Paging George Clooney…99% Of All Doctors Agreed On Cholesterol. Now It’s Turning Out They Were All Wrong!

Climate alarmists like to claim there’s a 97+% consensus that CO2 is driving our climate…a claim that is patently false, of course. But even if it were true, it wouldn’t mean the science is settled and that they are right.

Having been on the subject of meat-diets and nutrition over the last few days, here too we have another long held belief supported by a overwhelming consensus of doctors and experts that is turning out to be completely wrong. It is the claim that cholesterol is bad for you. Data is showing the opposite is likely true.

It turns out that there’s no data supporting the hypothesis that that it leads to heart disease. In fact it is being revealed that patients have been misinformed by doctors, medical associations and their governments for decades now. The consequence of this false information has been a mass pandemic of obesity along with all the killer diseases associated with it.

Note “Michael Mann” hockey stick at 25:00-minute mark…stunning parallels with climate science.

Let’s all recall how the science was settled and that 99.9% agreed that cholesterol was dangerous and would kill us if we allowed it to reach levels over 200. It is emerging that this long-supported claim may very well all be completely wrong. In fact there is a massive growing volume of new literature that shows cholesterol is beneficial, and thus it’s only a question of time before medical science will soon be forced to admit to the greatest medical debacle of all time.

Today there is even an international association of cholesterol skeptics. Like climate skeptics, they too were and are being labeled crackpots and so cannot be taken seriously. And as is the case with climate skeptics, it’s emerging that the skeptics are right.

 USDA food guide pyramid

USDA food guide pyramid based on junk science. Source:

25 responses to “Paging George Clooney…9925 Of All Doctors Agreed On Cholesterol. Now It’s Turning Out They Were All Wrong!”

  1. John F. Hultquist

    A lot of money has changed hands with cholesterol lowering medications and many have experienced side-effects. Still, the worst thing is that the medical folks may have been headed the wrong way for 30 years. There has been an effort from the animals are people too crowd and vegans also – (many connections within these groups). Follow the money. Sounds familiar.

    Another crime: the anti-vaccination movement versus the concept of Community Immunity or “Herd Immunity”, defined as when a critical portion of a community is immunized against a contagious disease, most members of the community are protected against that disease because there is little opportunity for an outbreak. Measles was once declared eradicated in the US, but

  2. tom0mason

    I’ve always questioned both the research and the poor advice given by medical staff. I eat what I fancy and I’m mostly OK, thankfully I’ve never had a sweet tooth. I’ve been a cholesterol skeptic for years, and mine apparently is measures low (must be the fried eggs and bacon in the mornings).

    Why is there so much obesity, so many complaining of high cholesterol currently? Because people consume too many simple carbs e.g sugars, cornstarch, and wheat flour.

    The propagandists are now trying to say that people need to eat more that 5 fruit and veg per day to stay healthy. More evil advice to make most people sick.

  3. Richard Evans

    You make a good point, parallels between the climate and cholesterol debates are very close. The difference is the latter is of more immediate impact at the personal level, when one suffers a “near miss” or it is too late. Also are there accusations of inadequate data sampling, poor statistical manipulations, even outright fraud relating to cholesterol research as are levelled in the climate debate?

    1. Jimbo

      Here is some more.

      Guardian – 23 March 2014
      Why almost everything you’ve been told about unhealthy foods is wrong
      Eggs and red meat have both been on the nutritional hit list – but after a major study last week dismissed a link between fats and heart disease, is it time for a complete rethink?
      Last week it fell to a floundering professor, Jeremy Pearson, from the British Heart Foundation to explain why it still adheres to the nutrition establishment’s anti-saturated fat doctrine when evidence is stacking up to refute it. After examining 72 academic studies involving more than 600,000 participants, the study, funded by the foundation, found that saturated fat consumption was not associated with coronary disease risk. This assessment echoed a review in 2010 that concluded “there is no convincing evidence that saturated fat causes heart disease”……

      Butter and cheese better than trans-fat margarines, says heart specialist
      Aseem Malhotra says saturated fat is not a problem, low-fat products are often full of sugar and statins are over-prescribed
      Butter, cheese and even red meat are not as bad for the heart as has been maintained, a cardiologist has said in a leading medical journal, adding that it is time to “bust the myth” of saturated fat.
      Trans-fats found in many fast foods, bakery goods and margarine are indeed a problem, Malhotra writes in the British Medical Journal. But saturated fats in milk, cheese and meat are another matter.

  4. Recovering Lutheran

    There is nothing more unsettled than “settled science”.

  5. DirkH

    I’ve been reading and experimenting a lot with nutrition, and this guy really knows his stuff. One addition, I mentioned that earlier, he says Salmon contains Omega 3, and that’s true; but I’d just like to add again that other fatty fish (mackerel, herring) and Rapeseed oil also do.

    Personally, when using plant oil, I add Olive oil, dark Sesame oil (for the Methyonine), and Rape seed oil after cooking (or making a salad).

  6. Edward.

    Moderation in everything, the health Nazis don’t do moderation and neither to the alarmist loonies of any particular ‘craze’.
    I would also look to big pharma in all of this, and particularly at the Statins drive [in the UK the NHS make statins virtually compulsory for the over 55s] – you can’t push statins unless you have the Cholesterol monster…………..

  7. Mindert Eiting

    As I remember from my childhood, staying during the summer holidays on the farms of my grandfather or uncle, these people consumed huge amounts of animal fat, besides meat and bacon. As hard working people they needed it as fuel. It did me no harm but there was another threat from which I narrowly escaped. One day my younger sister came home more dead than alive and bleeding like an ox. Her tonsils were removed. During the fifties it was a standard procedure applied at children without any reason, an almost forgotten medical scam.

    1. Loodt Pretorius

      I had my tonsils done when I was but 5 or 6, nothing wrong with my tonsils, but to accompany my youngest asthmatic brother who was about 3 and had rotten pair.

      My eldest daughter had hers done when she was about 5, again rotten and inflamed, but unfortunately my youngest daughter did not undergo the procedure as it was then considered not necessary. To this day my youngest suffers from a bout tonsillitis every couple of years, she is in her mid 30s, and the procedure is now a major event, unlike taking it out when you are young.

      So, I am in the camp that believes that taking out the tonsils is not a scam, helps with health, and wish the procedure could be brought back. Is there any link between the increase in asthma that we are experiencing in the UK and the decrease in removing tonsils?

      And that reminds me of a story I once read that all NASA astronauts – in the time when NASA still had a functional man launching programme – had their appendices removed as a matter of routine, before they could go up in space, as there is nothing they could do with a burst appendix whilst you are twirling around in space.

  8. jensen

    Concerning SIDS, sudden infant Death syndrom, there was this activistic Dr.Spock. who got this non evidenced ida, that babys should sleep on their bellies
    insteadnusually on their backs. ( 1950-1960 ies. He also advocated for a bold changein children´s diet recommendeing that all childre switch to a vegan diet after the age of 2.
    He was av very carismatic person and got many, many followers.
    The advise on prone sleeping was extremely influential on Health-care providers, with nearly uninamously support through 1990s.
    Empirical studies ,however. found that there is a significantly increased risk of SIDS associated with infants sleeping on their abdomens.
    Advocates of evidenced-based medicine have used this as an example of the importance of basing Health- care recommendations on statistical evidence.
    The research of evidence-based medicin estimates that as many as 50000 infants Deaths in Europé,Australia and the US could have been prevented had this advise been altered by 1970, when such evidence became available.
    Sleeping on the front was recommended in books between 1943 and 1988 based on extrapolated from untested theory.

    Beeing a pediatric dr. I witnessed one such sorrow SIDS once every third year statistically. After recommendation of sleeping on the back I saw none.
    Nationally SIDS was lowered 70 %
    Trough the years I have taken evidenced-based medicine more and more seriously I can only think of ulcers and many more diseases. Cholesterol-scare is one more and many others.

  9. Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup » Pirate's Cove

    […] No Tricks Zone points out that 99% of doctors had an issue with cholesterol, but things change […]

  10. Stephen Richards

    Don’t confuse the poor sap. He has enough to do when learning his lines for the Nespresso adverts.

  11. Realist

    But there is, at least in my opinion, a massive difference between honest reasearchers drawing incorrect conclusions, making falty inferences and positing premises that at least seemed to be correct (OK, cherry-picking data is fundamentally unscientific), and the more recent climate “pscientists” (Pseudo-scientists) whose “profession” isn’t science as such but is rather an odd admixture of pseudo-religious pieties mixed with a brand of politicised science that posits their own narcissistic self-importance as the ONLY rightful and supreme law of the land, and anything they feel is necessary in order for them to aquire the absolute power they so hunger for is proper and just.

    Pscientists are really just sect members of the larger libcult that happen to have a background in what we used to call the sciences, but as dedicated and fanatical members of the cult they use their positions to decieve others so that the cult may advance their only real agenda – POWER.

  12. Curious George

    Could anyone please link to a serious study showing that cholesterol is not bad? My apologies, I don’t trust The Guardian or the Huffington Post.

    1. david7134

      Let me reverse the question. Can you link to a study that confirms an association between cholesterol and disease? If you look closely at the thousands of studies you will reach for, none really have evidence of association. For instance, if you have a cholesterol of over 360 your 10 years risk of developing CV disease is 1%, for 10 years! If you take statin drugs, they reduce your yearly risk of developing CV disease by 3%, your death rate does not change. This is called a statistical error. You will not find a specific article on this as peer review journals will not allow it. Check the monetary compensation of the editors and all are receiving money from makers of statins. I argued in Federal court that cholesterol had nothing to do with CV disease and won. There is no link, you can eat what you want as long as you stay lean and exercise.

    2. DirkH

      Curious George
      6. April 2014 at 20:14 | Permalink | Reply
      “Could anyone please link to a serious study showing that cholesterol is not bad?”

      Your question shows that you didn’t watch the video. So, which of the 6 cholesterol types are you talking about? What particle size are you talking about? Even the “two types of cholesterol, one good, one bad” is already obsolete, as Bowden explains.

      So, please watch the video.

      1. Curious George

        Dirk – I don’t watch videos. I prefer reading. I recommend reading .
        Chris says “intake of cholesterol in the diet had absolutely no correlation with heart disease.” True but misleading. It is elevated levels of “bad” cholesterol in blood that correlate. The body makes its own cholesterol – at least that’s what my doctor told me after my heart bypass surgery. Also try

  13. Alan McIntire

    My father was driven by my sister to the VA hospital for a check up. When the doctor told him he should eat more fruits and vegetables, my father replied,
    “Look, I’m 84 years old. Just how much longer do you expect me to live if I start eating that crap?”

    My sister told me the doctor was speechless after that reply.
    My father is still alive 10 years later, and hasn’t changed his diet, so evidently heredity is a much more significant factor in longevity than diet.

    1. DirkH

      Imagine how fruit prices will shoot up even further as the plant only eaters will frantically up their consumption from 5 to 7 or 10 portions a day as recently recommended.

      1. Ulrich Elkmann

        Ah, no: the increased demand will create a glut on the market & bring the prices down again. The well known… 😉

        1. DirkH

          Those pro-vegetarian studies are funded by Big Broccoli!

  14. Jeremy Shiers

    Dr Malcolm Kendrick wrote “The Great Cholesterol Con” in 2007 describing his journey from believer in orthodoxy to skeptic as he realised there wasn’t any evidence to support the Cholesterol movement.

    Yet another example of how gullible media and public witter on about whatever they’ve been spoon feed without questioning.

    And if you’re collecting useless ideas feed to the gullible how about Body Mass Index.

    Just for good measure todays Uk Independent has an article about gas which is dangerous for environment, Nitrogen!–it-is-a-huge-threat-to-britains-wildlife-too-experts-warn-9242291.html

    1. DirkH

      In the article: “Caterpillars suffer because the increase in plants makes the ground colder”.

      Hey! We’ve saved caterpillars from Global Warming! Hooray!

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