Senator George Brandis Blasts Climate Cultists: “Shocked By The Sheer Authoritarianism…Anti-Intellectualism”

“The state should never be the arbiter of what people can think.”

In Australia we find a true warrior of free speech in Queensland Senator George Brandis, who has come out blasting what he sees as the “sheer authoritarianism” rampant in the global climate change movement, where anyone who challenges the science is labeled a despicable “denier”.

He calls the extremely intolerant approach of the global warming alarmists approach “ignorant” and “medieval” and adds that they suffer from “The Debate Is Over” syndrome and that the movement represents “a new and illiberal climate of anti-intellectualism.”

The Attorney-General and Minister for the Arts is the Hon George Brandis QC image

Queensland Senator George Brandis. Source: Creative CommonsAttribution 3.0 Australia licence.


Website Spiked Online here presents a portrayal of the Australian Senator, who once was a believer in man-made global warming and thought something had to be done about it quickly.

Brandis believes that section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act (RDA) is and authoritarian attempt by the state to curb free speech and thus should be repealed and that there needs to be greater freedom of expression. Accordng to the Spiked Online report:

…there were two recent, specific things that made him realise just what a mortal threat freedom of speech faces in the modern era and that he would have to dust down his Mill, reread his Voltaire, and up the ante in his war of words against, as he puts it, the transformation of the state into ‘the arbiter of what might be thought’. The first thing was the climate-change debate; and the second is what is known down here as The Andrew Bolt Case.”

He views climate change as a cult religion that “has become a gospel truth that you deny or mock at your peril” and that it attempts to “delegitimise the views of those who disagree rather than engaging with them intellectually and showing them why they are wrong“.

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5 responses to “Senator George Brandis Blasts Climate Cultists: “Shocked By The Sheer Authoritarianism…Anti-Intellectualism””

  1. DirkH

    “He views climate change as a cult religion that “has become a gospel truth that you deny or mock at your peril””

    Only a peril for the defecting apparatchik. For us, mocking warmism is the most effective weapon. Hey look, those boffins with their superconfusers perform worse than a dice!

  2. Realist

    At least now others are recognizing the whackadoodles for beiong envio-“mental” and for being the fanatical pseudo-religious cultists they are. The next step is recognizing that the fanatics who are enviro-mental are also just one subset – albeit an important one – Of the much larger cult of modern liberalism-socialism-communism.

    The insistence by these cultists that we all bow down to their secular fundamentalist deity (oh, any deity other than the Judeo-Christian god will do!) and perform all of their required sacrifices, sacraments and repeat their AGW catechisms will quickly morph into a DEMAND that we do so, and then those same “enlightened” libcultists will feel no remorse about using the boot of government to FORCE everyone to bow down to their false, self-serving “god”.

  3. TimiBoy

    I’m proud of the Government I voted for! 🙂

    I hope they last…

    From TimiBoy in Brisbane, Australia.

  4. Steve Lohr

    Excellent remarks. To see the rise of common sense in Australia is very encouraging. Thanks for publishing.
    From Steve in USA.

  5. handjive

    Quote:”who once was a believer in man-made global warming and thought something had to be done about it quickly.”

    Brandis states he is a believer, not “was a believer.”

    Being from Australia and wary of any politician promoting UN-IPCC climate science, I say , beware.

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