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Spiegel On Cowtan And Way: "Feeling of Foreboding"...Other Studies On Antarctic, Mann et al, Tell Us "Caution Is Advised"

Spiegel On Cowtan And Way: “Feeling of Foreboding”…Other Studies On Antarctic, Mann et al, Tell Us “Caution Is Advised”

Share this… Facebook TwitterSpiegel science journalist Axel Bojanowki comments here on the recently published paper by Kevin Cowtan and Robert Way, which suggests the Arctic has warmed more than first thought and that the so-called warming pause resulted from missing data. Spiegel warns that eerily similar studies have been seen before, e.g. Steig et al, […]

German Climate Experts Confirm McIntyre: IPCC’s Last Minute Chart Substitution Was A “Dubious Illusory Trick”

Share this… Facebook TwitterBy Dr Sebastian Lüning and Prof Fritz Vahrenholt (Translated, edited by P. Gosselin) Perhaps you’ll recall how about a year ago a draft version of the recently appearing IPCC AR5 found its way to the public’s attention. That draft report contained an important chart that clearly illustrated the failure of all climate prognoses […]

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