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Joe Bastardi: Cooling In The Future Shaping Up To Be "Worse Than We Thought"

Joe Bastardi: Cooling In The Future Shaping Up To Be “Worse Than We Thought”

[Sticky post, hence different color background…new posts below] Cooling Will Be Worse Than We Thought By Joe Bastardi, At, we try to show people the ‘why’ before the ‘what’.  My father taught me that if you are right, then you should have the reason why first, and not excuses for being wrong later. […]

Joe Bastardi: “17 Years Thrown Away Now Because Of A Ghost “

Meteorologist Joe Bastardi has a commentary at the Patriot Post where he tells us that the ocean cycles play a major role on regional climates and that the cooling conditions now seen in Europe should not have come as a surprise. Meteorologist Joe Bastardi of WeatherBELL Analytics. Photo credit: Just a few years ago […]

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