Joe Bastardi: “17 Years Thrown Away Now Because Of A Ghost “

Meteorologist Joe Bastardi has a commentary at the Patriot Post where he tells us that the ocean cycles play a major role on regional climates and that the cooling conditions now seen in Europe should not have come as a surprise.

bastardi_home-weatherbellMeteorologist Joe Bastardi of WeatherBELL Analytics. Photo credit:

Just a few years ago global warming experts (like David Viner and Mojib Latif) were forecasting balmy, snowless winters for Europe. Now we see just the opposite is taking place.

For the US, Joe says that before the Atlantic turns colder, springs are likely to be colder like in the 1950s.

On Al Gore, Joe Bastardi wonders if he ever looks at anything that challenges his belief.

Do They Even Look?

Baffled German Government Concedes! “Global Warming Has Stopped…Warming Pause Is Remarkable…Unexpected”

This is a headline in my friend Pierre Gosselin’s Blog “No Tricks Zone.” The article is here for you to read, but in it, there is an admission that global warming has stopped and it’s baffling as to why.

There is much to be gained from this about the methods of people pushing this issue. The headline above uses the word “baffled.” It should not be, and here is why: Most environmentalists simply will not look at anything that can challenge their idea. The turn to colder in Europe and the far East has been easier to forecast than the US following the turn to colder in the Pacific Decadol Oscillation. The linkage to colder is much faster in these areas, when the Atlantic is in its warm cycle as it still is (I have a de-icing company that supplies both areas, so being right is crucial.) In the US, it lags because…”

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One response to “Joe Bastardi: “17 Years Thrown Away Now Because Of A Ghost “”

  1. goldminor

    Anything can become baffling when one builds a maze within his thoughts that can only function within the realm of the thought, but cannot survive the light of day.

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