German Scientists Blast LA Times For Going Medieval…Compare Its Censorship To The Inquisition!

It’s obvious: The alarmists have run out of arguments and lost the debate. North America shivers in a nasty cold snap, global sea ice is approaching the highest levels in decades, and global temperatures haven’t risen in over 15 years. Nothing is going right for them.

Ironically, maybe the debate is over. It just ended up with the alarmists as the losers.

Recall how the debate used to be about whether or not the warming was caused by man-made CO2. Today it’s not even that anymore. Now it’s about whether or not the Earth is warming at all!

Yesterday in a CNN debate with Marc Morano, Sierra Club executive director Michael Brune reaffirmed that the alarmists have lost. Brune doesn’t even bother citing data any more…and is left with nothing but to repeat the bogus “the science is settled” claim and thinks that weather anecdotes are proof of man-made climate change. If a cold winter or a couple of cold winters cannot be a trend, then how can a single one-day storm be evidence of global warming?

LA Times becomes the sister of The Inquisition

Things are so pathetic for the alarmists that the only strategy left is declaring the debate over and refusing to let other views be made known. Such is also the case at the LA Times.

At their Die kalte Sonne website, German scientists Sebastian Lüning and Fritz Vahrenholt have reacted to the LA Times’s move to keep dissenting views on climate change out of their newspaper, and even compare the daily’s draconian tactics to something from Medieval times…you know, the Dark Ages. They write:

The Los Angeles Times has now resorted to unusual measures in order to avoid inconvenient discussions: In the future no more reader letters to the editor coming from climate skeptics shall be printed. Thus this finally clears the way for the followers of the climate alarmist side. It’s the end of inconvenient discussions where in the recent times things just got too uncomfortable for the friends of the climate catastrophe.”

To summarize, Lüning and Vahrenholt quote Johann Nepomuk Nestroy (1801 – 1862), an Austrian dramatist, actor and playwright:

Censorship is the younger of two disgraceful sisters. The other is called Inquisition.”


4 responses to “German Scientists Blast LA Times For Going Medieval…Compare Its Censorship To The Inquisition!”

  1. Björn

    Perhaps an OT , Der Spigel has an essay written by a teacher of social psychology at the universites in Flensburg and St. Gallen. Looks like “die Rote Front” is trying to come back from its grave as perhaps “die Grüne Front”. Link below

    we certainly live in intresting times as the old chinese proverv has it.

  2. R Slicker

    It could be worse. An alternative tactic for the zealot warmists might be to take a page out of the Nigerian Mount Zion Lighthouse Church’s book: and exorcise sceptics’ demons with aqua regis. Recycling gold teeth that way might keep the New Religion afloat a short while longer.

    Read the linked story – it’s horrific. History does repeat itself, and almost always in the name of religion.

  3. Mindert Eiting

    Resembles my newspaper anno 2009, which paved the way for its science editor the use the newspaper for telling us his climate gospel over and over again, with his discussion of the latest IPCC report as climax. He said it him self: ‘skeptics are seeding doubt’. A settled science should be recited like a holy text and skeptics spoil the ritual. There has never been a discussion at at all.

  4. mwhite

    “Ironically, maybe the debate is over. It just ended up with the alarmists as the losers.”

    Just the bills to pay.

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