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Coast Of Wales: Recent Storm Uncovers Ancient Forest That Was Under Sea Water 4500 Years Ago

Spiegel reports that a recent storm blew the beach sand away at Cardigan Bay in Wales, uncovering something unusual: a prehistoric forest from 4500 years ago. Apparently the forest had become the victim of sea level rise back at the time. Spiegel writes: The trees died more than 4500 years ago. Once the forest covered […]

NASA Photo Confirms North Korea Only Country That Is Really Taking Climate Change Seriously, Acting Responsibly!

NASA has released a satellite photo showing that the North Korean regime is the only government in the world that is really serious about tackling climate change and limiting its carbon footprint on the planet: The North Korean decarbonized zone. NASA photo taken by the International Space Station (ISS), acquired January 30, 2014. Astronauts on the International […]

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