Germany’s $20-Million Solar Jobs – Die Welt Finally Realizes: “Expensive Green Energy Subsidies Useless”

Solar Photovoltaik_adlershofGerman national daily Die Welt here reports on the desolate state of Germany’s renewable energies, particularly solar and biofuel, written by Daniel Wetzel.

Once believed to hold the key to future jobs and prosperity, renewable energies in Germany are now emerging as a complete flop and a national embarrassment.

Coming on the heels of the solar industry collapse, now comes the end of the bio-fuel industry, so reports Die Welt.

For years the transition to renewable energies was sold as an industrial political project: In the sector of renewable energy hundreds of thousands of jobs would be created, they claimed. […] It’s time to put the visionary exuberance under a reality check. The number of jobs in the sector of renewable energy is again shrinking.”

“$130 billion solar flash in the pan”

Germany’s green industry collapse is happening faster than anyone could have ever anticipated, and has caught the media by surprise. Die Welt writes:

The German solar industry is dissolving faster than you can even see. One third of all companies disappeared from the market within one year. Solar power subsidies of more than 100 billion euros [$130 billion] over 20 years have led to only a mere flash in the pan. According to the official numbers, today there are barely 6000 employees in the German solar cell and module production.”

$130 billion for 6000 jobs? That works out to be over $20 million a job!

The cause of the solar energy collapse is in part due to the recent cuts in government subsidies (they’ve realized that it’s too expensive after all) and cheap imports from China.

Such is the miserable state of the solar industry in Germany. Wetzel then writes that also Germany’s highly subsidized bio-fuel industry is on the verge of collapse. In the link, Die Welt writes: “Biofuel production in Germany will likely completely collapse in just a few years.” and that leading German biofuel manufacturer Verbio AG in Saxony Anhalt “is deeply in the red for the first three quarters of its fiscal year” and that the company is reporting “a loss of 143 million euros since July 2012.”

Die Welt now telling readers “to critically question”

What’s especially peculiar is that Die Welt, once (and still is) a big believer of man-made climate change and green energies, seems to have developed sudden amnesia concerning it’s earlier positions on the issue. In the past the leading national daily often wrote highly supportive articles of the green movement, and aimed harsh words at climate science skeptics and green energy critics. Apparently, at least in its latest article, Die Welt now thinks it can lecture readers on the virtues of critical thnking:

The fall of both sectors is a reason to critically question whether it’s possible to usher in high-tech industries and employment miracles by using subsidies.”

My, how profound. Such amazing words of wisdom….and all coming after a mere 20 years and € 100 billion having been squandered.

We all I recall many reports from Die Welt warning of the coming climate apocalypse, and cheerleading for alternative energies like sun and biofuel. Now the once-green conservative daily wants us to “critically question”? Sorry Die Welt but you’re about a decade late, and so you can take a seat in the back.

I’m not blaming Wetzel here, who surely has written some critical pieces. My criticism is aimed at Die Welt’s naive editors. Hopefully they’ve woken up to reality and will soon stop believing the climate fairy tales spread by the PIK and other activist institutes.

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8 responses to “Germany’s $20-Million Solar Jobs – Die Welt Finally Realizes: “Expensive Green Energy Subsidies Useless””

  1. DirkH

    The best part is, the yearly subsidy continues to rise unabatedly, as the Greens, the socialists, the CDU and the FDP (Rösler: “There is no turning back in climate protection!” in a Bild interview a few days back) are united in their desire to oversee the ongoing exponential growth of it; last year 16 bn EUR, this year 20bn EUR; 25% yearly growth; currently that’s 250 EUR per year and capita in Germany.

    And I’m optimistic the voters will in autumn elect a government that does nothing to stop it – as all established parties have the exact same position about it.

    Warmists rule Germany. Forever.

    1. Simon

      DirkH: At least in the UK there is some hope. We have UKIP who understand the complete idiocy of renewable energy, and on last week’s elections, a strong hope that when the time comes, that they will be in a position to enable us to be free of the EU and their (enviro)mentalists, and put a stop to this madness.

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  3. Jimbo

    This was and still is the problem with greens. They seem to think there are simple solutions to our energy problems. This is turning out to be an expensive experiment. Better late than never. The sooner these projects all go bust the better. Hey, I am not against say someone in the outback of Australia installing solar panels and a small wind turbine. That is their choice and it may work well for them. I am against wholesale enforcement and adoption in cold overcast countries like the UK and Germany. Let people and the market make their own choices without subsidies and enforcement through laws.

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  5. Bernd Felsche

    Germany’s biodiesel not sustainable

    Biodiesel produced from rapeseed (aka canola) in Germany doesn’t comply with EU sustainability dictats so cannot be sold abroad in any quantity.

    Perhaps the producers can take a leaf from the book of dairy farmers; wait for some warmer weather and then flood the streets outside of EU offices with the oil produced from rapeseed.

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  7. mwhite

    “A total of £1,146,614 was handed out to the operators of 13 Scottish wind farms, including almost £300,000 for a development built on land owned by the Duke of Roxburghe.”

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