Fulfilling The Global Need For Climate Science Information: NoTricksZone Reaches 5 Million Hits

00PGAnd with that, many many heartfelt thanks to all the readers, partner blogsites and guest authors.

NoTricksZone is something I do on the side as a hobby. One I admit that has consumed far more time than I ever bargained for and has morphed into an unshakable obligation to write a post every day. It is something I really enjoy doing. And unlike many of the warmist blogs out there, I receive no donations at all from anyone. It’s just me speaking out.

According to Google Analytics, yesterday the NTZ site surpassed the 5 million page views mark since the blog’s very humble beginnings in April, 2010. Of course I’m nowhere near sites like What’s Up With That, but the current level of interest is something I never expected to see. Currently the NTZ site is getting between 180,000 to 200,000 views per month from over 100 countries globally. In fact in the three years that NTZ has been operating, it has seen readers from every country in the world – except North Korea and NASA.

To be fair, I think NASA in the meantime has lifted its silly ban.

I also wish to thank a number of other sites who often link to NTZ: Climate Depot, WUWT, Tom Nelson, climategate.nl, climatescam.se, EIKE, Bishop Hill, junkscience.com, Die kalte Sonne.de, and others. Hopefully no one will feel left out if I didn’t mention you. Success without you would never have been possible. No one achieves success alone. Here, nothing works better than a free market that is guided by compassion, truth, and concern for the environment.

I keep telling myself to slow down to 5 posts a week and to take the weekends off, something my wife would appreciate, but stories just keep popping up and I feel they need to be put out there.

I’m always welcoming posts by guest authors, and so if you have a story and want to give it a try, send it over. Try to keep it below 500 words and down to 3 or 4 graphics. You can send it over as a Word file.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’ll keep dropping by.

Stay warm!

P. Gosselin


36 responses to “Fulfilling The Global Need For Climate Science Information: NoTricksZone Reaches 5 Million Hits”

  1. Hans K Johnsen

    Thank you for reporting from the European arena. A lot of the climate and energy stuff comes from USA and it is nice for a Norwegian to read about relevant news a little closer to home. I pop by your site almost every day and have collected many gems there.
    Keep up the good work

  2. ArndB

    Well done! Carry on! Further success!

  3. Stephen Richards

    Your site is essentially european and therefore relevent to the biggest population of developed counries. Twive the number of the USA.

    I know from experience that running a website is difficult enough but running a blog is at another, higher, level. Thanks Pierre, Gracias, merci, grazie, danke .

  4. Nonoy Oplas

    And how many of those 180-200k a month are from the Philippines? 🙂 Congrats Pierre. You’re doing well, keep it up. [Roughly 500 -600]

  5. Walter H. Schneider

    Thanks for the effort you put into your blog. It is very much appreciated.

  6. Bruce Leitch

    Hullo from Australia!

    I would also like to add my thanks for this web site to the list. I normally check it 2-3 times per day waiting for your latest posts. Keep up the GREAT WORK.
    We are having an election here soon and the current left wing Labor government is promising to join the European emissions trading scheme in 2014 if they get re-elected. Hopefully this disaster can be averted and web sites like yours help.

  7. Bill Yarber


    I speak a little German but far too little to read technical articles. As an interested American, I appreciate that you find and then translate the articles so we can see what is going on in Europe. Your efforts are appreciated by your readers, maybe not so much by your wife. Keep up the good work.


  8. Pointman

    Congratulations Pierre. Writing a piece every day is an incredible work rate.


  9. Graeme No.3

    I would like to join Bruce Leitch and thank you for your efforts on behalf of Australia.

  10. Green Sand

    Congratulations, well done! This “Little Englander” truly appreciates your efforts.

    Expect Rob and Dana will be along shortly to add their congratulations:-)

    Well, Rob maybe…..

  11. Michael Limburg

    Congratulations Pierre! Very well done. We are happy that you rare reporting what happens in the german scene to the world. And we from EIKE know very well how much work it is, even better you don´t feel this as a load.
    Michael Limburg VP EIKE

  12. John Silver

    I hit you at least once a day.
    This is a very important site for us Europeans in the EU, please tell your wife this.
    (I whish there was some Frenchman that could do some similar work from a French point of view)

  13. M.J. Snyder

    Pierre: I too check out your site 2-3 times a day. To this point in the comments, no one has yet mentioned your translation prowess. Being from western Canada where monolingualism abounds, I admire the amount of time you must spend on translation and the smoothness of the final result.
    Many thanks!

  14. oeman50

    Thanks, Pierre. I always appreciate the lessons learned on the “green” front reported by you. It’s so funny, there has been a spate of stories recently here in the US that we need to learn from Germany and Europe on how to respond to “climate change.” We should learn ALL the lessons.

  15. nzrobin

    Thanks Pierre, you have done, and are doing a marvellous job. Great work, and very important work. You are one of the key folk who have helped changed history – for the better! Robin.

  16. Jimbo

    Congratulations and thank you for all you do. We all have to do our bit, no matter how small, to fight Climatism. Let’s hope it will soon be over. It has been a long and grueling fight for science.

  17. G. Watkins

    Well deserved congratulations. News and events in Germany are poorly covered in the UK MSM which is surprising given the importance of the German economy and its political support for the EU and of course ‘green’ policies.
    You must be a real pain in the armpit for so many climate alarmists.
    Again, well done and please continue.

  18. BobW in NC

    Congratulations Pierre! We all appreciate the time and effort you spend to bring us the latest, balanced, and most accurate information. Personally, I have learned a lot!

    Much of the information you publish I find nowhere else, and I am particularly interested in the German/European negative experience with renewable energies (Wind, solar power). None of this is reported in the US, and I pass much along for friends to have documentation of the scam that is being pressed on us.

    Congratulations again, and Thank you!

  19. RoyFOMR

    I’ve been a long time follower of climate change matters but only started to visit your site a few months ago.
    I now visit NTZ at least once a day.
    Thanks Pierre for a great site and congratulations on achieving an important milestone for your blog.

  20. Mike Spilligan

    I was just thinking along the same lines as those that G.Watkins has said so succinctly. Thanks, too, for some of the background that makes it easier for Brits – and others, probably – to understand the detail.

  21. Anthony Watts

    Congratulations Pierre. Hard work indeed.

    You’d probably have a greater breadth if you’d loosen this up a bit.


    and provide an English version of your Legal link.


    Both tend to discourage sharing and linking for fear of running afoul of rules that are unclear.

    I long ago decided that trying to control the Internet was impossible, so unless it is an extreme case, I don’t worry about these things.

    Best wishes for continued success. – Anthony

  22. John F. Hultquist


  23. Reynold Stone

    Congratulations! Keep up the excellent work!

  24. Paul Hogan

    Your blog is important, thank you.

  25. Jack Savage

    Many thanks for all your efforts. Much appreciated.

  26. goldminor

    Thank you for making the effort with this site to battle the disinformation of global warming that is being perpetrated on all of us in this world. I still occasionally use the story of Capt Watkin Tench, {whose name and story came up in a comment on your site}, to refute the claims of the hottest Australian temps of all time that were all the rage late last year and earlier this year. Tench,s diary was a great tool to argue that the Australian heat wave had happened before in history. That information also resonated strongly in that it connected the many dots to show similarities between our weather patterns now as compared to then, and highlighted the fact that we could very well be headed into a grand minimum similar to the Dalton.

  27. Mick J

    Would like to add my congratulations, I usually drop by at least once a day to be informed of the state of play in Germany and beyond. Also your providing an outlet for the presentations of the writings of Dr. Sebastain Lüning and Prof. Fritz Vahrenholt in English is immensely helpful.

    Best wishes for the future of the blog.


  28. Rich

    What BobW in NC said. Much of what you publish I see nowhere else. A must-visit for every day. (Mind you, all wise husbands listen to their wives).

  29. Mindert Eiting

    Thanks, Pierre. You are at the top of my list of favourites. If I have the time, I always begin with a visit of your blog.

  30. Patrick Collins

    Dear Pierre Gosselin,

    Many thanks for making such efforts – and warmest congratulations on the 5 million! Truly an impressive figure.
    Your site is always a pleasure to read, and adds a useful viewpoint to other sites which also publish the scientific truth about climate and about unscientific “climate scientists” and their supporters.
    With best wishes for the next 5 millions visitors! Patrick

  31. Galvanize

    The UK thanks you, Pierre.

    I have worked with coal, CCGGT/CHP and wind power, and find this site very informative. keep up the good work.

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