Paging Paul Ehrlich: UN Predicts Record-Setting Grain Harvest…7% More Than Last Year!

Remember Paul Ehrlich’s prophesy of doom and gloom back in 1970 when he predicted rising global population (then 4 billion) would lead to mass global starvation already by the 1980s. Today more than 40 years later the planet has a population of over 7 billion and experts are warning of another global menace: obesity.


Global warming alarmists wrong again! UN expects record global grain harvest this year. Photo credit: Hinrich, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Germany license.

Ehrlich’s prophesy was pure rubbish.

At the Achse des Guten website here Benny Peiser brings our attention to a short report in the German media. The report is good news and is of global significance, and so you’d think it would be worthy of front page news. Not so with today’s cynical, catastrophe-obsessed media. The best they could do was write an obscure itty-bitty blurb and bury it deep in their website pages. The public doesn’t need to know about this.

The online German RP writes:

According estimates of the UN Agricultural Organization, the global grain production will reach a record high with 2.5 billion tonnes. That means an increase of 7% over a year earlier. Wheat production will increase by almost 7% to a high of 700 million tonnes. Therefore it will be able to more than offset the drop of last year.”

Rice production also has not withered away, rising 2%, the RP writes.

So what about all the bad climate change that was supposed to have a massively negative impact on crops? All silly Ehrlich-type scare stories as usual. Agricultural output continues its overall climb. There’s even food to burn in millions of cars.


7 responses to “Paging Paul Ehrlich: UN Predicts Record-Setting Grain Harvest…77 More Than Last Year!”

  1. Bernd Felsche

    Worse than we thought™

    We could run out of starving people.

  2. DirkH

    “The public doesn’t need to know about this.”

    Yep. I don’t know whether there ever was a time where the media including the public media were not 100% concentrating on manipulation. TV is the worst; and the worst in TV are the Michael Moore style agitprop mockumentaries. I think they just showed Gasland on Arte. A colleague talked about it. He now thinks that fracking destroys nature.

    People are stupid, and journalists exploit it.

  3. mwhite

    More raw materials for the biofuel industry.

  4. nzrobin

    One of the bigger ‘problems’ caused by CO2, increased plant growth.

    Excuse my cynicism, but perhaps this explains why environmentalists want to sequester (bury) CO2. They want us to have less food. Which means some people will die from starvation. Which means less people. Which means we are saving the planet from increased population.

  5. John F. Hultquist

    Paul Ehrlich was once considered a butterfly expert. He tried to segue to an activist money making environmentalist. While his (and her) ideas have failed, I think the money-making part worked and he never looked back.

    More CO2 is good.
    More rain is good.
    More corn is good.

    Here is how the American heartland views these issues:

    Here’s a 12 year old original:

    and the current one is here:

  6. Marcus

    Someone commenting on this thread

    proposed the aptly named

    “Paul Ehrlich Population Bomb Prize”

    for the most bombastic catastrophe prediction which ended widest off the mark.

    Any philanthropists among the readership willing to fund a trust dedicated to yearly awards of the Ehrlich Population Bomb Prize?


  7. R. de Haan

    Please have a look at this video. It explains exactly what is going on in the world right now including an historic perspective.

    It makes very clear what we are up against and why we have to stand up right now to stop this. It’s a short term life or death scenario and the battle ground is the USA because Europe, after the German elections will be in for a complete economic collapse if some Americans fail to pull the plug on the incredible scam that is going to destroy us completely.

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