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Daily Energy From “Negligible” Solar Irradiance Variation Turns Out To Be Far More Than 400,000 A-Bombs!

Share this… Facebook TwitterRemember how alarmists say that the variation in solar irradiance was too small to have any real┬áimpact on the earth’s climate, and thus gets neglected by the IPCC? Reader GuarionexSandoval has written a comment which I’m elevating to a post, see below. It too shows that if the variation solar irradiance from […]

Rash Of Weather Extremes In 1936 …Before 15 Billion “Hiroshima Bombs Worth Of Heat” Were Added To Our Climate!

Share this… Facebook TwitterWe keep hearing from alarmists that if we sacrifice by giving up carbon based fuels and bring atmospheric CO2 concentrations below 350 ppm, then we will get nice weather with far fewer extremes – like in the 1930s. Reader Jimbo however shows that this is all bogus. Now he has compiled a […]

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