Greenpeace’s Militant Pacifism…Protests Often Turn Violent, Pose A Danger…But Russia Stands Her Ground

Greenpeace is back in the media, right where it likes to be. This is what brings in the donations. But this time they are not finding the headlines quite to their liking as 30 of its members are now being accused of piracy by Russian authorities. Piracy? You mean the peaceful and angelic Greenpeace activists may have criminally behaved like pirates?

Greenpeace is arguing that the piracy charge is nonsense. Piracy, after all, “involves weapons and taking control of another vessel” and that isn’t what the activists were trying to do, at least that’s what the mother of a detained Greenpeace activist is claiming.

Al Jazeera writes: “Several activists scaled the oil platform in the Barents Sea to denounce Russia’s plans to drill in the pristine Arctic.”

Unfortunately for the activists, Greenpeace has a long history of taking the law into its own hands and putting other people’s lives in real danger. Many of their actions do involve real violence. Today Ottawa quotes the mother of one of the protesters: “Nicole Paul said her son has travelled the globe the last seven years to defend his ideals and that he once spent a night in prison in Scotland before being released without charge.” No doubt from that the kid probably learned he can get away with mischief simply by fancying himself as a hero who’s rescuing the world.

Russia throws the book at world-saving activists

I have my doubts about the Greenpeace activists being peaceful. My guess is that plenty of video footage was taken during the whole publicity-seeking stunt. And now that the Russian authorities have reviewed all the material, they’ve decided to throw the book at the Greenpeace out-of-control brats. One of the protesters was a Russian free-lance photographer, according to news reports.

Greenpeace International executive director Kumi Naidoo said the charges are being laid against those “whose only crime is to be possessed of a conscience.” The media also portray the activists as innocent and peaceful protesters, obviously relying solely on Greenpeace statements and not bothering to really check the story.

About three years ago I wrote a piece on Greenpeace violence. What happened in the Arctic waters just seems to fit an all-too-familiar pattern. This time they picked the wrong people to mess with.

Greenpeace has a history of seeking violent confrontation

What follows are some examples and videos of “peaceful” Greenpeace action. Now imagine if the Tea Party or climate skeptics behaved like that.

First let’s recall how a leading Greenpeace official made threats directed at global warming skeptics. Prison Planet writes (my emphasis):

An article carried by the official Greenpeace website written by a Greenpeace member urges climate activists to resort to criminal activity in an effort to reinvigorate momentum for their stalling global warming agenda, while ominously threatening climate skeptics, ‘we know where you live.'”

Next is a video of a Greenpeace ship “peacefully” ramming a Japanese vessel:

Next is an angry and threatening Greenpeace-brainwashed kid, trained to hate those who have a different opinion:

Poor kid will probably have to spend a lifetime in therapy.

Next is Greenpeace resisting arrest in Rotterdam:

Here’s Greenpeace trying to breach security at a G8 meeting. In this fracas some “peaceful” activists were injured:

Also here’s another “peaceful” activist injured by French fishermen, who obviously had become fed up with being harassed:

Just some examples. There are many more out there for sure.

Sure people have the right to protest, but not to put yourself above the law and illegally, and at times dangerously, violate other people’s space.  There are civilized ways of protest.

Greenpeace activists do behave very much like pirates at times, and they do put other people’s lives in very real danger.

Of course their target is not to capture and steal property, rather it is to capture attention – lots of it. The real cash flows in once their on-board filmmakers cut and edit all the raw footage and get it out to the media and television for cash-generating publicity.

What was Greenpeace management thinking sending a group of young, naïve protesters up to the Russian Arctic? Are they using them as pawns for generating cash and publicity? Seems to me that Greenpeace has lots of questions to answer.

If you have a link to a clip of “peaceful” Greenpeace planet rescuers, do post it!

15 responses to “Greenpeace’s Militant Pacifism…Protests Often Turn Violent, Pose A Danger…But Russia Stands Her Ground”

  1. DirkH

    Currently every anti-fracking “discussion” round in German state radio has a Greenpeace “expert”. When a citizen phones in saying he is in favor of fracking the apparatchik hags who lead the rounds nearly fall of their chair.

    Greenpeace is controlled opposition; directed by the EU commission. Currently the EU commission is against fracking; their goal is to get a NatGas pipeline through Syria and then via the planned South adriatic pipeline over Greece, Albania (that’s why Clinton had to “liberate” it) and the Adria to Italy. Shale gas is a strategic reserve.

    That’s also why the US Empire massacres Christians in Syria via their Al Qaeda employees.

  2. DirkH

    O/T BTW, German Deep State and Media throwing a bigger wrench into Red-Red-Green coalition fantasies. Secretary of Gisy found out to be top DDR spy; convenient timing that.

  3. Stephen Richards

    The dutch are starting litigation against the russians for the release of the greapeace people and ship. I wish them luck. The EU are already in the brown stuff for threatening the russians with anti trust action over gas supplies. Looks like being a very cold winter in some parts of europe.

    1. Bernd Felsche

      Have the Dutch found a new source of gas?

      With the Dutch being Earth’s closest approximation to Ferengi, one must always wonder about their “angle”.

      It’s a shame that Murmansk is always ice-free. But never warmed. (So much for canaries in the Arctic.)

      1. DirkH

        Due to their North Sea / Greenland gas and oil reserves, Denmark is a net exporter of hydrocarbons.

  4. Bernd Felsche

    Those activists have probably signed waivers absolving Greenpeace of its “duty of care”.

    IIRC, the master of the vessel is always responsible for the conduct of all those on board, crew and passengers.

    I agree that Russian authorities would be closely scrutinising the gigabytes of digital information confiscated to see what other charges can be laid. No doubt social media, the WWW, mail servers, phone records, text messages, and online banking¹ will be scraped for additional evidence against those being charged. That’s in addition to scraps of paper in pockets showing where and when the people shopped, where they boarded trains, etc.

    ¹The Greenpeas probably have their passwords stored on the laptops/tablets/smart-phones etc for convenience. Very conveniently. What the Russians didn’t know about those on board the vessel before, they will know shortly.

  5. Mick J

    I watched a report on Russia Today last night. A Greenpeace person was stating that they had spoken to Russia instructing them to stop all drilling in the Arctic but complained they were being ignored. But vowed to continue to tell them to stop until such time that they do stop!

    The arrogance portrayed was chilling to watch. Perhaps if the verdict is guilty Russia will then outlaw the organisation as has happened elsewhere.
    The report also included comments from Patrick Moore who made a point that Greenpeace is against all solutions, Nuclear, Fossil fuel and Hydro were listed.


  6. Pointman
  7. Observer

    In the recent episode with the Russians, the Greenpeace followed their tactics by ramming a smaller boat of the Russian coast guard as this video shows.

    The activists are in real trouble since it seems clear that they attacked the coast guard vessel and in addition they are messing with people who are quite familiar with the concept of “useful idiots” since that concept was adopted by the former communist leaders.

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