Growing German Green Intolerance: Greens/Leftists Carry Out Violent Attacks Against CO2 And Euro Skeptical AfD Party

AfD attackGermany’s version of Britain’s UKIP party is the new AfD Alternative_for_Germany party. The AfD party is the result of Germany’s established parties having stopped listening to its citizens. It takes a position against the euro-currency, the hysterical transition to renewable energies, and has cast considerable doubt over climate science itself.

Now it is being violently assaulted at campaign rallies by green, leftist thugs. Hat-tip: Bernd Felsche at FB.

In the latest incident, the AfD held a campaign rally yesterday in the northern port city of Bremen in order to express ideas and to debate the issues of our time. However, in today’s environmentally radical Germany, expressing alternative ideas and dissent are not welcome. And as yesterday’s event shows, you’re putting your health and life at risk if you do so. Here’s a press release from the Bremen Police Department.

Location: Bremen, 24 August 2013, 15.30. Today, this afternoon, a campaign event by the party ‘Alternative für Deutschland’ took place at the Bremer Bürgerpark. This event was stormed hit-and-run-style by attackers. Multiple persons were injured. At 3 p.m. the campaign event started on an open air stage. During a speech by the chairperson of the ‘Alternative für Deutschland”, the event was suddenly stormed by 20 – 25 partially masked persons. Eight persons succeeded to get onto the stage. The attackers used pepper spray in the stage area. This led to 16 people being injured. When the police intervened the attackers fled the park. During the pursuit one helper of the ‘Alternative für Deutschland’ was attacked with a knife. He was lightly injured to the hand as he defended himself. All persons who were injured by the pepper spray suffered irritated eyes and respiration. Among the injured were two children aged 7 and 11 and one police officer.  All the injured were treated on site by an ambulance. The injured police officer continued his duty. Three persons (22, 25 and 27 years old) were arrested. They probably can be assigned to the left-wing spectrum. The police investigation is ongoing. The police are investigating for massive disruption of the peace. The event by the ‘Alternative für Deutschland’ resumed and ended as planned at 6:30 p.m. Further witnesses are being asked to report to the criminal authorities at (0421) 362-3888.”

Here’s a video of the AfD incident from one angle. Green activists keep writing that the AfD is a party of “racists, right-wing populists and Nazis.” All the middle-aged, honest hardworking folks you see in attendance are viewed by the greens and like-thinkers as “threats“.

Green violence on-stage for the whole world to see. Seven and 11-year old children injured in the planned attack.

So who just were these “left-wing” thug attackers? All the evidence points to one colour: Greens.

Intolerant and aggressive announcements by a number green sites against the AfD party have been mounting in the internet lately. For example, two weeks ago, the website “Gruene Jugend Goettingen” (Green Youths Göttingen) agitated its base by posting: “GRÜNE JUGEND Göttingen calling for protests against the AfD”. One of its members even called on “fighting against the right-wing populists and Nazis as a reason to protest the campaign events of the Alternative for Germany“. This is a new level of intolerance. If one disagrees with the Green movement, then you get defamed as right-wing extremists and Nazis.

Even Germany’s Green Party, which is polling at a formidable 15% in German surveys, is calling on Greens: “Don’t allow the campaign of the AfD any room!“.

Bremen was hardly the first time the AfD has been the target of physical violence by such radicals. The Green Party page continuously portrays the AfD as a “right-wing, extremist, democracy-hostile party” in a propagandist attempt to demonize the AfD, just as Al Gore does so by comparing climate skeptics and Tea Party activists to homophobes, Holocaust deniers, and alcoholics.

Green attacks nationwide

Two weeks ago at a campaign event in Gottingen, the AfD was also attacked by intolerant, violent radicals who “physically assaulted campaign helpers“.  The Hannover Zeitung here reports:

Time and again all over Germany there’s the destruction of Alternative für Deutschland campaign posters and attacks on campaign helpers. For example in Lübeck one quarter of all posters that had been put up were destroyed. […] In Berlin stones were thrown at a truck loaded with AfD posters. Similar attacks also occurred in Giessen and Nuremberg. …”

Green leader Marie Kollenrott denies that the Greens have anything to do with the violence, and blames fringe radicals: “The GREENS reject violence as a means for political debate.” Unfortunately her base doesn’t appear to be listening, and they are becoming increasingly violent and dangerous to Germany’s open society. The constant hate-filled stream of propaganda the German greens put out against the AfD and dissenters incites weak-minded activists to commit acts of violence.  It’s sad that Green leaders are too spiteful to see this.

AfD deputy spokeswoman Frauke Petry says: “The events in Gottingen remind us of the worst time of the Weimar Republic.” Deputy AfD spokesman Konrad Adam adds: “These kinds of incidents should be a concern to everyone. These attacks are on democracy itself.”

Photo above cropped from Youtube video.


21 responses to “Growing German Green Intolerance: Greens/Leftists Carry Out Violent Attacks Against CO2 And Euro Skeptical AfD Party”

  1. DirkH

    Nice that you address it, Pierre.

    “Green leader Marie Kollenrott denies that the Greens have anything to do with the violence, and blames fringe radicals: “The GREENS reject violence as a means for political debate.””

    Do not believe the snake.

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  3. A Finn

    This is quite extraordinary. This is similar to what has been happening in Finland.

    Here too a new party (Perussuomalaiset, or True Finns) has risen to be a major player (currently polls as the third largest party with 18% while the National Coalition Party has 18.8% and ant the largest Center Party has 22.8%) based on it’s euro-scepticism and climate change skepticism (among other things). It too is labelled as racists and nazis by the Greens, but actually comprises just ordinary people like the ones shown on the video. The most popular party among engineers for example, are the True Finns.

    During the last parlamentary elections the Green rhetoric went actually to completely absurd levels. My wife (a fervent Green supporter based on her views on the conservation of nature) actually jumped ship and voted for the True Finns after hearing a Green party member comparing True Finns as nazis who want to take us back to 50’s and introduce concentration camps to all minorities.

    Lets take this as an example:

    It would be quite interesting to note that the person being interviewed is just not any political analyst, but a member of the Swedish People’s Party – another small party very hostile to True Finns because True Finns want to make the currently compulsory Swedish language classes as voluntary.

    My favourite bit is this:

    “They believe that a low birth rate is not solved by immigration, as that results in problems and foreigners do not fit into Finnish culture. Instead, young women should study less and spend more time giving birth to pure Finnish children. That is like a faint echo of Nazi ideology.”

    Complete BS of course.

    I was expecting similar violent attacks to happen against the True Finns during and right after the elections, but apparently our situation is not that bad after all.

  4. Mike Dankis

    Looks like some of these thugs traded in their brown shirts for green shirts.

  5. Casper


  6. DirkH

    Der Spiegel for the moment does not smear the AfD but reports the fact.

    One person -who went after the attackers- had his hand injured with a knife by the attackers, 15 others have been peppersprayed.

  7. DirkH

    Self portrait of German “Antifa” (“Anti fascists”).

    1. James Sexton

      Wow! What a crew!

  8. DirkH

    Audience has managed to capture three of the thugs and handed them over to police.
    (I’m reading the comment thread here:)

  9. g1lgam3sh
  10. g1lgam3sh
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  12. g1lgam3sh

    Apologies for the double post.

  13. Martin Dixon

    As soon as these groups resort to violence, they have lost the plot. It is the last resort of those that have lost the argument. It is happenning all across Europe. Our own protest party in the UK, UKIP, is incompetently led I feel – but nonetheless is probably our third most popular party.
    Those who want to use flawed climate science to control people are beneath contempt. And the EU is not a thing that an independent minded country like the UK should not be a part of. We need a properly organised organisation to oppose these things and put over the case, some thing thart UKIP is not doing. More should be made of the fact that we could opt out of EU political control and all those unpopular EU laws without leaving the single maket, which is a completely separate.

  14. Edward.

    This is how the left works, if you don’t agree with their enlightened ethos – you are a racist nay sayer.

    Funny it is, how in Germany [same in the UK ukuncut etc] but particularly in Germany, where the Socialists look like Fascists and act like National Socialists.

    1. DirkH

      Hitler and Stalin were allies until 1940 (they divided Poland up between them).

  15. Robert of Ottawa

    Greenshirts uber alles.

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