Bitter European Cold Snap Claims Dozens of Lives

As a whole, Europe has enjoyed a relatively very mild winter this year, as one Atlantic low after another have regularly pumped mild Atlantic air over much of the continent. But that pattern was interrupted by a blast of cold air from the East about 10 days ago. The results have been deadly.

13 die of cold in Romania

First, Spiegel here reports that 13 people have died of cold in Romania over the last week as temperatures there have dipped to -18°C. In Austria 2 people were killed in an avalanche after heavy snowfalls.

Poland hard hit site here reports that 26 people have recently been killed by the bitter cold in Poland. Since November 1, at least 52 people have died of cold in Poland. In Germany the bitter cold claimed the life of a 57-year old Saxony Anhalt man who died of hypothermia as temperatures dipped to -16°C.

Almost 60 dead in the Baltic countries

The bitter cold has also taken a severe toll in the Baltic countries. The online German language Das Baltikum-Blatt here reports that at least 58 people have died due to cold so far this winter with temperatures recently dropping to -20°C.

In Bulgaria at least 4 people have died of the cold over the last few days, so reports the online SOTT site here.

Anomaly storm and unusual cold in USA

Düsseldorf’s online RP here reports that a winter “anomaly storm” and unusual cold are now gripping the USA (a spell cast by black carbon witchcraft, no doubt).

The RP calls the current US cold snap “historic”.


35 responses to “Bitter European Cold Snap Claims Dozens of Lives”

  1. A C Osborn

    But as the warmists keep telling us, that is due to Climate Change (not Global Warming any more).

    1. Mindert Eiting

      This issue could have been solved for once and for all. We should have put climate scientists in jail for some time, where they do not have contact with the outer world. We tell them that Europe was hit by a kind of heat wave in the middle of the winter. They should convincingly show that this event is implied by AGW. Next, we tell them the truth and they must conclude that AGW is false. If the don’t, they violate logic and should remain in jail for ever.

  2. DirkH

    The “refugees” on the (by now stone-cold) Berlin Oranienplatz have in the meantime largely resorted to sleeping in asylums, while spending their days in their illegal “camp”; as this pro illegal immigrant website reports in a by-sentence. Much like some of the Occupy camps in their day.

  3. Buddy
    1. DirkH
    2. Ed Caryl

      Buddy, I don’t think so.
      It looks like the oceans cooled relative to 2012 by 0.02 degrees C.
      That number holds up using either Hadley-Reynolds or NCDC numbers.

    3. Ed Caryl

      Buddy, that last link was only for December 2012 and December 2013. If you go back 12 years and look at the annual trend, January to December, the ocean cooling trend is 0.05 degrees according to Hadley-Reynolds.
      Of course that trend map leaves out all that Southern Ocean that is covered with increasing ice half the year.

  4. Buddy


    Prior post of mine was 0 – 2000 meters. I’ll post it directly from NOAA. It is the second (2) graphic in the link.

    The first graphic in the link is from 0 – 700 meters…..also up.

    Both of them are up SIGNIFICANTLY over the period from 1998 – 2013. And of course…both of them are up SIGNIFICANTLY over the longer period from 1960 – 2013 as well.

    Very simple. More heat is coming in than is being allowed to leave because of increased CO2. Kind of like the Hotel California if you’ve ever listened to any Doobie Brothers…..:) It will continue to be like that till we are at equilibrium.

    Take a look at this air temperature anomaly map of the northern hemisphere. Take note of the Arctic. This could be yet ANOTHER nasty ice melt season coming upon us.

    More heat….more melt, more melt……more dark ocean. And around and around we go as the feedback effects continue.

    1. DirkH

      Yeah well, get yourself some Modafinil, I guess Obamacare covers that.

    2. DirkH

      You do realize that a “reanalysis” is a MODEL I hope. And we have evidence that 100% of the models the climate scientists build are junk.

    3. Ed Caryl

      The deep ocean is warming but only in the Southern Hemisphere. Why there when there is so much ice?
      This may very well be another natural cycle. It doesn’t have a CO2 fingerprint. I would wait for more data if I were you. There are a lot of cool cycles in the near surface. If those heat content graphs are converted to temperature, the anomalies are a few thousandths of a degree. Hardly worth sweating over.

  5. grayman

    Buddy, Hotel California was by the Eagles not the Doobie Brothers. Back away from the pipe!

    1. Buddy

      My bad…:)

  6. John F. Hultquist

    Try this site:
    Click on the “2m Temperature Anomaly”
    Then Click on “Loop” near the bottom
    When the map appears, move the slider for “Set Animation Speed” to about ¼
    Note the Stop/Start button at the top
    Click stop as the bright pink color spills from Texas into Mexico and the Gulf
    About Friday of this coming week, most of North America is going to be cold.
    Only those hoping for the cold to kill over-wintering insects can be happy.

  7. Manfred


    much of the increase in that Levitus data is due to a step increase around 2003 when measurements were switching to ARGO. Only after 2004, there is a coverage of more than 50% of the oceans.

    This step increase is not well visible in the Levitus plot, because he used “pedantal averaging”, but clearly visible from the previous non averaged NOAA data, which has now been removed without notice from their website:

    But worse, or better, you can also see from a newer paper, Lyman&Johnson (2013), that OHC did not even increase at all since 2004, see

    Or even better, take the new Trenberth 2014 paper and his figure 11, which shows the rates of increase. If you integrate ARGO data (black curve) since its start 2004, you will also get about zero, that means NO increase in OHC since 2004.

    And you may even learn more, if you look at Rosenthal et al 2013:

    Even if you take Levitus or similar data to have an increase, it will take about 400 more years of such warming, just to undo the cooling of the little ice age and get back to the warmer temperature of the middle ages. Though that would still be far away from the nice warm temperatures of the holcene climate optimum…

    1. Manfred

      Not to forget … that Levitus data was used by Nic Lewis and others and they computed a climate sensitivity of only 1.6-1.8 deg, and almost halfed the previous IPCC value. Wonder what they would get, if they use the newer values with no increase at all since we have >50% coverage.

  8. Buddy

    Those Aussie’s…they are really something. Look what they found?

    Who would a ‘thunk it? The ocean waters in Australia have been warming as well. I’ll be darned….

    We are going to have to go “down under” and tell those blokes that their numbers are wrong!!

    1. DirkH

      Why, Buffy, are global surface temperatures not rising for 17 years if all that is so?

  9. Buddy

    Holy cow. First the Aussie’s… it’s the scientists at the Great Lakes in the US/Canada. Seems like water termperatures in the Great Lakes have been rising for the last 100 years….but especially the last 30 years.

    Interesting. Water temperatures of the Great Lakes have been increasing MORE than the air temperatures over the last 30 years. Where have I heard that before…..I know I’ve heard it somewhere……hmmmmmmmmm.

    a) Increased water temperature of 4 – 5 degrees F over last 30 years.
    b) Decreased winter ice cover causes more evaporation
    c) Water temperatures are risinig FASTER than air temperatures are rising
    f) Water levels in the Great Lakes have dropped significantly EVEN THOUGH PRESIPIATION HAS BEEN GREATER THAN NORMAL. Evaporation has been greater than the increase in rainfall because of the decreased ice cover AND increased water temperatures.

    Boy…..these scientists and their “facts” and “figures”. Who are THEY trying to fool…?

    1. DirkH

      Now we’re worried about the “Great Lakes”? Looks like a rather steep climbdown from “Global” to me.
      When the temperature in your trousers starts to rise significantly, that’s because you peed them.

      1. Buddy


        I was WONDERING what that was……thanks mate…:)

        1. DirkH

          You believe that? Hey, I was kidding. It is of course because of the greenhouse effect of the Methane of your farts. Every climate scientist has a model that proves that. Amateur.

          1. Buddy


            You are such a swell person:) I had NO idea you were kidding about that…:) Oh…..but you’re seious about the methane….right:)

            Those climate scientists and their facts, figures, and “models.” I think they’re probably just rigging them….right? I know….I know…..maybe its one of those Obamacare things.

            Those liberals… they will NEVER LEARN will they. If we can only get them to watch FOX News where they get “fair and balanced” information. I think THAT is the ticket….:)

            Maybe we could get the coal industry to chip in a few bucks to support blogs against scientists. That might work….you think?

          2. DirkH

            ” I think they’re probably just rigging them….right?”
            The technical term they use is “parametrization”, but it’s the same thing. Yes, they are “rigging” them, to get the hindcasting right. It doesn’t give them any predictive skill but it looks better if the hindcasting looks right.

            You are slowly learning.

          3. DirkH

            Oh, and Buffy: I am seriously desinterested in which party continues to wreck the heart of the American Empire; as I’m living in a colony of the Empire. In fact your decline amuses me. So go ahead, stop coal use, you have my blessing. I am also entirely disinterested in whether you get your desinfo from MSNBC, Maher or Stewart Leibowitz; but I am amused by the liberal mushbrains who mistake Brechtian agitprop like Stewart Leibowitz for information.

    2. Ed Caryl

      Of course the heating of the Great Lakes has nothing whatever to do with large cities dumping hot water into them, does it?

  10. DirkH

    OT German envirominister says, Fracking is taboo as long as it is done with chemicals, but even if it can be done without chemicals, it’s still taboo.
    (And yes, he really did say that. I’m usig “He” because he is a self-identified male.)

    1. Bernd Felsche

      Regardless of gender, the Minister is being an irresponsible idiot.

      Fracking is conducted thousands of metres below the water table, below the impermiable clay layer underneath the water table. That impermiable layer is used by the fracking process to help collect the gas released.

      The “chemicals” used by fracking are surfactants; far more dilute than detergent in dishwater and less toxic.

      The procedure is “controversial” because ignorant loud-mouths are manufacturing controversy and promoting ignorance.

      When the environmental guards of the left, the US-EPA give fracking the all-clear and the Minister wavers due to a manufactured controversy, that Minister is either incompetent or malevolent.

      1. DirkH

        I liked the nonsensical “with chemicals no; without chemicals also no”; it’s involuntarily absurd humor.
        Clearly what they really want is keep the shale gas as a strategic reserve. Probably still hoping that they’ll get the Eurabia pipeline through Syria for the time being.

  11. Walter H. Schneider

    Pierre, re: “123 deaths due to cold in USA”, the article identified by that link appears to be dated Dec. 25, 2012,


  12. John F. Hultquist

    Regarding the Great Lakes:
    This morning Lake Erie is almost completely covered with ice and has been for about 2 weeks, Lake Superior has a small section near its east part not yet frozen but most of the rest is, Huron and Georgian Bay likewise. Source at link:
    During the coming week it is cold and getting colder. Here is a link to the Canadian site with a clickable map.
    Try Manitoba, then Churchhill. Cold. Now heading toward Ireland but redirecting south into the US later this week.

    1. Loodt Pretorius

      John, I hope I understand this correctly. So the big Green monster has swallowed all the carbon dioxide and heat and is hiding beneath the ice of the Great Lakes, comes spring, it will jump up from its underwater cave and belch the heat and gas all over the sinners?

      There is nothing a carbon tax can’t fix, including keeping the nasty big green climate monster at bay.

  13. John F. Hultquist

    Regarding cold related death:
    I’m not fond of these stats because often the person was in poor health or, if not that, trying for a Darwin Award. Here is a report from Chicago (& Cook County).

    1. John F. Hultquist

      The color of the hot link is light blue and not very different from the regular text.
      The link is under the phrase “Here is a report” in the above comment.

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