NASA Photo Confirms North Korea Only Country That Is Really Taking Climate Change Seriously, Acting Responsibly!

NASA has released a satellite photo showing that the North Korean regime is the only government in the world that is really serious about tackling climate change and limiting its carbon footprint on the planet:

The Koreas at Night
The North Korean decarbonized zone. NASA photo taken by the International Space Station (ISS), acquired January 30, 2014.

Astronauts on the International Space Station (ISS) took the above shown night image of the Korean Peninsula.

NASA writes that the light emission from North Korean capital Pyongyang is equivalent to the smaller towns in South Korea and that differences are illustrated in per capita power consumption in the two countries, with South Korea at 10,162 kilowatt hours and North Korea at a resp0nsible 739 kilowatt hours.

It’s time for the global warming alarmists to nominate North Korea for the Nobel Peace Prize. In fact, with all the worldwide conferences and jet-setting, the carbon footprint on the planet by 2007 Nobel Peace prize winners Al Gore and the IPCC, and all the delegates globally, probably exceeds that of the entire North Korean country.


7 responses to “NASA Photo Confirms North Korea Only Country That Is Really Taking Climate Change Seriously, Acting Responsibly!”

  1. alex

    And if we keep on obrying the UN and IPCC we will all end up living like North Koreans

  2. kat

    Oh dear. I do hope NASA realise that the people unfortunate enough to live under a dictatorship actually want out. I hope they don’t seriously think the North Korean model is what we should be aiming for.

    1. DirkH
      1. kat

        Yeah, dirk, I kinda got that, but thanks for the clarification. I’m kind of guessing that you missed the dry, British sense of sarcasm in my post.

        Never mind. Easily done.

    2. Streetcred

      That’s the outcome that the global warming Nazis want for you … we know that the models are inconsequential.

  3. Walt Allensworth

    OMG! Maybe Kim Jong-un murdered everybody? /sarc

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