Young Arctic Sunrise Activist Denied Bail…Greenpeace Insists It’s The Moral Conscience, Truth Of The Planet

The latest Greenpeace activist has been denied bail by a Russian court in the Arctic port city of Murmansk.

The online Mail here features photos of a young Greenpeace woman-activist behind bars – the face of innocence. Greenpeace portrays itself as the moral and ethical conscience of the planet and insists it is simply an innocent victim of a state that is greedily attempting to exploit a virgin region.

The latest to be denied bail is 27 year-old Briton Alexandra Harris. Harris is among the youngest of the 30 arrested. Now that she has been denied bail, there is little hope of any of the 30 activists getting released. This is truly a tragic development, especially for the younger, naïve activists. They will now get plenty of time to reflect on how they wound up doing long, hard time in a Russian prison.

With time they may come to realize that they had been enticed by a Greenpeace deal: accept hate in exchange for the title of “moral champion of the globe”. An irresistible deal for any soul in the possession of a young, naïve, or just plain dim mind.

Greenpeace is not a peaceful organization. It is one of violence, condescending intolerance, and confrontation, all hiding behind a guise of moral superiority. It recruits the young, teaches them to hate opposing views and to never compromise with them. It rejects dialogue, always claiming the discussion is over and that they are the ultimate keepers of the truth. Greenpeace teaches the young that they can justify acts of violence and law-breaking by simply claiming moral superiority and the struggle for a noble cause.

Perhaps the young activists will come to realize in a few months (or years) that they had been brainwashed into thinking they were environmental saints who in reality had only been used as publicity pawns for a multi-million dollar publicity machine. What moral, peaceful organization does the following to the young?

What’s the difference between the boy above and the following radicalized Islamic boy?

I’d say there is very little difference. Both rants are based on religious faith, both children are irreversibly convinced they are the keepers of the Truth, both have been filled with hatred, both are very angry, and both had been programmed by a powerful organization.

Today Greenpeace higher-ups are all acting indignant that their members would be locked up in prison, under harsh conditions even, and insist their protesters were peaceful and were only demonstrating to rescue the planet’s future. “Does this young girl really look like a pirate to you?” …”Alex is a caring, sensitive person, who cares for the environmental future of  the planet.” … “She was on board the Arctic Sunrise as part of a peaceful protest, in international waters, in the radio room doing her job.”

Greenpeace executive director Kumi Naidoo calls the charge of piracy “absurd”. After all, the highest moral conscience and authority on the planet would never engage in such activity.

Naidoo appears to have never bothered reading the Law of the Sea. Legally Greenpeace executives acted recklessly. Now one of their crews has to pay a massive price for it. Could Greenpeace lawyers and executives be sued for legal incompetence?

Naidoo adds:

Now these 30 people are prisoners of conscience and we are all responsible for their fate.”

Now we are all responsible. In Naidoo’s mind, all of humanity must follow, without questioning, his belief, his Truth. This man is a dangerous egomaniac who has completely lost his marbles.

The families of all young Greenpeace activists would be wise to wake up to this quickly.


20 responses to “Young Arctic Sunrise Activist Denied Bail…Greenpeace Insists It’s The Moral Conscience, Truth Of The Planet”

  1. Andy Mac

    Which part of the UNLOTS do you think they have broken? Genuine question, and I agree with all you have written in the article.

  2. DirkH

    Putin will strike a deal at COP19. It’ll cost the EU dearly.
    They’ll be released after 2 years.

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  4. GaryP

    My guess is that Greenpeace will leave the Russians alone in the future.
    They may ram oil rigs in the Gulf or maybe Canada but Boris is now a “friend of the Earth”.
    It’s kind of like the atheists and the Muslims. You can say or do any outrageous thing if it concerns Christianity but Dawkins is totally mum about Allah.
    These people will be released when the Russians think that the point has been made. No one else’s opinion matters so it could be a while. Also, it will never happen again.
    Putin may be evil but he is not stupid. Western leaders are all evil and stupid. Lucky us.

    1. DirkH

      Dawkins did try to debate Muslims several times. Just search “Dawkins Muslim” on youtube; quite a few hits.

    2. Beano

      Now that Russia has set a precedent, countries like Norway, Finland and Japan may find new zeal in counteracting green zealots.

      Lets see Greenpeace take on China.

      It’s only the soft anglo or English pseaking countires that bow down to this activist terrorism. All in the name of getting votes.

      1. DirkH

        “countries like Norway, Finland and Japan may find new zeal”

        Nope – those are trilateral commission territories – the “West”. Greenpeace are shocktroops for Western policies. They are not an opposition; they are the controlled opposition in a Hegelian dialectic. They work FOR Big Big Government.

        1. GP_Alexander

          Dirk, I must say that your comment is quite insightful. It is quite ironic that comments like these are considered “Conspiracy Theory” comments, however, if it “walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it probably is a duck”. As Greenpeace enjoys ‘charity’ status in so many countries, it cleary IS part of the system.

          For a while I considered Greenpeace to be akin to Enviro-Scientology, however, even Scientology does not seem to have the blessings of the Powers That Be, whereas Greenpeace does.

          Indeed, it is all very Tavistock.

  5. Casper

    Only a hard manual work at -40°C in the taiga could be good enough for Greenpeace activists. They would forget AGW myth as soon as they experience the first Siberian Winter.

  6. catweazle666

    “We know who you are. We know where you live. We know where you work. And we be many, but you be few.”

    “Why are all you mofos following me [on Twitter]? Just so you know, I’m carrying a knife”

    Gene Hashmi, Greenpi$$ communications director, sounds a peaceful sort of fellow, doesn’t he?

    Doubtless he knows where our children go to school too.

    Nice to see these thugs getting what they deserve for a change, perhaps more countries will now do the right thing and follow Russia’s lead.

  7. Pointman

    I think a few of the rammers might be looking at more than 2 years.


  8. Ric Werme

    “… young Greenpeace woman-activist behind bars …” – 27 years old?

    Back when I was young, and in college, there was a slogan “don’t trust anyone over 30.” Sounds like she’s only 3 years away from being old.

    When I was 27 I walked to work one night in a blizzard. I fully understood the risks I was taking by using a shortcut through a small orchard. Visibility was good enough to stay oriented, but it would have been a Very Bad Thing had the area lost power. I was a bit emboldened by the fact the drive home went very well.

    I think she’s old enough to make her own decisions.

    1. DirkH

      “There was no chance of seeing lane stripes, and there wasn’t even a trace of where other cars had travelled, so I tried to stay centered between the guard rails and stakes along the road.”

      I had a similar experience in Winter 2010/2011 on the A2 Autobahn north of Hannover. Wonderful driving through the night, alone on a snow-white 3 lane highway, still unploughed but allowing for 60 miles an hour. Sometimes the wind would make me drift sideways so I had to recenter all the time; very funny driving while snow continued to fall.

      1. DirkH

        Correction, it was not the A2, but the A7… the A2 runs East-west through Hannover…

    2. TimiBoy

      Lol, I had one like that in Ballina NSW last week. The rain (that Tim Flannery said we would never have again) was so heavy I had to slow to 20 kph, and then stop completely as I couldn’t see the road at all. It fell at that intensity for about 5 minutes, mixed rain and hail, no damage to the car thankfully. Of course I knew it would rain, because I had washed the car the day before…

  9. A.D. Everard

    I hope this lot get the full 15 and then some. That might put a dent in Greenpeace recruitment.

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