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Surprise! Payback From Windparks Far Less Than Promised…Wind Models Exaggerated Projected Wind Indices!

In relatively windy Germany many people think wind turbines are a reliable investment. After all, especially near the North and Baltic seas, the wind blows almost all the time, and surely wind energy is competitive, even when generated onshore. But that’s proving to be a total myth, so reports Germany’s leftist-greenie daily, TAZ. According to […]

Lomborg: "Electric Cars Don’t Solve The Automobile’s Environmental Problems...Are More Polluting"

Lomborg: “Electric Cars Don’t Solve The Automobile’s Environmental Problems…Are More Polluting”

Economist Professor Bjorn Lomborg agrees with an article appearing at the IEEE Spectrum titled: Unclean at Any Speed. Here’s Lomborg’s post at FaceBook: I’ve always wondered about all the huge mining operations that would be necessary to get the materials to manufacture hundreds of millions of huge batteries. Never mind the storage systems needed for […]

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