European Institute For Climate And Energy Calls Climate Protection “An Absurd Science”…Says Models Flawed

The European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE) based in Germany held a conference on climate and energy in Hamburg on June 14. The following is a good video recap in German.

Most of the attendees are retired German scientists and experts who are free to speak their minds without fear of occupational retaliation or loss of privileges.

EIKE is a privately funded institute that critically and objectively looks at climate science and the data behind it. Having taken a comprehensive look at the science, they’ve reached a conclusion that is best summed up by veteran meteorologist and EIKE spokesman Klaus-Eckhart Puls at the 0:28 mark:

Politicians have empowered an absurd science called ‘climate protection’. In it they strive to attain a certain climate by turning CO2 knobs and meeting a 2°C target within a climate system that we know is highly complex. It’s simply absurd.”

Puls says the same about politicians calling plant-food CO2 a pollutant or a “climate killer“.

At the 1:58 mark expert meteorologist Prof. Dr. Walter Fett comments on climate models and water vapor feedbacks:

This [assumed] positive feedback is not some natural physical law. It’s a demand that has to be made so that it works. You can also see it the other way around, … that there’s a negative feedback that has a stabilizing effect for the atmosphere.”

Vice President Michael Limburg adds at the 3-minute mark that the transition to renewable energy only “makes the best energy available expensive” and is leading “to an exodus of jobs and businesses2 out of Germany.” The film adds that renewable energies in Germany thus far have been a failure and has only driven up costs.

At the 4:10 mark Dr. Bernd Benser tells the audience that renewable energies have made the German power grid unstable. Power companies had to intervene on 267 days and warns that should projected amounts of volatile renewable energy be fed in into the power grid over the coming years, then the possibility of blackouts becomes very real. “Blackouts for Germany all because of dubious climate models.”

Later in the video Klaus Angerer calls for more openness for shale gas, calling it a “game-changer” in the energy markets. Here he reminds the audience that shale gas has led to a boom in the USA and has reduced CO2 emissions at the same time.

EIKE urges politicians to base there decisions on the facts, and not dubious models. Klaus-Eckhard Puls summarizes:

We have to be able to finally ask ourselves after 25 years of of the catastrophe research why we have to pay billions, which could be used to fight hunger worldwide, to keep hearing over and over the same future scenarios using certain boundary conditions over which we know too little about and from which we cannot get any kind of reliable results. It shows the failure of the climate models across the entire board at the moment.”


7 responses to “European Institute For Climate And Energy Calls Climate Protection “An Absurd Science”…Says Models Flawed”

  1. DirkH

    O/T AfD (Alternative für deutschland) starts to become a serious danger to the regime; so they send out the Grüne Jugend (youth org of the German Greens) to destroy their posters, harrass them etc.
    Here’s the webpage of the Green Jugend Göttingen, calling the AfD “Extreme right” (well obviously; everything that is not part of the Left Bloc is called extreme right in Germany)
    The pictures speak a clear language.

  2. DirkH

    SPD Politicians celebrate inauguration of first North Sea offshore windpark Riffgat.
    The propellers are turning. Diesel generators make sure they do. They consume 22,000 liters of Diesel a month. You can’t let them stand still, they would get damaged by the salty air.
    They don’t produce electricity. 15 km of sea cable are still missing. Some WW 2 bombs still have to be removed. The special ships needed for the work are booked for months.

    1. Jeff Wood

      Dirk, it is to laugh. Or, perhaps, weep?

      1. DirkH

        Idiocy is self-defeating. Most of the followers are actually poor uneducated victims of the state media; and I am always happy to educate them. I think Mr.T said it best; I pity the fools.

    2. John F. Hultquist

      A question: Because there is not a cable to bring power from sea to land I assume there is none going from land to sea – meaning the diesel generators are located on the tower bases out at sea? How else would this be done? Thus the fuel (bio-diesel, obviously) has to be delivered on a regular schedule. Would that be by 3-masted schooners or row boats?

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  4. Brian H

    there decisions – their

    The Invisible Hand will continue to squeeze until the real prices are paid. Rue the day!

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