Environmental Activism Turns Into An Angry, Threatening Mob That Resorts To Terrifying Intimidation!

I got a news e-mail from Craig Rucker of CFACT. It turns out that the environmental movement is turning into a mob of angry, frustrated white males who go around terrifying people. Look familiar?

Scary, angry mob bearing torches threatens to shut you down. Image source: CFACT.

If that isn’t spreading a message of terror. Ah shucks, you mean the masked men are just holding candles that symbolize hope and peace?

Craig Rucker writes:

Throwback to uglier times:

Torch bearing radicals descend on pipeline executive’s private home. It’s the kind of scene we’d like to think we’d put behind us.

Yet here it is again. How would you like to look outside and see masked radicals with torches on your front lawn?

That’s what greeted Mark Maki and his family. Maki was targeted for this shameful act of intimidation because he is a member of the board of Enbridge Energy Management which works with oil pipelines.

The masked perpetrators refused to identify themselves, or their group, claiming only that they represent “the people.”

This comes at a time when both parties are coming around to the realization that pipelines are the safest, most economical and environmentally sound way to move petroleum, particularly after several bad train accidents.

The radicals are in danger of losing the pipeline issue and they know it.  Their response is to act out and threaten sabotage.

Not too long ago Marc Morano, who edits CFACT’s award-winning Climate Depot news and information service, asked an anti-pipeline protestor if they were ready to engage in “eco-terrorism.”  The protestor replied that they would do “whatever it takes” to prevent the project.  It appears now that such threats are more than mere hyperbole.  Law enforcement needs to be on alert.

The most high profile pipeline project in the country right now is the Keystone XL.  It has been the subject of years of wasteful and foolish obstruction.  It is time for President Obama to end all delays, listen to his own State Department, pick up his vaunted pen, sign his name and authorize Keystone XL once and for all.

Paul Driessen has the facts on Keystone XL at CFACT.org.  They are important.

Mister President, the time has come.  Authorize Keystone XL today.  Will you side with ignorance, radicalism and intimidation, or the economic, energy and environmental needs of the nation?

No American, no matter who they are or where they stand, should ever fear threats from masked radicals with torches outside their home again.

Such intimidation cannot be tolerated.

For nature and people too.

Craig Rucker, Executive Director

Read more at CFACT here. Better yet, subscribe to CFACT newsletters here.


17 responses to “Environmental Activism Turns Into An Angry, Threatening Mob That Resorts To Terrifying Intimidation!”

  1. Pointman

    If what passes for their leadership will not condemn such excesses, then it’s more than ever incumbent on the skeptic blogosphere to highlight such incidents and give vocal support to those individuals brave enough to stand up to brute intimidation.



  2. Pointman

    Hi Pierre, I think my previous comment went into the sin bin, possibly because it contains the word “pissant”! If the MSM will not condemn such behaviour, it’s up to us to do their job for them.


  3. Buddy

    That activism is a NASTY thing. Look what comes out of it: (1) reduced taxes by those activists marching against heavy tax burdens….(2) activism got women the right to vote…(3) activism got blacks the right to vote…..(4) activism got pollution controls started (started in the US by Republicans…..Conservative Republicans).

    By jove…you’re RIGHT Pierre…..that acivism is scarey stuff and we need to stop it….:)

    1. DirkH

      Buffy; first two orgs with torch marches that come up in my mind are KKK and German Nah.zies. You sure you want your enviroheroes appear the same? Ain’t that a bit TOO candid? Thought you people operated with deception.

    2. Ed Caryl

      Those activists didn’t descend on private homes at night, bearing torches and wearing masks. That was the KKK, – Democrats.

      1. Kurt in Switzerland

        Dirk, Ed:

        You keep forgetting: the ends justify the means!

        Kurt in Switzerland

        1. DirkH

          I see Soros / The Rockefeller Brothers Foundation find it too candid as well, and have told their goon McKibben to disappear the photo.

          Gotta keep up the Mr. Nice Guy facade. Not time yet to get out the long knifes.

  4. R2Dtoo

    Maki should have called the police before going out. We would know who they were and who was sponsoring them. That would have been a better outcome. The MSM will just ignore it now- like it never happened.

    1. DirkH

      ” The MSM will just ignore it now- like it never happened.”

      MSM would have ignored it either case. Will do everything to make envirofanatics appear as innocent as snowflakes. Can’t have that KKK imagery. Journalists don’t report the news, they suppress them.

  5. BobW in NC

    Torches? Masked mob? Intimidation?

    Looks very similar to yesteryear’s KKK and the Salem witch trials…

  6. m white

    “Are you now or have you ever been a climate-change sceptic”


    McCarthyism is alive and well.

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