12-Minute Video Clip Clearly Shows Why “Climate Models Are Fundamentally Flawed”!

Hard fact: global temperature has not risen as the models predicted – not even close! Conclusion: models are fundamentally flawed. Watch the following well-done video:

Hat-tip: Rog Tallbloke.

I left a link to this video at a PIK Twitter comment, and will see if it gets deleted or not. I wouldn’t be surprised if Youtube takes it down.


11 responses to “12-Minute Video Clip Clearly Shows Why “Climate Models Are Fundamentally Flawed”!”

  1. Michael Limburg

    The anonymous speaker tells the listener several times that the physical theory of greenhouse gas action is well proved by serious scientists namely by laboratory results and thousands of “feedbacks”.
    I am very sorry, but I would like to see just one of them. Although I work very hard for more than ten years on that subject, I was not been able to find just one in any paper. Nor in the plenty IPCC literature nor elsewhere. The few experiments made to prove or reject this thesis (f.e. by Wood and others) showed that there is no detectable impact. None, nil, zero, nothing! So it remains a rather plausible but nevertheless only an unproven thesis without support by observations, rather than a proven theory.
    Therefore may I cite John Mitchell IPCC Lead author and Director of MetOffice. Mitchell et al. (2007)51
    “It is only possible to attribute 20th Century warming to human interference using numerical models of the climate system.”
    John Mitchell, Julia Slingo, David S. Lee, Jason Lowe & Vicky Pope: ‘CLIMATE CHANGE Response to
    Carteret al.’, World Economics, 8 (1): 221228. And he is right!
    And the great physicist and nobel laureate Richard Feynman told us: “Regardless how nice a new theory (law) is, regardless who developed it, regardless how elegant it may be, regardless who supports it, if it is not supported by observations, it is w r o n g!

    1. Mindert Eiting

      To cite Sir Isaac Newton: “It is only possible to attribute the fall of an apple to gravity using numerical models of the universe.”

  2. PvT

    Great, well balanced movie. One remark, the speaker mentioned the run-away temperature on Venus. Thought experiment: swap the gas of venus from Co2 to e.g. nitrogen, main ingredient of the atmosphere of earth. Keep the presure the same of about 90 atmosphere. Temperature will not change a lot then. The impact of CO2 on Venus as greenhouse gas does exist, but it is around 30 degrees at most

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  4. Michael Limburg

    Hi Pierre,
    it was not my intention to verify or falsify the greenhouse gas theory. In its theoretical description it looks very plausible, therefore it might be true, or not. The problem, so far no evidence was presented to support it. Only models which are made for supporting this thesis. So it´s an circle evidence.
    But as long as there is no observation supporting this theory it´s nothing else than an thesis.
    Even more worse it is falsified by various observations some of them shown in the movie, at least in its obviously too simple form.

    1. DirkH

      Personally, I was surprised by the complete lack of warming since 2000. In the 90ies I got used to the navel-free fashion of those German Techno girls. I didn’t expect the return of the trenchcoat.

      And the CO2 theory sounded plausible. I actually had to read quite a bit, including about Svensmark’s and Miskolczi’s ideas, until I understood what was going on – which is, no significant warming. Most Germans still have to make that leap and dump their current belief. They still believe Mojib Latif and Schellnhuber because they’re in the dummy box.

  5. nzrobin

    Mentioned at the beginning of the video, the speaker not anonymous. It is Dr David Evans, Jo Nova’s husband.

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