PIK Scientist Gerstengarbe: “A Single Heat Wave Is Absolutely No Sign Of Clmate Change”

How often have we heard the alarmists say “one cold winter is not climate” but then claim that a single tornado or a few days of hot weather are ominous signs of global warming?

Yesterday the German Press Agency (DPA) had an interview with Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research climate scientist Prof. Friedrich-Wilhelm Gerstengarbe. The subject: two short heat waves that occurred in Germany this month, and another three or four-day hot spell set to start tomorrow. Is this a sign of climate change?, the DPA asks.

What’s a bit surprising is alarmist Gerstengarbe’s reply: no.

Specifically the DPA asks:

Are the heat waves an indication for global warming?

Gerstengarbe responds:

A single heat wave is absolutely no sign of a climate change. We’ve had them before, and we will have them in the future. Heat waves are part of weather occurrences, but they are only a very small piece of the puzzle. Weather is always a part of the climate history. However, you have to be careful not to draw conclusions based on one extreme event.”

This of course does not mean that Gerstengarbe and the PIK have scaled back their hysteria. Quite to the contrary, Gerstengarbe cites other extreme events and the melting Arctic sea ice, but conveniently ignoring all the evidence contradicting the warming, i.e. 15 years of no global temperature increase, growing Antarctic sea ice, 5 consecutive cold winters in a row, etc.

It’s no surprise that the PIK continues its brand of hysterical alarmism – it’s supported by the world’s largest reinsurer against global catastrophes: The Munich Re. The intense alarmism yields hefty profits for the Munich Re, which needs a “scientific basis” to justify jacking up the premiums it charges clients and its huge profits.

Reinsurer Munich Re is even a contributor to the latest IPCC report, which is due to be released in September. So profitable can alarmism be.


2 responses to “PIK Scientist Gerstengarbe: “A Single Heat Wave Is Absolutely No Sign Of Clmate Change””

  1. Jimbo

    Arctic warming?

    Arctic death spiral?

    No Sign Of Clmate Change”

  2. DirkH

    “Scientists of PIK and the Institute for Social and Development Studies (IGP), together with the organization for development cooperation Misereor and the Munich Re Foundation, point out key options for linking climate and development policy in a new book now published. ”


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