Germany’s Intelligence Agency Warns Of “International CO2 Conflicts”…But Geology Expert Calls Warnings “Pure Comedy”

The Bundesnachrichtendienst (Federal Intelligence Service) BND is Germany’s version of the CIA, and it has just released a report on the threat posed by climate change and CO2 emissions. It claims that the conflicts of the future will be over CO2 emission allowances!


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First, readers need to be cautioned that such reports issued by intelligence agencies (always eagerly released to the public) often times have very little to do with reality, and most are designed to manipulate public sentiment. Those familiar with climate science will quickly put the report on par with reports of Martians preparing to attack the planet. In simple terms: it’s a lot of BS.

Germany’s leading political daily, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) wrote yesterday a piece titled: Bundesnachrichtendienst sounds the alarm on climate change.

The good news: “Energy supply security no longer an issue”

Before getting into the scary CO2 climate conflict details from the BND report, there are some very good news – news we’ve suspected all along – especially amid all the reports on the discoveries of huge shale gas and crude oil reserves popping up almost daily. The BND report writes (my emphasis):

The conflicts of the future now revolve around carbon dioxide. Energy supply security is no longer an issue.”

The bad news however, so projects the BND, is that future conflicts will be about “who will be able to emit how much CO2.” Countries will be fighting over CO2 emission rights, BND scenarios suggest.

Now that there are no longer any natural developments left to fight over like water, oil, food, living space, natural resources, etc., the German government seems to be creating an artificial global conflict by designating CO2 as a pollutant that mustn’t be emitted. Too bad the BND never bothered reading the latest scientific literature on global temperatures and CO2 climate sensitivity. Expect the German government to eagerly use the BND report to justify more intervention into private lives.

Wikipedia writes that the “BND acts as an early warning system to alert the German government to threats to German interests from abroad. It depends heavily on wiretapping and electronic surveillance of international communications.” Somehow from these activities the BND has concluded that climate is the worst threat.

Green Party officials immediately seized on the report. The FAZ quotes Green Party chief Simone Peter: “Whoever keeps using fossil energies such as coal and oil, accelerates climate change, exacerbates international conflicts, and is messing with the coming generations of the future.“

The BND writes that the problem is that emerging countries will emit increasing amounts of CO2 as they develop, thus quickly exhausting the world’s emission allowances, which in turn will lead to international conflict.

Another problem is America’s booming shale gas revolution, which will act to depress prices worldwide. Consequently renewable sources will have no chance to compete. Cheap US coal is already being exported by the USA to Germany, throwing sand into the gears of the country’s renewable energy transition. The FAZ adds:

And the earlier worries of oil and gas reserves running out are gone. [..] The reason for this is new technologies that have made it possible to exploit previously in accessible reserves.”

Again the historical pattern of false doomsday scenarios is once again clear and confirmed…developing, unexpected technology repeatedly canceling earlier seemingly certain projections of disaster. Five years ago few people believed the world had enough reserves of fossil fuels to last 50 years. That was one of the argumentation pillars used by green energy proponents. Today we find ourselves practically drowning in fossil fuels. Prices are in a free fall.

Any journalist investing 30 minutes time researching earlier projections made by intelligence services globally will find most of them at one time or another issued doomsday reports of “fossil fuels running out and global conflict erupting as a result.”

Expert: CO2 conflict claims are “pure comedy”

These earlier doomsday projections probably were legitimate at the time, as it did appear reserves were in decline: The data suggested this to some extent. But the latest projections that CO2 will lead to conflict are not even based on data and observations, but on bogus computer scenarios. They are utterly baseless.

In an email, geologist Dr. Sebastian Lüning called the BND’s latest CO2 conflict claims “pure comedy” and “brain-washing”.

The BND also states that in the future there is going to be a “CO2 disposal problem” because CO2 concentrations are expected to reach the critical 450 ppm level, a level that activist scientists say may cause the climate “to tip”.


18 responses to “Germany’s Intelligence Agency Warns Of “International CO2 Conflicts”…But Geology Expert Calls Warnings “Pure Comedy””

  1. mwhite

    450, I thought it was 400ppm

    1. rmyer

      No actually the tipping point was supposed to be 350 ppm, hence the organization The goal posts in climate “science” are easily moved and no one seems to mind.

  2. Bernd Felsche

    Should be cheap to rename the organization officially to Bundesnarrendienst.

    The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane. — Marcus Aurelius

    1. Ed Caryl

      Like the 97%.

  3. A C Osborn

    So these idiots actully think that sovereign countries could/would/should go to war over falsely imposed Carbon Credits?
    Do they work for the UN?

  4. Tony Lear

    What if this comedy turns into a nightmare where the public are put in an “energy prison”, every bit as miserable and unjust as any gulag that came before it? We can become like North Korea in a very short time. Don’t kid yourself……it can happen.

  5. DirkH

    Well if I had to choose between the BND’s prognosis of wars over CO2 allowances and the biblical prophecy of the 10 horned beast bringing about the fall of Babylon, I’d choose the latter on the grounds of higher plausibility.

    This report seems to have been produced solely as fodder for COP19 in Warsaw which starts 10 days from now.

  6. J Martin

    The sooner we get to 500 ppm the better. By then cooling may well be showing it’s hand.

    That’ll confuse them.

  7. John F. Hultquist

    “. . . the world’s emission allowances . . .”

    These must have been set last night while I slept.
    ~ ~ ~

    I also note that the US Pres has now taken over, Banana Republic like, the Nation’s climate change policies. He has done so well at every other task this ought to be a piece of cake.

    Actually, state and federal agencies have been investigating how to lessen impacts of extreme weather events (under the heading of AGW, aka climate change) for many years. New construction standards for roads and other structures have been worked on in recent years. Much of this should have been done years ago. US flooding in 1993 (big deal then, somewhat forgotten now) was a major awakening in this regard. For example, whole towns (small places) have moved, see
    Now money is available to buy-out many of the most poorly located places in the path of “superstorm” Sandy

    As for 350, 400, or 450 ppm and “tipping points” – they just make this stuff up.

  8. clipe
  9. clipe

    “Mr Russell describes being in a tiny jail cell.
    He says the first hint of a brutal Russian winter has arrived, with snow blowing into his cell.”

    Paging Doctor Viner!

    1. DirkH

      They must be thinking Al Gore comes to their rescue.

  10. catweazle666

    This is not the first tima a major intelligence agency has produced an alarmist report predicting global upheaval as a result of catastrophic climate change.

    Here is a CIA report from August 1974 titled “A study of Climatological Research as it Pertains to Intelligence Problems”.

    It asserts that climate change had already had drastic effects on crop yields etc. and was causing a refugee problem.

    Of course, the problem in question was global cooling, and it is evident that a quick search and replace would render the report bang up to date.

    Plus ça change

  11. mwhite

    It would appear that some Germans believe their country is not “Green” enough.

    1. DirkH

      Naah, they think it’s not socialist enough. Hamburg and Berlin. Out of control cities in several aspects. Avoid them where possible; check your six at all times while there.

  12. Manicbeancounter

    The might not be conflicts between nations over carbon credits, but there could be social unrest if poor people died of hypothermia due to being unable their homes properly whilst financial institutions make huge profits from running carbon trading schemes. Or in Britain there might be a backlash against the energy companies as they are blamed by politicians for price rises that are really the result of funding renewables.

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