Germany’s AfD Head: CO2 “Scientifically In Dispute”, High Energy Prices Are “Threat To Social Balance”.

Dr. Bernd Lucke, head of Germany’s AfD party, (Germany’s version of Britain’s UKIP), was interviewed by the National Anti Energy-Feed-In Act Movement (NAEB) and asked about his new party’s position on the Energiewende (transformation to renewable energy) and on climate science.

AfD Party

AfD head Bernd Lucke, right, calling for an exit from euro and scale-back of subsidies for alternative energies. Calls CO2 science disputed. Photo source:

The AfD party has been expressing doubts about climate science, and as a result has been viciously attacked by green and leftist thugs. To the greens and to leftists, the AfD represents a serious threat to the German climate movement, a movement that has been psychologically and emotionally bullied onto the public.

The entire interview appears at the site of the European Institute for Climate and Energy (EIKE). What follows are the pertinent excerpts.

NAEB: In Germany there are more than 200 citizens’ initiatives against wind parks in their neighborhoods, in nature reserves and in forests. Do you support these initiatives?

Lucke: These initiatives are there so that wind generators are not set up in natural parks or forests, and so that the distance between the wind generators and and residential areas are at least 10 times the maximum blade height. Those are sensible targets that merit support.

NAEB: So you want to scale back the construction of wind power, solar power and biofuel power. This will lead to job losses. Can we afford that?

Lucke: We have to look at the entire picture. By making the price of electricity more expensive, we are threatening to cause lots of job losses in the manufacturing sector. Because of the high costs of electricity, many companies are no longer working economically. They are moving their production facilities to less expensive foreign countries. The energy-intensive basic material industry employs about 2 million people. Currently many of the energy-intensive companies are exempt from the price-driving feed-in charges, but the unpredictable position of the German government and the latest demands by the Socialists are causing companies to worry that a cost explosion is imminent.

NAEB: Must we continue to further push the energy policy in order to rescue the world climate?

Lucke: You’re talking about the impact of carbon dioxide from fossil fuels on the global climate. How great this effect is, is scientifically disputed. It is possibly less than we thought. Of course it is necessary to be careful and to act responsibly.

NAEB: Back to electricity prices. Which dangers do you see coming from the constantly rising electricity prices in Germany?

Lucke: Germany’s energy policy is becoming increasingly unsocial. More or less every household has to pay the same price for electricity, no matter what the income is. The so-called Feed-In charges, which are responsible for the price increase, is like a tax that every household more or less has to pay equally. This is posing a danger for the social balance. Already today the Feed-In charges are causing a loss in buying power of 20 billion euros, by which low income earners are disproportionately impacted. That’s going to get worse if the electricity prices continue rising as planned.”


5 responses to “Germany’s AfD Head: CO2 “Scientifically In Dispute”, High Energy Prices Are “Threat To Social Balance”.”

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    […] van de Alternative für Deutschland Bernd Lücke en het resulterende sceptische betoog kun je hierr in het Engels en hierrr in het Duits […]

  2. mwhite

    “Executives at British Polythene Industries have warned high energy costs in the UK are putting the company off making major capital investments in its domestic market. Chief executive John Langlands blamed subsidies for green energy projects as a large factor in the soaring energy bills the company is facing.”

    Not just Germany.

  3. DirkH

    More terror against the AfD: Leftist punches female AfD politician in the face, with his fist.
    In Schwerin (Eastern Germany), during campaigning in the pedestrian zone.

    1. Bernd Felsche

      Thankfully in Australia, the only non-staged political violence in recent times has been the throwing of sandwiches at our previous PM (Gillard), who’d previously ousted out current PM (Rudd).

      As we have the expression “sandwich short of a picnic” in Australia; I concluded that the ballistic service was in response to public assessments of Gillard.

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