Lomborg: “Electric Cars Don’t Solve The Automobile’s Environmental Problems…Are More Polluting”

Economist Professor Bjorn Lomborg agrees with an article appearing at the IEEE Spectrum titled: Unclean at Any Speed. Here’s Lomborg’s post at FaceBook:


I’ve always wondered about all the huge mining operations that would be necessary to get the materials to manufacture hundreds of millions of huge batteries. Never mind the storage systems needed for storing electricity for the home. Caterpillar is probably drooling over the potential.

Of course we need to develop this technology, but God forbid we force a technology that is nowhere near ready and end up doing real damage to the planet.

It’s bad enough having our natural landscape mutilated and blighted by industrial wind turbines.


10 responses to “Lomborg: “Electric Cars Don’t Solve The Automobile’s Environmental Problems…Are More Polluting””

  1. DirkH

    Money buys energy. More expensive products mean more energy has been used in production. It’s so simple even a Leftist might be able to understand it after a week of repeating it.

    1. Ed Caryl

      Dirk, they don’t WANT to understand it. The facts only confuse them, … momentarily. Then they go right back to what they believe.

    2. lemiere jacques

      more than that in each country, money = energy so the price of something is a very good estimation of energy use ( you have to include the salary of employees that willeventually end as energy use).

  2. mwhite

    “France bans new Mercedes cars over ‘greenhouse gases'”


    This is about the refrigerant used in the air conditioning

    1. DirkH

      They explode much better with R1234yf. Just ask Michael Hastings. Oh. I forget – you can’t.

  3. Ike

    do electric cars produce more electrosmog?

  4. TheJollyGreenMan


    Thank you for talking the CAT shares up.

    The fact of the matter is that the CAT share price is tanking – While the S&P 500 is up nearly 10% YTD, CAT is down roughly 12.5% YTD – along with most mining sector stocks.

    Mining equipment is only a part of the market CAT serves.

    More information here:-


    The real money is in oil. The whole of India is wanting to play catch up with China, and China has already passed the USA with motorcar sales.

    1. DirkH

      As goes CAT so goes the economy.

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