Spiegel Interview With Film-Maker: Climate Communication A Huge Failure…”Most Boring Subject On Earth”!

Scientist turned film-maker Randy Olson is interviewed here by Spiegel Online’s science journalist Axel Bojanowski. From the interview it becomes glaringly clear that the AGW movement has failed to communicate its message of climate catastrophe and the need to profoundly re-order society. It’s over.


Spiegel Science journalist. Source: Twitter.

Olson starts by saying that climate change as an issue “is truly important, and that it is a major tragedy how poorly it’s been handled.” and that it is up against one particularly nasty obstacle: “it’s the most boring subject on earth“.

AIT a failure – “for hard-core lefties”

Other interesting comments Olson makes include his belief that Al Gore’s AIT was only successful because of his personality, but that “the same movie starring any NASA scientist would have lost money” and that “there was almost no narrative structure to it. It failed to tell an interesting and compelling story.”

All in all, Olson says the film was mostly for “hard-core lefties” and that he was told by a movie distributor: “no more environmental documentaries!” Too bad DiCaprio didn’t listen.

“Skeptics spun circles around the climate crowd”

In the interview Olson also believes that the skeptics have been very successful in their “all-out assault” on “the brand” and says that in 2009 with “Climate Gate” the skeptics “spun circles around the climate crowd“.

So boring “it makes a robot want to commit suicide”

The major problem with climate science, Olson seems to say, is that it is so damn boring: In the interview he describes papers on tree rings as follows as “boredom so purified and crystalized it’s in an unadulterated form that could make even a robot want to commit suicide.”

Overall Olson thinks it’s over and it’s too late: “the brand has been ruined” and tha the only thing that could resuce it is that the story be told by “media people, professional storytellers, actors, etc.”

Not sure what Olson is getting at here. Haven’t movie distributors just made it clear that no one is interested in climate stories?

In summary the climate issue is boring people to death. As a result it’s going to be awfully damn tough to get people to listen to a dead-boring story for the hundredth time.

Read entire interview here:


10 responses to “Spiegel Interview With Film-Maker: Climate Communication A Huge Failure…”Most Boring Subject On Earth”!”

  1. Ric Werme

    Whoa – “Olson: It’s kind of like how talking about the weather is generally regarded as the ultimate in boring conversation. Climate science is about temperature. Gee. How interesting.”

    He lived in New Hampshire and was bored by our weather (or at least talking about it?) Perhaps the next climate movie should be narrated by Mark Twain.

  2. Will Delson

    These guys just can’t seem to get off the idea that it is a communications problem. If it were, you could change your message and you’d be successful. After many attempts to reframe the message, they really need to get outside of their echo chamber and figure out why people on the street aren’t buying it. We know, of course. But they need to figure it out for themselves. You’d think at least one of them woudl be smart enough to talk to real people.

    Oh. And weather is boring? No it’s not. People love talking about the weather. Too cold? People talk. Too hot? People talk. Been raining for a week? People talk. Been perfect for a week? People talk.

  3. DirkH

    O/T New minister for the environment in Merkels coalition (Grosse Koalition = GroKo) is a lesbian SPD member with bad impulse control it seems. Extinguished a cigarette on the hand of a guy who disagreed with her.

    We might have some fun with that one.

    1. Bernd Felsche

      Not somebody you’d want to run into. Anywhere.

      Getting away with restraining another’s hand while stubbing out a cigarette on the back of it because they were losing an argument only reinforces the psychopathy. One has to ask what pressure was exerted on the victim and witnesses to the incident to not lead to criminal prosecution. This is an indication of bullying of the highest order.

      The woman doesn’t belong in parliament. Not in a position of responsibility over anything more than a warm bowl of porridge. And Merkel gives her a ministerial portfolio?

      Is the talent pool that shallow?

  4. Ed Caryl

    Of course it’s boring. If you cry Wolf for twenty years and no wolf ever appears, and there is increasing evidence that there are no wolves in the neighborhood, and never will be, yawns are sure to be the result. This is especially true when what does show up are dogs that lick your hands and warm your feet.

  5. John F. Hultquist

    The agw-loons are not real bright and you have to be exceptionally bright if you are going to lie a lot. With each new lie it becomes harder to keep track of what you have said and whether or not what you are about to say contradicts something previously said. If a person always tells the truth there is very little problem and when information changes you adapt, and say so.

    The adherents of CAGW have a problem telling the truth.

  6. DirkH

    Enter the entertaining world of Climate Communications with Green Ninja, a climate communication series produced by NASA with your tax payer dollars, dear American taxpayers.

  7. DirkH

    “Olson: By having a coherent, singular strategy worked out in advance. Corporations have singular heads called CEOs. The science world has no such coherence, cohesion or cooperation. It’s a bunch of academics who were raised on the idea of communication being a frivolous add-on. ”

    Olson is deceiving his audience here – the warmists had one. The late “efficiency or honesty” Schneider; natural born TV alarmist since the 70ies Ice Age scare.

    It only fell apart after his death. He was coordinating the messaging.

  8. Peter Crawford

    Jeezus, DirkH, you can have some “fun” with her, leave me out of it.

    Rosa Kleb is alive and well and stalks Berlin.

    Merry Christmas,

  9. Edward.

    That’s the meme then, the alarmists tell us we’re not listening because CAGW is boring.

    Liars, Olson is either a liar or he is deluded – or both – maybe a third possibility – he wants to do stand up comedy. There more than a few jokers [97%], tricksters, con merchants and defrauders instigating the myths of climate science, in fact there are so many genius comedians – comedy, legerdemain and climate science are interchangeable.

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