Experimental Guinea-Pig Germany: “…One Of The Greatest Experiments An Industrial Society Ever Performed”!

Ottmar Edenhofer can hardly contain his glee – like a mad scientist thinking this time it’ll really end with a huge, spectacular result! That’s what he thinks his data show.

Face it, what we have in Germany are a group of out-of-control, dangerous academics, a group of elitist, unelected scientists, totally drunk on towering arrogance, given license to perform an experiment on an entire nation, and itching to perform it on the rest of the world. H/t: a reader by e-mail.


Prof. Ottmar Edenhofer wants to use Germany as an experimental economic guinea pig. (Photo: Marco Urban, PIK)

Just look at the PIK’s own words:

‘The energy transformation is one of the greatest experiments that an industrial society ever performed,’ Edenhofer said. ‘An experiment of this dimension needs to be supported by scientific policy advice.’ This should be organized as a social learning process, he pointed out. ‘Science is mapping possible pathways, but it is up to politics to decide which way to go,’ Edenhofer said.”

He calls it himself an “experiment”. They act like they can just gamble with an entire society. Do they think they’re in a casino! This is very close to madness. Read it all here.

The probloem with Edenhofer’s arrangement is that the citizenry is moved to the sidelines, stripped of having a say, and are expected to just accept whatever the scientists and leaders hand down. They no longer have the competence to decide it for themselves. Germany is entering a dictatorship by a scientific elite.

It doesn’t matter what data you present to them, or that other experts are already calling it “a capital destroyer of historical dimensions“, or that Germany’s entire solar manufacturing industry has already been wiped out despite 100 billion euros in subsidies. Oh no, just put the pedal to the metal – just drive right over the edge…don’t worry about the landing.

They are hell bent on pushing an entire nation over the precipice, once again, for the fourth time in the last 100 years.

The territory isn’t really uncharted; central planning has been tried many times before with the result being failure every single time. But the PIK, the WBGU, the drugged up on green leaders are convinced this time it’ll work – they made models that tell them so.

Maybe it’s time to cash in the chips and to move on to a saner place.


10 responses to “Experimental Guinea-Pig Germany: “…One Of The Greatest Experiments An Industrial Society Ever Performed”!”

  1. dave ward

    “Maybe it’s time to cash in the chips and to move on to a saner place.”

    But where? Just the other side of the English Channel things are nearly as crazy, and I can’t see common sense breaking out anytime soon, despite UKIP’s success in the local council elections last week. I honestly feel that one of the tinpot dictatorships in Africa wouldn’t be any worse…

  2. Mindert Eiting

    Don’t move to another place, Pierre. There are a lot of sane Germans who need you.

  3. RoyFOMR

    “Don’t move to another place, Pierre. There are a lot of sane Germans who need you.”
    Mindert; and a whole lot of other Europeans too!

  4. crosspatch

    It seems to me that the “progressives” always view the people as their personal lab rats to tinker with. Everything is their little laboratory for their amusement and when an experiment goes wrong — oh, well, off to the drawing board. It is amazing how little respect they have for anyone but themselves and how they seem to have no remorse for destroying the livlihood and lives of millions of people when they guess wrong. Why is it tolerated?

  5. Juergen Uhlemann

    It all started in the 70’s with the green movement.
    A lot of these “brainwashed” people are in important and responsible positions today.
    It could be a German thing by exceeding through their work ethic.
    However, the idea is, more or less, in all countries through the effort of the IPCC. I can see it even here in Ireland. The green movement gets stronger and with this more and more stupid ideas are created.

    People are blinded by science and the media.

  6. Gerry Gagnon

    The universities teach “Social Engineering”, a dangerous concept at best. Social Engineering requires social situations — people — to “engineer”. The totalitarian implications of this should be obvious; yet, it has been mainstream at Western universities for a long time now, churning out graduates in both the social sciences and more recently, climate science. They are old enough now to be attaining positions of power, and the results are becoming clear — not just in Europe, but in North America, as well. People in virtually every Western nation are looking for somewhere to run — to run away from our own university-created, freedom-devouring monster…

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