snow is????

    1. mwhite
  2. John Silver

    Jumping the shark?

  3. DirkH

    Why does the science of antropogenic Global warming need surveys at all to bolster its credibility? I thought it was all first principles?

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