Apocalyptic, Mega-Monster, Super-Killer North Sea Storm Brewing, Will Crush Northern Europe By End Of Week!

St Nick stormThese are just some of the key headline words Europeans can expect to see and hear by Thursday and Friday.

The media, climate activists, and reinsurers are already salivating massively.

For sure the scientists at the PIK and Mojib Latif are already practicing their lines. They’re eagerly standing by their phones, ready for the media at a second’s notice.

The end of times is approaching. We should have all reduced that carbon footprint of ours. But we didn’t, and so get ready to pay.

Most of the weather misery, however will have been caused by black carbon witchcraft…cast by the 90 or so top carbon emitters, who have now been clearly identified. Once the violent storm passes, the climate witch-hunters will be out in full force, calling for the immediate purge of the carbon witches…bonfires will be burning at almost every town square. Let’s not waste time with trials.

Powerful North Sea storm brewing

The weather models are showing that a major winter hurricane-force storm will be sweeping across northern Europe Thursday and Friday. The chart above shows it’s going to be a powerful one, and so you may want to tie down that lawn and garden furniture, etc. Forget the stroll in the forest.

Meteorologist Dominik Jung at wetter.net writes that the pressure at the storm’s centre will drop to a rock bottom 960 mb by Thursday evening. Meanwhile at the storms outer edge the pressure will be around 1023 mb. That’s a difference of 56 mb across Germany!

The hardest hit areas will be the North sea coastal areas of Holland, Germany, and Scandinavia. Jung warns that huge storm surges have to be expected.

Hopefully authorities will act more quickly this time around.

Here are some projected wind speeds for some cities:
Hamburg: up to 120 km/h
Bremen: up to 130 km/h
Helgoland: up to 150 km/h
Rostock: up to 110 km/h
Berlin: up to 100 km/h
Hanover: up to 100 km/h
Cologne: up to 80 km/h
Frankfurt/Main: up to 70 km/h

Chart source: www.wetter24.de

UPDATE 1: Bild: storm development resembles the big one of 1962!

UPDATE 2: Spiegel: “The weather pattern is comparable to that of the storm of 1962”, says German meteorologist Böttcher.


30 responses to “Apocalyptic, Mega-Monster, Super-Killer North Sea Storm Brewing, Will Crush Northern Europe By End Of Week!”

  1. Kevin R. Lohse

    Hmmm. Even the Met. , never known to underestimate climate armageddon since Hurricane Fish, gives this one only a so-so forecast.

    1. DirkH

      From what I see in the few articles out by now it won’t be a big thing in Germany. 100km windspeed is not a terrible storm. Of course some trees will fall over and some railways might cease operating for a day.

      1. Bernd Felsche

        True. 100 km/h is not even a worry for construction sites; though cranes won’t be lifting anything at near those speeds.

        However, there’s always a “however”. If the winds persist for a long time and are combined with conditions that leave ice attached to tree branches and e.g. power lines, then things become tricky. Better make sure that the fuel for the chainsaw is still good if there are trees in the yard and laneways around the house.

  2. Bone idle

    How will all those offshore windfarms fare?

    1. Kurt in Switzerland

      The fascinating thing is that the purveyors of Climate Fear back in the 1970s felt strongly that the weather was worsening as a result of GLOBAL COOLING.

      Excerpts below from the infamous Newsweek article of 28 April 1975:

      “There are ominous signs that the Earth’s weather patterns have begun to change dramatically… The evidence in support of these predictions has now begun to accumulate so massively that meteorologists are hard-pressed to keep up with it… During the same time, the average temperature around the equator has risen by a fraction of a degree – a fraction that in some areas can mean drought and desolation. Last April, in the most devastating outbreak of tornadoes ever recorded, 148 twisters killed more than 300 people and caused half a billion dollars’ worth of damage in 13 U.S. states. To scientists, these seemingly disparate incidents represent the advance signs of fundamental changes in the world’s weather.
      Climatologists are pessimistic that political leaders will take any positive action to compensate for the climatic change, or even to allay its effects.
      The longer the planners delay, the more difficult will they find it to cope with climatic change once the results become grim reality.”


      In any case, there is strengthening evidence that European Winters have been becoming more severe over the past 4-5 years (compared with the prior 20-30 y), which is the exact opposite of what we were told just 12 y ago.

      Kurt in Switzerland

    2. Ike

      good question! I guess at windspeed above 25 meter/second they will be shut down.

    3. BobW in NC

      I have always wondered about such an event! Guess we’ll find out. Hope there’s a report one way or another.

  3. alex

    Very valid point indeed. Hope those windmills will fly at least for the birds’ sake but mainly for our cjildren and grand children’s sake.

  4. Ric Werme

    It wouldn’t look so bad if they used a 4 mb density for the isobars instead of 2 mb. 🙂

    In the US most maps seem to use 4 mb. That might be due to the map scales needed for national maps.

    Ah, I see http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/uk/surface_pressure.html uses 4 mb. They also have the storm staying north, so just Scandinavia gets clobbered.

  5. Ron C.

    The game is afoot. Now that the 60 year cycle is giving us 1960s weather, alarmists will claim the events are due to CO2, ignoring both the facts and global warming theory.

  6. Ron C.

    Whoops, meant to say 1950s weather.

  7. catweazle666

    Oh dear, it’s ‘worse than we thought’™.


  8. Piers Corbyn (@Piers_Corbyn)

    We know what the ‘Green’-CO2 liars thieves and fraudsters will say.
    The point is to STAND UP TO THEM. Remove them from office and destroy their nasty little sect and close down their pseudo-academic lie factories.
    As a matter of FACT which might help but which the main stream media censor is that this storm is in our WeatherAction long-range solar-based forecast for Britain + Ireland (where we expect Storm Force winds on land) and eg Scandinavia – blizzards etc. It is a direct consequence of predicted Top Level solar driven factors, which also for example predicted our Storm of Oct 28-29th which was first publicly announced (with its more significant than this one, more southerly track) 23 weeks ahead. For details of our storm of Oct28-29 see http://www.weatheraction.com/docs/WANews13No46.pdf
    For latest forecasts and discussion please see http://bit.ly/IfsQaV
    Thanks, Piers Corbyn, WeatherAction

    1. Piers Corbyn (@Piers_Corbyn)

      For info the potentially storm force winds in ‘Britain+Ireland’ forecast document for the storm period were on map issued 14Nov for Scotland and possibly North parts of the island of Ireland – see original forecast via http://www.weatheraction.com and go to latest comment for links ryc. Thanks

  9. Johnbuk

    Well we’ve just had Supercalm Gavin over the past few days here in the UK so time for some ArmageddonWind equal to thousands of Hiroshimas.

    No ordinary weather now for several years and all unprecedented.

    1. Piers Corbyn (@Piers_Corbyn)

      Not sure if this post on which I am commenting is sarky or not but I would point out that NOTHING that has happened in the world storm-wise (or any-wise given the fact of warmist fraud over temperature records – ref Slide 42 of http://www.weatheraction.com/docs/WANews13No43.pdf ) in the last 10 years is unprecedented.

      The biggest Euro storm was 1703 and all our WeatherAction long range forecasts are based to some degree or another on events that have happened before.

      Thank you, Piers Corbyn

  10. Stephen Richards

    I’m alright. Where I live in france it will be balmy and calm he he . I don’t remember a big storm in ’62. I remember lots of fog, early snow and a severe end to dec but no storm.

    The nuttycellis of this world will be out in force on twitter if this storm is a strong one but then I ignore twitter. It’s just a stream of inane, unnecessary claptrap.

    1. DirkH

      Try http://www.twitchy.com . They read twitter so you don’t have to.

  11. DirkH

    South Tirolian mountaineer Reinhold Messner wants a world government that replaces the UN; because only a world government can save the climate.

    He imagines the world government to be like the EU.

  12. Lisa

    Hah, they are just now announcing this storm in Belgium. Waves up to 6 meters at the coast predicted for tomorrow night (accurate or not? who knows). No details about possible inland issues. What amuses me is that they couldn’t see this coming a few days ago. A 24 hour notice is not exactly great.

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