Climaphobe German Scientist Insists Climate Scientists Need To Take Over Global Policy-Making

WickeSometimes I really wonder about the people major media outlets choose to interview. The ones with the most spectacularly catastrophic visions get all the attention.

German scientist Lutz Wicke (photo right) said in an interview with the Süddeutsche Zeitung (SZ) that “future generations will curse us climate scientists” and that we now find ourselves in an “absolutely desperate situation” with regards to climate protection.

H/t: Oliver Geden @Twitter.

Wicke’s alarmist interview comes on the heels of the 4th International Petersberger Climate Dialogue in Berlin, which was supposed to lay the groundwork for the next UN climate conference in Warsaw in November. Representatives from 35 countries atteneded the Berlin Petersberger Climate Dialoge. However, little if any progress was achieved.

If Lutz Wicke is an indication, then activist scientists are becoming increasingly frustrated, outraged and impatient.

Wicke is from the Institute for Environmental Management at the ESCP Europe and in the interview “he is demanding that climate scientists worldwide join together and exert more influence on policymaking.”

Wicke says there’s absolutely no reason for optimism when it comes to nations finding an effective agreement to stem global warming.

Wicke has visions of Sahara-like summers

Wicke expects global temperature this century to rise 4°C, which, he says “means 8°C in the Mediterranaen region“:

Then in the summertime we will have heat waves there like in the Sahara. The living space of billions of people will destroyed.”

Wicke seems to suffer from acute climaphobia and to be obsessed with end-of-world scenarios. One thing is certain: he’s intent on spreading his fear to the readers of the Süddeutsche.

For a long time, the lack of progress in implementing an eco-authoritarianism on the world was blamed on political leaders, especially those from the USA, China and India. But now Wicke says climate scientists must take a share of the blame:

…they should have appropriately advised the political leaders. That didn’t happen. Even climate politicians are not expert enough to tell us in detail how agreements are to be designed so that a reduction in emissions can be reached.”

Wicke angry that states failed to boss citizens around

Here Wicke advocates that climate-paranoid scientists write international agreements for politicians. It gets better. A little later on in the interview he says:

It is crystal clear that states worldwide are not able to require themselves to appropriately reduce their emissions of climate gases, or to comply to these requirements. They can’t influence their citizens and the economy so that they accept it.”

In Wicke’s view, states just aren’t capable of bossing around their citizens and getting them to commit economic suicide. European climate alarmists are growing impatient.

Later in the interview Wicke suggests limiting per capita CO2 emissions globally to five tons per person, or taxing fossil fuels so much that they’ll be too expensive to use.

So why aren’t these brilliant ideas not being discussed, the Süddeutsche asks? Wicke:

Among other other things, climate scientists have been much too quiet about this.”

Wicke says scientists should write the international agreements

Amusingly, the Süddeutsche asks Wicke if climate scienists really are the right people to hammer out international agreements. Wicke:

Who, when not us, should politcians, who we meet at climate conferences, should make concrete proposals? Climate science cannot restrict itself to develoiping computer models. For that, the matter is just too important and dramatic.”

Then he says climate scientists need more funding so that they can do the things they need to do to rescue the planet.

Wicke: climate scientists can rescue the future generations

Wicke disagrees with Hans von Storch, who says science should deliver the results and leave the job of policymaking to the policymakers and citizenry. But Wicke insists:

Scientists cannot act like it’s all none of their business. We can’t just provide the diagnosis and then quit. We also have to try to prevent the prognoses from happening. This is about the destiny of future generations.”

Gee, who really stands to benefit in that deal? What would a roofing company be tempted to tell a homeowner who isn’t allowed to get a second opinion?

By now we get the sense that this Wicke scientist obviously is interested in only one thing. And we thought Schellnhuber was bad.

The Süddeutsche then correctly points out that scienitists in the past have made many false prognoses, so can the scientists really be trusted? Wicke:

The models must undergo continuous correction, that’s completely clear. But in the meantime the biggest problems we had at the start of climate science have been overcome. Also in the next 7-year IPCC report there will again certainly be small corrections to the earlier prognoses. But the certainty of how things will develop will be even greater. And we can thus expect the worst fears to be confirmed … with business as usual there will be with a high probability an increase in temperature of around 6°C by 2100. […]

If we do nothing now, then also us climate scientists will be cursed by the future generationsfor not having done enough to avoid the catastrophes – even though we knew they would happen.”

Just for Wicke, and his followers, here’s a chart showing what “small corrections” are needed:


Chart source: Chapter 1 of the IPCC AR5 second order draft.

Photo credit Luz Wicke: www.escp-europe/


13 responses to “Climaphobe German Scientist Insists Climate Scientists Need To Take Over Global Policy-Making”

  1. DirkH

    Well I guess they need to up the volume if they still want to be heard in an insolvent continent in a process of currency reset and political dissolution. Never heard of that guy.

    Lutz Wicke does not have a page in the German wikipedia but he appears in some other pages

    He calls himself an economist and his vision seems to be the “eco-social market economy” – sounds a lot like watermelons. He’s not even a climate scientist it seems.

  2. Per Strandberg

    I call these people global warming rapture-ists comparing them to the religious fundamentalists from the Bible Belt in the US.
    They all waiting with full conviction for the Great Apocalypse which is not going to happen.
    CAGW is a religion.

  3. Mick J

    Somewhat related with a historical context.

    “The Perils Of Energy Technocracy

    Date: 13/05/13
    Donald Norman, Master Resource blog

    “There is no evidence that government scientists and engineers are better at forecasting the future and know how the future will play out better than the scientists and engineers in private companies. ”

    The technocracy movement that arose in the early part of twentieth century advocated turning over the reins of governmental decision making to scientists, engineers and other “technocrats”. It was argued that the expertise of technocrats would result in better decisions than those made by private companies.

    The idea of technocracy was embedded in the concept of central planning and was heralded by Thorstein Veblen and embraced by the Soviet Union. In the early years of the Great Depression the movement enjoyed renewed popularity, the belief being that technical, rational and apolitical expertise could revive the economy.

    As an aside, one of the advocates of technocracy was M. King Hubbert who later developed his theory of Peak Oil production. Hubbert also proposed that energy certificates be issued to replace conventional money. These certificates could be divided equally among all members of a North American continental “technate.” Hubbert went on to become a geoscientist at Shell Oil.”

    More at

    1. DirkH

      The first 5 year plan of the USSR was written for Stalin by Albert Kahn, the foremost industry architect of the US, who also designed all Ford factories.

      The first 5 year plan comprised the building of 630 factories, subsequently built for Stalin by German and US companies in exchange for mineral concessions and Gold. Stalin sent millions to the Gulag camps to have them get the Gold. Soviet version of Gold rush.

      The second five year plan comprised simply rolling out a multiple of what the first 5 year plan did.

      Technocracy Inc. folded in 1933; America decided to have FDR as central planner instead.

      Central planning was all the rage and was an American invention even when deployed in the USSR.

  4. lemiere jacques

    “”””But the certainty of how things will develop will be even greater.”””

    i thought their certainty was already 95%

  5. J Martin

    Presumably this guy thinks he should be the next Chancellor.

    Remind me, what happened last time someone with World dictator ambitions held that post ?

    Thankfully I think he’s not just too late, but that Germany and the modern World have changed.

    The backward World hasn’t changed, however, and so the next big war will start in the middle east, though I guess you can’t rule out India V Pakistan, North Korea V someone, China V Japan, China V India.

    Once cooling set in most climate nutters will go back to their day jobs and no longer embarrass themselves in the newspapers with insane pronouncements.

  6. mwhite

    “The end really IS nigh: Doomsday prophet Harold Camping resigns and apologizes after two failed predictions in five months”

    At least he did the decent thing.

    1. DirkH

      It does happen. Recently I dreamed of a sudden 10 % devaluation of the Euro. So in the morning the first thing I did was check EURUSD, but nothing had happened.

      Maybe it will still come to pass.

  7. Alfonso D. Payne

    Wicke’s alarmist interview comes on the heels of the 4th International Petersberger Climate Dialogue in Berlin, which was supposed to lay the groundwork for the next UN climate conference in Warsaw in November. Representatives from 35 countries atteneded the Berlin Petersberger Climate Dialoge. However, little if any progress was achieved.

  8. Ulrich Elkmann

    Wicke is right: “future generations will curse us climate scientists.”

    They will take a look around, tally up the sums wasted, the relentless attempted brainwashing, the ghastly misuse of “science,” and the fact that this scam happened after the lessons of collectivist expertocracy were there for everyone to understand (even politicians, journalists & climate scientists).
    Of course they will curse them.

  9. John Silver

    So, he wants a Machtübernahme. Sounds slightly familiar.

  10. DirkH

    The missing link between Nazis and modern Greens:
    Dance With The Devil by Günther Schwab; a book from the 50ies anticipating all modern enviro hysterias including CO2AGW (albeit only mentioned shortly as one of many threats). Günther Schwab was a National Socialist and afterwards a successful author of “Heimat” novels romanticizing the German countryside, especially the Alps.

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