France Plans To Desecrate D-Day Normandy Beaches By Erecting Adjacent Windpark

Just when you thought going green could not get more outrageous, now comes one of the most enraging plans imaginable: erecting a large-scale wind park next to the sacred D Day beaches of Normandy, where thousands of soldiers died to liberate France and Europe in 1944.


Members of an American landing party lend helping hands to other members of their organization whose landing craft was sunk be enemy action of the coast of France. These survivors reached Omaha Beach, by using a life raft. Photographer: Weintraub, 6 June 1944. Image source: U.S. federal government, the image is in the public domain.

The English-language The Local from France reports here that “A controversy is brewing over plans to construct 75 windmills in Normandy, next to the site of the D-Day landings in WWII. Opponents of the French project say the windpark would be an act of desecration. […] desecrates the memory of the liberators.”

The Local writes that the project is being proposed by French power company EDF, which plans to construct seventy five 100-meter tall windmills near the beaches where British and Canadian forces landed and thousands lost their lives. The Local adds:

‘These beaches belong to history. It’s from here that the liberation of the world began. If you allow the comparison, I don’t think the Germans would permit the construction of a wind park next to the ruins of a concentration camp. These are sacred areas,’ said Karel Scheerlinck, a Belgian who lives in the town.”

Is this how some people in France say “merci”? Talk about ingrates. For a nation that prides itself in being sophisticated, this idea sure is an example of very poor manners and bad upbringing by some among them.

This is an idea they’d be wise to scrap immediately.

Read full story here.

As an aside, here’s a worthwhile (outstanding) video:

15 responses to “France Plans To Desecrate D-Day Normandy Beaches By Erecting Adjacent Windpark”

  1. thebiggreenlie

    This is a slap in the face to all Freedom loving people’s of the world who would and have given their lives to protect Democracy!!!

    The Green Fraudsters have no respect for the human race, let alone Democracy.
    Think of these Wind Turbines as phallic symbols for the sad pathetic Greenies who believe in Mother Gaia and that some day they will rule the World!


  2. Kevin R. Lohse

    There are sections of the French, particularly in the nepotistic bureaucratic aristocracy that runs France, who have never forgiven the Anglo-Saxons from rescuing them in 2 world wars. They would gladly muddy the memories of future generations.

  3. stephen richards

    Our village council sw france is just beginning the fight against these monstrocities. We live in the lowest average wind area of france and they want to erect dozens of the b$)àè-(d things. One local farmer has already covered his barns with solar panels and now wants a windmill. He may never have to work again. His solar panels earn a staggering 23.000€ per year min.

    They are offering bribes to all and sundy in order to get them up and the socialists are in full support.

  4. mwhite

    “The Met Office is to hold an emergency meeting of experts to discuss the increasingly unusual weather in the UK, it has been reported.”

    Pierre when will the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research be holding an emergency meeting???

    “Attendees are expected to debate whether the changing weather pattern in the UK, and in northern Europe, is because of climate change or simply variable weather.”

    1. mwhite

      “12 Reasons Why The Met Office Is Alarmed”

    2. Ulrich Elkmann

      “…simply variable weather”? And running the risk of having that answered in the affirmative?
      On the other hand, it might get us further if someone in Officialdom debated about the increasingly weird weathermen.

  5. Mindert Eiting

    Note how detached and shameless the Greenies are about tradition and culture. No news so far from our Green Alderman who wants 60 windmills in Amsterdam, one of the monumental cities of Europe. Previous week I saw an interview on the Dutch TV with an alarmist fiction writer, good for millions of copies about the end of the world and overpopulation, who said that he obtained his broad knowledge of theology from the Da Vinci Code. He said it without shame. Barbarians at the gates.

    1. DirkH

      Just tell the Dutch that the idea to erect wind turbines in city centres is a German one, the Reichskrafttürme; that should suffice to torpedo the idea.
      (I had to dig quite a bit in the German wikipedia for that; it looks like they don’t really want to direct you to that particular bit of craziness)

  6. 2% werkeloosheid en “olie stinkt stuk minder dan vis”

    […] anders ging ik zeker in de olie. En om nog eens tegen de onzalige windenergie aan te schoppen link ik afsluitend naar die onthutst meldt dat de Fransen het plan hebben gevat om voor de WWII-landingskusten van […]

  7. ArndB

    Met Office proudly states at “Who we are”:
    “D-Day landings during the Second World War. The weather was crucial to the Allied Forces’s success for the D-Day landings in June 1944. General Eisenhower’s chief meteorologist, Group Captain James Stagg, a Met Office forecaster, advised of a narrow ‘weather window’ for the operation to go ahead: “probably the only day during the month of June on which the operations could have been launched,” President Truman later said.

    Only few day later (exactly 13 days) an unexpected storm lashed across the English Channel on 19 June 1944 lasting for three days. Details and discussion see here: From Britain to France the operation and supply area for the invasion was severely effected. 800 ships and floating units were beached or lost, more than the German army managed to take out during the entire campaign. It was the most severe storm in June for 40 years has been claimed. The weather maps do not show the event. The Met services did not foresee the event, and modern science is still speechless; no interest, no research, no explanation. If the Met Office is so proud on its service with regard to the D-Day weather forecast, it should be ashamed that the most severe storm for 40 years in the English Channel, from June 19-21, is still not fully assessed, investigated, and thoroughly explained. (Climate+History,; 1944 D-Day) concludes a presentation of D-Day events with the sentence: “Jack Simmons (USA) very kindly suggested that the events around D-Day June 6, 1944, would represent a fine example of how meteorological conditions affected historical events.” Of not less interest is the question how far war activity in the marine environment has contributed to weather-making, for which the exceptional storm across the English Channel only a fortnight after D-Day may serve as an excellent case to study.

  8. Edward.

    Hollande is a Trot and a warmist, the great D-Day landings and those sacrifices made to defend his miserably ungrateful countrymen are neatly forgotten.

    Always, Socialists have a different world view and Frenchmen who are communists are some of the worst – the new world Utopia with its appalling green agenda which Hollande dutifully ascribes to, is fast stripping – what is left of the remnants of French dignity.

  9. Edward.

    I might also add, the Labour party in Britain + the Tories and libdems – are not much better – they also forget their history.

    1. DirkH

      The Fabians were founded 10 years or so before the Labour party and controlled it from its beginnings. Their goal was to clandestinely and by means of gradualism bring about the socialist utopia as envisioned by their member H G Welles in Shape Of Things To Come and Men Like God (a dull novel if there ever was one).

      I hold that Tony Blair did a lot in this regard, and the UK today is the shambles that Blair left behind. Cameron though is no Thatcher. The Labour party definitely knows its history and acts according to plan.

      The mascot of the Fabians is the Wolf in Sheeps Clothing.

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