North Korea’s Green Energy Enthusiasm Is Exactly What The UN, Climate Activists Would Love To See – No Dissent!

The green movement has a new ally.

What follows is a video of North Korea’s military going green, installing a wind turbine that will produce climate-friendly energy, and so protect the planet for future generations of brainwashed North Korean robot slaves.

Wonderful world without dissent.

Let’s be honest. Isn’t this exactly the kind of green-energy enthusiasm the UN, IPCC scientists, and devout climate activists have wet dreams about? This is what they’d love to see. You see what’s possible without dissent?!

This is precisely the kind of enthusiasm the whole world would see – were it not for those damn dissenters and flat-earth deniers ruining everything!

Moreover, what’s really great is that dissent in North Korea never sees the light of day. They have supreme leaders who know what’s best for the people, and they really know how to deal with pesky dissenters. Wouldn’t that be wonderful in climate science?

Hat-tip: Wolfgang Neumann via Petra Dahms at Facebook.


5 responses to “North Korea’s Green Energy Enthusiasm Is Exactly What The UN, Climate Activists Would Love To See – No Dissent!”

  1. Bernd Felsche

    Hmmm. Tiny little things.

    By the diameter of the blades, of the order of 20kW. By the size of the nacelle; about 10kW. By the rate of turning; exactly 0kW. Just like in the “free West’s” regressadvanced countries like Germany.

    Deutsche Bank (!!) notes that de-industrialization is creeping across Germany. (Links to article in Die Welt)

    Meanwhile some in the USA haven’t just been swallowing the hook, line and sinker; they’ve swallowed the whole fishing boat. Siemens recently won the contract to supply 448 useless instruments to Iowa. Looks like they’ll be made in the country where they’re tasked to destroy the landscapes and wreak havoc with local environments.

  2. Nick

    The greens have found their natural home and ali and shows how low they will stoop to garner support for their religion.

  3. G Mitchell

    Wow! Wind-turbines in North Korea! Who would have thought?

    Obviously yet another sign that CAGW is nothing more than a communist plot for World Domination and has absolutely nothing to do with a US foundation (found by a former US oil executive) funded development project in order to minimize the risk of that country going nuclear:

    Here’s more evidence of armed forces turning green:

    1. DirkH

      I see you’re still surrounded by your strawmen, Mitchell. You seem to like that a lot.

      Given that those US “philantropists” sponsor the KZ system of North Korea since 1992, I wonder what their plans are for the US.

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